Georgia keeps its scheduling powder dry.

Lots of understandable excitement about the just-announced Georgia-Notre Dame series.  The AJ-C has gotten some of the details in the contract the schools will sign and while I’m sure most will want to focus on things like buyouts and ticket allotments, here’s the part that struck me as the matter to be watched closely over the next few years:

However, there is a clause that would allow Notre Dame or Georgia to wiggle out of the game without penalty if either team is required by its respective conferences to play more league games. The Irish are currently obligated to play five ACC games a year under its new agreement with that association. The SEC recently decided to stick to eight conference games rather than nine for the foreseeable future.

Now, sure, that may be simply one of those “out of an abundance of caution” things lawyers do with contracts.  But that it’s there means it’s something on McGarity’s mind.  It’s pretty much a tell that the SEC isn’t totally sure how things will work out over the next few seasons with the new playoffs and with its television broadcast partners.  So you wind up hedging a few bets.

But it’s also a subtle way of sending a message:  see what’ll happen if you make us go to a nine-game conference schedule?  Of course, as the now-canceled Oregon series reminds us, it doesn’t have to take the threat of a nine-game schedule for Georgia to cancel.


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  1. dawgpoop

    Knowing Georgia they’ll prolly cancel

  2. This clause is exactly what a lot of peoe have been saying about the 9-game schedule. To get to 9 games, you have to give up something. McGarity is making it clear that top OOC games will be the 1st to go with the 9th game. No more Clemson, Notre Dame, OSU, etc. We have to have the two home cupcakes due to 9+Tech. Don’t be surprised if it happens. It’s just bidness.

    • If it weren’t for UGA, UF, and SC having their scheduling quirks, I’m guessing we’d already be at a 9 game schedule. Fortunately all three programs carry a fair amount of weight in the conference right now, but the question is how long will the minority of 3 affect policy for all 14? If the three with permanent OOC rivals were Miss St, Arkansas, and Vandy, I bet we’d already have a 9 game schedule, or it would be very very close to happening. Working out the numbers with tv would be a stumbling block, but it would be the only block, and honestly more easily resolved than pissing off 3 of your major schools right now.

      • I agree with your comment. The reason these 3 have scheduling clout with the networks is that the 3 games are compelling even when the teams are down. ESPN has access to all 3 in their available inventory every year. CBS wants UGA/GT or UF/FSU on the SEC team’s home year. I don’t think the TV partners will ever allow these games to end on an annual basis.

    • PTC DAWG

      I agree, and do not blame UGA or ND one bit for having it in the agreement. M

  3. TennesseeDawg

    These 2 teams will never make it to those scheduled games.

    • Macallanlover

      While I hope you are wrong, I fear you are right. I don’t think the ninth conference game is justification for cancelling but since McFrugal put it in the contract it sounds like an excuse to me. I really look forward to attending the 2017 game in South Bend so I hope we don’t hide behind that excuse. Nine conference games and an exciting OOC opponent is much more in line with what fans should expect for a season’s entertainment. One cupcake is enough.

      • Slaw Dawg

        Right on, Brother Mac! 9 conference games plus GT and ND sounds like a great season to me. As you say, there’s still room for a cupcake on the schedule for those who enjoy that kinda stuff, and for 6 home games (not sure how or when 7 became sacred; during the looooong period of 6 home games, Athens businesses fared just fine).

        But I also fear TDawg is right. McG clearly lacks the stomach for anything that doesn’t include 2 or 3 “who cares?” games. A 9 game SEC sched means “Goodbye, Irish” and “Hello, Panthers!” (as in Ga St, not Pa St).

  4. charlottedawg

    Georgia and Notre dame won’t play. Also until Georgia decides to start running its program like a big boy college football program it needs to stop scheduling big boy out of conference opponents. If I were the AD of a powerhouse football program I would do ANYTHING to get Georgia on my schedule as we are a guaranteed “marquee” out of conference win.

    • PTC DAWG

      Are you aware of UGA’s record in OOC games in the regular season vs BCS type schools?

      • cube

        I’m wondering if you are. We’re 1-4 in the last 5 years against teams not coached by Paul Johnson.

        • cube

          And if you want to add bowl games to that, we’re 3-7.

        • PTC DAWG

          To the best of my knowledge under Richt we are 2-1 vs Clempson, 2-2 vs CO and OKST and 2-0 vs AZST, 0-1 vs Boise, 12-1 vs GT. Which of our rivals has played that many BCS type schools? Played even half that many on the road?

          Feel free to correct my math.


    The naysayers crack me up.

    • Dawgaholic

      Not impressed by the negotiating skills here with ND able to back out for only 2 million after we have played in South Bend. At that point we would have given away a home game with revenues of $3 million or so plus we will have to pay a cupcake 1 million to play us. In addition, we have egg on our face. That buyout should be $5 million.

  6. Like I told a buddy at the time and like I said when the Ohio State series was announced. I’ll believe it when I see it. There is maybe a 15-25% chance this ever happens.