Somebody ask Herbstreit.

I guaran-damn-tee you this is a headline you’ll never see written about Georgia football.


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  1. Bulldog Joe

    Like Tennessee, getting involved in community activities with local law enforcement is a smart move. Looks like they will be doing some outreach in Abbeville soon.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    I’m sure Gus will come down hard on him. He’s kicked off the women’s basketball team as punishment


  3. That Auburn allowed Mincy, and that the Auburn police department allowed Mincy, to show up in front of kids, and speak to them about drug abuse, after being totally busted for drugs himself, is just reprehensible. And so Auburn.

    Just pure Auburn.


  4. 79dawg

    Imagine the AJC or the local sports radio folks in Atlanta putting together such a bootlicking story…


  5. Charles

    A few weeks back, when Mr. Double Remote Deposit McClassroom Disruption announced he was transferring to Auburn, the narrative for Auburn fans was: “Now he’ll be in a program with a coach that will keep him in line.”

    adjust croakies
    sullenly takes a drag off of a (tobacco) cigarette


  6. 69Dawg

    Hey it’s not like everybody in the SEC doesn’t know how bad Auburn’s rep is. The SEC just doesn’t GAS.


  7. watcher16

    “In a vacuum, defensive back Jonathon Mincy’s arrest Friday on a second-degree marijuana possession charge would barely register on the radar. College football players are college kids, and college kids smoke pot.”

    Would never ready that in an AJC article either…