Sunday morning buffet

Have some football.

  • Herschel Walker thinks the college football playoff format should be bigger than four teams to accommodate the SEC.
  • I heard a lot of talk from some of the NCAA’s witnesses at O’Bannon that paying players could harm the integration between them and the rest of the student body.  I wonder how they feel about this.
  • The arrests of seven athletes over a three-month span at Missouri led the athletic director to the conclusion that he doesn’t believe the spate of arrests was indicative of a cultural problem.  Isn’t that what they always think?
  • More academic speculation on what the Northwestern unionization effort might lead to.  Nobody knows, really.
  • Statistical comfort for Auburn:  Allowing big passing numbers is no indicator of a team’s success.  Except when it is:  “Four of the top five teams in the country in passing yardage — Florida State, Florida Atlantic, Michigan State and Louisville — held the top four spots in opponents’ passer rating, and they were the only four teams to hold teams under a 100 rating.”
  • If you’re interested in some inside ball, Shakin the Southland, which has been an excellent Clemson blog, has lost two of its major contributors.  Their story is here.
  • Auburn wants to do something about limiting opponents’ explosive plays, although if the problem really goes back to Tuberville’s time, I’m not sure why that really matters now.


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5 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Bulldog Joe

    Mizzou’s athletic teams need to do some outreach with the Columbia Missouri police department. Until they do, they will never be “All-In” like most of their SEC competition.



    Love that last answer that Herschel gave. GATA


  3. TennesseeDawg

    Not much to do in Columbia, Missouri but get arrested.


  4. Louisville is in for a shock this year. A much tougher schedule combined with the worst DC in college football.


  5. 69Dawg

    Every time I go to the CBS site I get “Big Brother” preview. What’s up????