Fever dreams

Now I enjoy an anti-NCAA rant as much as anyone, and this one certainly has its moments of rhetorical pleasure – “the fevered delusions of NCAA chief Mark Emmert, who swore under oath that what he presides over is as amateur as tiddlywinks on a playground” has a nice ring to it, no doubt – but the idea that Jim Delany, a man who just added two teams to his conference for the sole purpose of making its broadcast network a more attractive proposition, would be prepared one day to blow up the entire structure of college athletics and return to a simpler, purer arrangement is a fevered delusion of its own.

Money is the drug and they’re hooked on it.


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  1. South FL Dawg

    It sure is. But I cringe at the number of people that will speculate that this is what anyone would in that position.

    I’m not suggesting that integrity is easy to find, but it looks like college sports hiring is a network of friends hiring friends. When that happens, what are the job qualifications really?