Nick Saban, master of space and time

It sounds like Greg McElroy thinks Les Miles owes Nick Saban some of his salary.

“If you look at LSU, they’ve had sustained success since Saban left because he established that mindset. Les Miles obviously did take over that program and has done a terrific job in his own right, but once you establish that mindset and have the leadership that holds young players accountable, that success shouldn’t soon dwindle…”

I guess Nick just didn’t get that mindset established in time in Miami.

Jeebus, ESPN, it’s bad enough we’ve got Finebaum genuflecting in Saban’s presence on the SEC Network.  Is it really necessary to double down?



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10 responses to “Nick Saban, master of space and time

  1. Dog in Fla

    “I think he fears failure,” McElroy said.

    Since when does this Shadoobie have time for a fear of failure?


  2. Spike

    Ahem. Us Dolfans would like a word…


  3. Big Shock

    Too bad Vince Dooley couldn’t establish that mindset or Bear Bryant or virtually any coach in the history of college football. Nick Saban must really be great.


    • Must be. LOL.

      We do need to establish a solid leadership tradition though, because it’s been lost for some time now, moreso on defense. So Bailey’s remarks in the other thread stood out in that regard. It’s an important part of what Pruitt is trying to get done. And I get a feeling it’s better on offense, too.


  4. Krautdawg

    In other news, Greg McElroy has applied for a GA position with Alabama.


  5. I never heard Finebaum utter a kind word regarding UGA or CMR on his radio show. It will be interesting to see how he changes that “homer” frame of mind on a network that represents the entire conference. I’m not looking forward to hearing McElroy’s comments either. For that matter, I always wondered what kind of a QB he would been without that great supporting cast. Just sayin…


    • I never heard Finebaum utter a kind word regarding UGA or CMR on his radio show.

      Me either. He dislikes us, and despises Richt, for some reason. I’ve heard him call Larry Munson “great”. but that was in the context of radio guys.


  6. LorenzoDawgriquez

    Again, Finebaum is a prick with big ears.