Living in the land of second chances

I assume that means Auburn feels good about its quarterback situation.

What’s to stop him from declaring for the NFL draft next spring?

Now there’s an explanation I can’t wait to hear.


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  1. Big Game Bob has got at least 2 or 3 more criminals and a bowl win or two to go if he’s trying to be the Auburn of the Big 12.

  2. Macallanlover

    That will blow Pandora’s panties off and really open her box for exploitation. The only reason there could possibly be for doing this is the fear of another lawsuit. If they concede here they have officially lost control of collegiate athletics in a way that schools will be stupid to enforce discipline. He was dismissed for bad behavior, can Emmert sanction that? Why would they even need a union, the inmates would already be in charge?

    • Dog in Fla

      Terrible, horrible, bad behavior of being black while riding and black in a parking lot

      • Mg4life0331

        and expired tags

      • Macallanlover

        Yeah, DIF, the whole problem is with white prejudice. Pretty smart guy, most of us have completely missed that. Cultural problem I suppose. Maybe we should give everyone a pass for another century or two. Kumbaya.

        • Dog in Fla

          It wasn’t great power of association and choice making behavior but how do you call this bad behavior while coming to the defense of Jameis? Charges were dropped against DBG even after investigation. DBG was disciplined though. He was kicked off the team. Should Emmert enforce a lifetime covenant not to compete against him? That would damage DBG’s reputation though wouldn’t it and we can’t be having that. Too bad for Mr. Pink that DBG wasn’t on the Missouri baseball team.

          • Macallanlover

            His coach disciplined him, felt his “character” for the time he was on campus was bad enough to drop, arguably, his top talent. Doesn’t matter what you or I think, if Emmert undercuts a coach who is closest to the situation and allows him immediate ability to go play for another team there will be even less discipline in CFB. Not to mention chaos on the transfer front, you would have to allow it for every reason requested.

          • Brother can’t catch a break! & Who is Mr. Pink?

            I. Green-Beckham and the others were parked in a vehicle south of Memorial Stadium in Columbia at the time of their arrest. Two other unnamed individuals—also Mizzou players—were in the vehicle as well, but were released after police determined they were not involved in the drug possession.[2
            a.The case was resolved on October 16, 2012 when Green-Beckham entered a guilty plea to a reduced charge of tresspassing in Columbia, Missouri Municipal Court. He was fined $200 plus court costs.[23]

            II. On January 10, 2014 Green-Beckham was again arrested on a drug-related charge.[24] Officials with the Springfield, Missouri police department confirmed the Mizzou star was arrested on suspicion of drug activity and booked into the Greene County, Missouri jail in the early morning hours of January 11th. Police found a pound of marijuana in the car he was riding in.

            III. On Friday, April 11, 2014, Dorial Green-Beckham was dismissed from the University of Missouri football team. His dismissal followed his prior drug-related problems and an incident in which he allegedly forced open an apartment door and pushed an 18-year-old woman down several stairs. Green-Beckham was not charged in the incident, with police citing a lack of cooperation from the alleged victim. Charges were dropped against DBG even after investigation. DBG was disciplined though

  3. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Guess the so called waiver Feldman is referring to is the “run off” rule, which is for players that are run off from their team for reasons beyond their control … Getting arrested for weed & shoving a woman down a flight of stairs is hardly beyond his control … Now Bama’s processing procedure is another matter.

  4. Reipar

    It is very humorous to hear espn talking heads act like ou accepting him after his dismissal from mizzou could establish a slippery slope. As if this has not already happened twice in the last couple months lol. Looking at you wde and ville.

  5. Watchman

    Shove a woman down the stair
    Oklahoma doesn’t care
    Long as you are tall and fast
    All your sins are in the past

    Fill your pockets full of weed
    We don’t mind if you have speed
    All we care about are wins
    Come to OU free from sins

    If you help us win a game
    We can live with any shame
    To get you in we’ll jump through hoops
    Says the coach whose name is Stoops

  6. Spike

    Auburn is impressed.

  7. Bulldog Joe

    I have no problem with players succeeding on their second chances.

    I would think Jarvis Jones agrees.

  8. I don’t mind DGB going to a school outside the conference as long as he has to sit out the required year as a transfer. If he had transferred to Auburn, I would have had a big problem with it. I think a player who gets kicked off one team for disciplinary problems should have to go the JUCO route if he has a desire to transfer within the conference. It’s what happened with Odell Thurman to enable him to return to UGA. It should be necessary to go to another conference school. Existing players who have their scholarships taken away to give to someone else (i.e., roster management) should be able to transfer freely to the school of their choice without sitting out.

  9. Reservoir Dawg

    How did Mudcat’s car get to Missouri?