Chris Conley’s Retribution

He had me with the jean shorts reference in the introduction.


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30 responses to “Chris Conley’s Retribution

  1. 69Dawg

    The Mark Richt cameo cracked me up. Ever the cool coach on the sidelines.

  2. Well done. Even interesting. Watched the whole thing.

  3. Conley is one of those guys who is going to do something big whether it’s on Sundays or not. The guy epitomizes everything great about the “Georgia Way.” I hope he has a big year and gets a huge ovation on the Saturday after Thanksgiving on Senior Day as a DGD.

  4. Bob

    A talented and very classy young man. Hoooah Chris.

  5. Mike Cooley

    I’m not a Star Wars guy but they did a good job with that. I didn’t expect Conley as the bad guy. And the Gurley, Richt, and Hairy cameos were great. Who was that with Hairy? I thought it was Marshall for a second but realized it wasn’t when I saw his face clearly.

    • Bob

      I am pretty certain that the guy with Hairy was actually Chris Conley too. I might be wrong, but sure looked like him. I also thought it was Marshall initially, but think it was Chris.

    • John

      That was Chris Conley. Hence the face off moment at the end.

  6. heytogoober

    Fabulous! Do we need to click through to YouTube so he gets the hits?

  7. Chris should wear those contacts on gameday.

  8. Mudcats Impala...

    And just like any good Star Wars movie Conley left room for a sequel…😉

  9. Mike Cooley

    Ok I sort of thought it might have been him but it didn’t look tall enough to be him.

  10. I just wish he’d kept the tone satirical all the way through. He did a fine job, but it works much better when it doesn’t try to actually have a serious story.

    • heyberto

      Meh… I don’t think it was very serious, even in the action. Even by SW terms, there is little here to cling to story-wise, but that seems to suit the tone of what he’s trying to do. The whole thing was just an excuse to have some fun and do some semi-cinematic action with a mix of humor. It’s all plot device to set up the action and the cameos. I think Georgia Tech fans are going to be jealous, and you can believe StingTalk will be ripping it apart just because no one over there has done any SW fan fiction even remotely as cool. Good Job Chris!

  11. HVL Dawg

    ^ critic. I’m not a critic I’m a fan (homer).

    • AthensHomerDawg


    • I’m not a critic either. Just can’t help thinking how immortal it would have been if he’d kept with the humor of Star Wars vs. Athens instead of long light sabre fights and phony character drama. The satire is just so well done, I wish he’d been consistent rather than waffling between fanboy film and the inspired satire. I imagine Chris is talented enough that he would welcome constructive criticism. He has talent and imagination, and is going to be rich if not in football, in just about any other endeavor he chooses.

  12. Borodawg

    Rule #1, don’t bring yo Sith a$$ and step on the G!

  13. heytogoober

    Checked in at Stingtalk a little while ago … no buzz yet.

  14. Scorpio Jones, III

    “He came from darkness…he was darkness” Second game.

  15. Moultriedawg

    Chris Conley DGD. I thought he did a hell of a job. Love the coach Richt and gurley scene, let’s just hope he is superman this year!!!!!!

  16. missing link

    Get Richt to contact Samuel Jackson for the sequel!

  17. Dawg19

    Many Techies died bringing us this information…

  18. Russ

    Haha! We even beat the nerds at fan films. Suck it, techsters!

  19. Cojones

    Thought it was a parody of the team and what’s to take place this season.

  20. Nashville West

    Best short film I’ve seen since “A Dawg in gator nation.” Agree with the above posters, Conley is one DGD!