Making Mason’s season

Seth Emerson sets up the parameters for Hutson Mason’s 2014…

BEST CASE: Stat-wise Mason turns out to be D.J. Shockley Part II, and win-wise he is Tee Martin Part II. The worth proves the wait for Mason, who puts up similar numbers to Murray ‘s junior season (3,893 passing yards, 36 TD, 10 INT), and leads the Bulldogs to glory in the SEC championship and College Football Playoff.

WORST CASE: Mason’s season goes similar to the last Georgia senior QB getting his first season as a starter: In 2009, Joe Cox passed for 2,584 yards and 24 touchdowns, but also had 15 interceptions, and that was with A.J. Green and several other future NFL receivers and tight end on the roster.

and sees things falling towards the upper end of the spectrum if Mason gets a little help from his friends.

FINAL WORD: Mason is embracing the Martin and Shockley comparisons. And while plenty of other one-year starters have failed, most signs point to Mason being able to succeed There’s just too much other talent around him, and Mason is personally talented enough that Mark Richt and Mike Bobo gave him a redshirt year two years ago, setting up this final year. The worst-case scenario could always happen. But Cox also didn’t have Gurley. The bet here is it comes down to the play of the offensive line: If it is at least a shade improved, that will be enough to give Mason the time to win games.

Emerson sees Mason as Georgia’s most important player this season because quarterback and because quarterback depth, but “Cox also didn’t have Gurley” tells you where my vote would go in that direction.  I suspect Mason would agree with me, too.

The biggest lesson Mason needs to take away from Cox’ stint is that he can’t be a turnover machine and expect Georgia to have a great season.


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  1. The biggest lesson Mason needs to take away from Cox’ stint is that he can’t be a turnover machine and expect Georgia to have a great season.

    True. And already, there’s the feeling that Mason will take care of the ball. Wouldn’t surprise me if he’s a better caretaker than Murray was.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Barring significant injury (s) the offense should be fine with Mason. I would hesitate to even think about looking at A.J. McCarron’s year…slightly different defense. (Although similar on at least one special teams play.)

    If Malcolm Mitchell can play just MOST of the time, he could be the best receiver Georgia has had in a long, long time. (In high school he was dinged up quite a bit but still managed to break a record thought to be untouchable down there in Winnersville.) Gurley is Gurley.

    But that defense behind the first seven….????

    Has the makings of a proto-typical Georgia year…play pretty good, spend a lot of time kissing up to the Kharmic Bitchez.

    I predict this is the year we find out if the Bitchez approve of second chances.

  3. I’ve seen some good qb’s here Between the Hedges but one thing that stands out to me about Hutson is that he is going to take care of that football.

    Taking care of the football
    Getting the best from your ball is often a matter of common sense. You shouldn’t stand on the ball or cause undue pressure to be placed on it. It should be cleaned regularly and stored in a dry place. Keep the ball away from broken glass and thorny bushes. The pressure level of the ball should also be checked on a regular basis. If you want your Minerva footballs to remain in great condition, whether they are match balls or training balls, take the time to ensure that they are properly looked after.

  4. Keese

    Teams are going to make Hutson beat them in the air. Poor OL play in pass situations could mean trouble. I’m hoping Bobo find a way to make use of dink and dunking the ball effectively

    • He’ll have to, most likely. Can Theus protect Mason from Vic Beasley? IDK. Can Houston or whoever plays RT? So, it’s already a problem. If you have to use a man to help out, it’s makes it that much harder.

      Offensive game plan will have a lot to do with this one. Because it’s a big question whether or not we can block Clemson well enough to run straight at them, usually the best solution. We’ll need a Plan B ready for sure.

      • Cosmic Dawg

        I may not be remembering right, but thought our OL handled Clemson pretty well last year, yes?

        • Sorry if my sarcasm filter is off but you’re joking, right?

        • I’d have to go back and watch, Cosmic. The way I remember it, our OL struggled, and had a lot of unforced penalties, unforced errors, and MA’s. I seem to remember a string of stalled drives in the 2nd and 3rd quarters because of it. But I can’t be certain without going back to look.

          One thing I do remember though, ironically, is the first running play was total textbook, just perfection the way you draw it up. Andrews even dove at the MLB’s feet 5 yards downfield and was able to get enough of him to trip him up and out of the play. Gurley did the rest, but that was some hole.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            I just went back and looked up some of the news reports – I remember it now…no bueno…I may have been thinking of the Carolina game.

  5. ODawg

    Seth Emerson is a clown.
    1) Hutson is AVERAGING 309 yards passing per start (AM averaged 250 passing in his LAST 5 starts). Granted includes his first career start vs GT, and a sloppy muddy bowl game on a beat up field, but he should hit 3500 yards passing in his sleep in 13 games. That’s only 270 yards per game. This is a guy who threw 54 td’s his Sr year in High School.
    2) Best year would be winning an SEC Championship, a feat no UGA Qb since Shockley has been able to accomplish.
    3) Worst case would be losing to all the better teams, and not winning an SEC Championship. You figure out of the big 4 games, Clemson, South Carolina, Missouri, and Auburn, he’ll win at least 2, so 10-2 is about worst case scenario. Florida with Muschamp is no longer a rivalry until they win a game. 0-3 last 3 times.
    4) Emerson is the Murray fan club President, Mason will better Murray’s best year in all the ways that count: Championships, wins against highly ranked teams, but he’ll also average 300 yards passing per game, and throw for over 4200 yards. Seth is always wrong.
    5) Hutson had a great Spring, threw 0 interceptions all Spring. Interceptions have been UGA’s achilles hill for many years.

    • Interceptions have been UGA’s achilles hill for many years.

      No question it’s been a factor. We’ve had too many, whether it’s been Murray, Cox, or Stafford. Shockley was good with the ball, and Greene was good his last year. But it’s been a while since we didn’t throw too many.

      Most of the time, interceptions are caused by bad decisions. And the head game is one of Mason’s strong points.

      He’ll need it early on, because Clemson has a top-notch defensive line. There’s a huge question of whether or not we can block them. And SC’s DL will be no pushover either. In those kinds of games, with a questionable OL, turnovers can kill you.

      • ODawg

        right on, UGA has been 59th, 56th, and 85th in passing interceptions last 3 years. Doesn’t count Cox, Stafford, etc.

        Gotta win the turnover battle. (80% chance of winning the game).

        • Cojones

          Agree on Mason’s abilities because he has the faith and trust of the best O Coach/ Head Coach for QBs in cfb.

          You and I are clowns, but Seth ain’t.

    • Ray

      I’m sorry but I don’t see Mason averaging 300 passing yards per game. I would love for him to do it but he won’t…I’d be willing to put a house payment on it. I don’t care how long any QB has been in a system, if they haven’t been a full time starter then expect some growing pains. I think enthusiasm must be tempered some. Plus, even if he did play lights out offensive touches will be spread around to our studdly RBs. I just don’t see him having 4200 yards this season, especially when I think Bobo will mostly run at least the first couple of games. I truly think Murray will be missed. Now if Mason was in his second year as a full time starter I think those numbers would be more realistic.

      • ODawg

        You’re right, Mason won’t average 300 yards per game passing, he’ll average 325. You do realize he ALREADY is averaging 309 per game, right?

        • Ray

          Holy shit, you are being serious aren’t you!!!! I thought you were just screwing around and trolling!!!! Haha

          • ODawg

            Am I very serious about Mason throwing for 4000 yards? Yes!!!! He’ll more likely end up at @5000 yards

            How? The 12 regular game season breaks like this:
            Against 4 teams, he throws for 375 yards. That’s 1500 YARDS.
            Against 4 teams, he throws for 325 yards. That’s 1300 more yards, we’re at 2800 total.
            Against 4 teams, he throws for 300 yards. That’s 1200 more yards, we’re now at 4000.

            Then, you’re into the post-season:
            If only a Bowl game @300 yards, he finishes at 4300 yards passing.
            If Bowl game + SEC Championship, he finishes at 4600 yards passing, and wins the Heisman trophy.
            Bowl game + SEC Champ + 1 Playoff game, finishes at 4900 yards passing.
            BCS Championship, finishes at 5200 yards passing.

            Or look at it this way, he AVERAGES 309 a game, hit his AVERAGE, without improving after he gets his backs and receivers, that’s 13 games x 309 = 4017 yards passing, 40 td’s.

            • Ray

              I hope like hell you are right but it ain’t gonna happen. I am willing to put money on it if you are. So can you give me that same break down and list the schedule with estimated passing yards and touch downs to each team. Come on Man, show me you are the Oracle

              • ODawg

                These 4 games he’;ll average 375 a game:
                Troy, Mizzou, Char Southern, Kent

                These 4 he’ll average 325 a game:
                Auburn GT, Ark, Tenn (expect some shootouts, he’ll have to throw a lot to score enough to win)

                These 4 pass defenses are tough, he’ll average 300 a game:
                UF, SC, Clemson, Vandy

            • To put your prediction in perspective, 5200 yards would be the sixth-highest season total in college football history.

              Only two SEC quarterbacks have ever thrown for more than 4000 yards in a season, Tim Couch and Johnny Manziel. Both played in offensive systems very different from Georgia’s. Manziel needed 13 games to make his mark. Couch needed 553 pass attempts in eleven games, which means he was throwing the ball 50 times a game, to make his. (In the last seven seasons, Georgia has attempted 50 passes in a game once.)

              • ODawg

                That 5000+ yards assumes a 15 game schedule. We have never had a chance for a team to play 15 games. Records will be set this year.

                You’re comparing a 13 game schedule to a 15 game schedule with the 4 team playoff.

                Those predicting a 3000 yard season, that’s an insult to Hutson Mason’s talent. That’s only 231 pass yards a game for 13 games.

                he’s hitting 309 yards per game in the rain without Mitchell or Marshall, Chubb or Michel or Rome. Expect that average to shoot up @325-333 with all his weapons healthy.

                Malcolm Mitchell and Rome alone mean at LEAST another 20 yards per game average for Mason from his 309 last season.

                • Cojones

                  This won’t help you, but I agree with your logic as to Mason’s ability. He won’t get the chance to prove you correct unless we dominate running and passing. If you think he will have to rely on passing to win every game, you may not see that production come true. The RBs are your worst enemy for proofing your prediction and at the same time responsible for giving Mason the playing time to prove it.

              • Couch needed 553 pass attempts in eleven games……

                LOL. Yeah, Couch played for ‘The Mad Bomber’, Hal Mumme, and his ‘Air Raid’ offense. Mumme was crazy. Once, in Athens with Couch, I saw him go for it on 4th and long, early in the game, and backed up deep in their own territory. They didn’t make it, of course, Georgia scored in a couple of plays, and the game was over before it even had really begun.

            • PTC DAWG

              What are you smoking? Good stuff for sure.

              • Tony

                Me too! Hutson Mason did pretty spectacular at Lassiter, set a lot of state records there for yards, touchdowns, and so on, so I think it might happen again!! Kool-aid!

              • Tony

                Drink this:
                35 pass attempts a game, is 450 pass attempts over 13 game season, 9-10 yards per pass attempt gives us somewhere between 4100-4500 yards passing, over 13 games, add in another two playoff games, and 5000-5200 is doable. Now we threw it 450x last year, and Hutson Mason hit about 9 yards a pass attempt, that’s 4100 yards. Call me crazy!

  6. ODawg

    Another way we can tell how close Mason is to Murray was the Kentucky game where both Qb’s faced the same defense.

    I thought Mason looked better than Murray in that game, he finished with a higher QBR in that game than 5th year Sr Murray.

    • Why do you continue to find it necessary to build up Mason by tearing down Murray?

      • ODawg

        Seth was the one who brought up the Mason/Murray comparison, guess you should ask him why he feels the need to build Murray up?

        Murray was an ok QB, no championships, 1-2 in Bowls, 2-10 vs teams that finished top 10, put up consistent numbers, but couldn’t win the big ones enough of the time. Mason will be better in the big games.

        Why not just say some nice things about Mason, without any references to Murray? Seth couldn’t do it.

        Should have won the Bowl game, but Mason got several key drops on his last 2 drives from Wooten and Lynch. But Mason drove em’ down, with limited wr corp due to injuries, terrible field conditions, Gurley only decent back semi-=healty. This time Mason will have depth at WR and RB in case of injuries, the numbers will be BIG!

        • You’re the one who previously bleated that starting Aaron Murray was the biggest mistake of Richt’s tenure, so don’t bother with the “Seth made me do it” defense. Besides, what comparison?

          Which reminds me – you drop another moniker on us and you’ll be banned for sockpuppetry.

          • ODawg

            Seth mentioned Murray in his review of Hutson Mason, who knows why Seth likes to try and build up Murray when referencing Mason? I agree, it’s bizarre..

            What comparison? Seth assumes Mason’s best will be no greater Murray’s best year in 2012, even though Mason is averaging 25% MORE passing yards per game than Murray did in his last 5 starts.

            Never said I was a fan of Murray’s time at UGA, I am not, and yes, there’s no debate now, Murray won 0 championships, terirble Bowl game record, terrible record vs top teams, it WAS 110% a mistake, even the biggest homer can admit that (except for Seth Emerson supergoon of course, Murray’s last diehard fan).

            • Cojones

              Your logic just turned sour. It means to me that you didn’t watch a single game with Murray last year and only one each year for the two preceeding years.

          • ODawg

            Picking Murray as his starter, was not just the biggest mistake of his UGA tenure, that’s an understatement, it was the biggest mistake of his 25 year coaching career.

            No other 4 year period did Richt win less games, than the 4 he just finished.

            • FarmerDawg

              Mr odawg you sound like a true gator or nerd at heart.

              • ODawg

                Hmm, ok, I’ll play along and say something that makes no sense to anyone here, you sound like a Tenn fan, there are more farms there and all.

                To be clear, Mason will have no problems with either 1 dimensional offense GT or weak offense Florida.

          • He also said that Mett would go higher in the draft because the real QB evaluators would value him over Murray. This guy knows more about QB’s than Mark Richt AND Andy Reid. That’s impressive.

  7. ODawg

    Mason, in only 1 season, could do some things Murray never did in 4 seasons:
    1) Win the SEC
    2) Win a Natty
    3) Win a Heisman
    4) All American
    5) Beat all the ranked teams on the schedule

    Do 1 of those on this list, and he goes down as a UGA LEGEND for the AGES.

    • RobG

      If 1 happens then 3 happens and possibly 2

      • CannonDawg

        Better chance that if 1 happens, then 2 follows. If Gurley stays healthy, then 3 would happen but not with Mason. But with 1 and 2 in the books, who cares about the rest?

        • ODawg

          Gurley won’t get enough carries to put up Heisman numbers, Marshall/Michel/Chubb are too good to redshirt and not get touches.

          Gurley could do some damage as a receiver, but he tends to get beat up a lot, has weak ankle, might miss 2-3 games in there along the way, taking him out of the Heisman talk.

          Teams will try and force UGA to throw, and Mason will make them pay.

          With a 4 team playoff, Mason could get 15 games, average 325 yards passing per game (averaged 309 in first 2 starts), and looking at @5000 yards passing!!!

          Mason will be the talk of the season.

      • ODawg

        Have a feeling this team is going to have people talking. The offense and defense and special teams will all be much better than people expect. But the offense, backfield is loaded with 4 5 star backs in Gurley, Marshall, Michel, and Chubb. Wide receivers are loaded with Mitchell, Wesley, Bennett, Conley, Rumph, Rome. Offense should average 500 yards and 40 points per game.

        If defenses key on stopping the run, look for Mason to throw for 700-800 yards in the first two games.

        Schedule sets up nice with Clemson without key players at QB and WR, South Carolina without Shaw & Clowney, Missouri lost a lot of talent.

        Auburn might be the Heisman showdown game (Marshall vs Gurley/Mason). But our offense will be more balanced and the defense and special teams a little better and turnovers will be the difference.

        • CannonDawg

          Got the same feeling, ODawg. The stars seem to be aligning for us. Unlike UGA, Auburn had a generation’s worth of good fortune descend upon their town in two games last year. If some of those same particles can catch a thermal and settle over Athens, that might be enough to get us to the top (that, and some good cover skills). Mason’s the key, and I believe he’ll be up to it.

        • I’m seeing pretty much the same thing, at least potentially. We’ll need a few things to go our way, and we’ll have to play smart and be opportunistic, which we haven’t done, generally speaking, in a very long time. But should be able to do if things keep going the way they have all year.

          If defenses key on stopping the run, look for Mason to throw for 700-800 yards in the first two games.

          Point taken. But it depends a lot on on whether Clemson has to use an extra man, either to stop the run or rush the passer. If they can do either, or worse both, it’ll be respectively harder for Mason to throw. Conversely, if we have to use an extra blocker in order to run – either FB, TE, or H-Back – and/or we have to use one of those guys to help pass protect, because we can’t pass block them one-on-one, then it’ll be much harder for Mason to get anything done. And Bobo’s job will be very difficult, accordingly, trying to find something that might work.

          It all gets back to how well the OL can run block and pass block. If they can do the former, especially one-on-one, then we should be OK, and with our backs the pass will sooner or later open up. If we can do both, we’ll be almost impossible to stop.

          So, especially these first two games, it’s really about the OL. Which bothers me, because Clemson’s DL is good (they’re supposed to have 5 or 6 NFL DL), and our OL has a history of playing poor-to-mediocre in competitive openers. Being cohesive in these openers always seems to be a problem. I feel much better about our OL chances in the second game, though still a very tough assignment.

          • CannonDawg

            Agree on the need for sustained OL performance, Ivey. And with all of Mason’s tangibles, the one intangible that we won’t know until he has to display it is, can he direct a late drive with the game on the line. My sense is that situation will present early vs either Clemson or SC, and possibly both. And probably somewhere down the line, as well. Mason won’t have to be Murray, but if he can emulate Murray’s ability to get the team down the field quickly, and develop that confidence within the team that we can finish the drill, then I like our chances. A lot.

            • Yeah, Murray could certainly get us down the field fast.

              As could Stafford, Shockley, and Greene. So, in that sense, there’s no reason to believe Mason can’t do it. Part of it is our system itself, and part is the QB thinking fast and knowing what to do. And of course everybody has to do their job.

              He’ll have to do it with everything on the line, but it seems reasonable to believe Mason can do it.

            • ODawg

              Actually, Mason had a 20 point come from behind victory vs GT, with an overtime score, can’t get later than that.

              And drove the ball late well in the Bowl game on the last 2 drives, just got key drops, Mason has to learn to throw the ball to playmakers in key situations like Bennett and Gurley, not Wooten and Lynch.

              • Mason has to learn to throw the ball to playmakers in key situations like Bennett and Gurley, not Wooten and Lynch.

                It’s not that simple though, O. Most of the time, if not pretty much all the time in our system, Mason doesn’t know where the ball’s going to go. It depends in part of what the defense does before and after the snap. He just has to go through his reads and deliver the ball to the open man.

                And that’s about all he can do. There may be situations where he has a choice, maybe more than one open receiver or something. But even if a play is called to get one particular receiver open, Mason often has to check down to his next read.

                That’s really a simpleton explanation, it’s more complex than that. But the point is, Mason often doesn’t have a choice.

                • ODawg

                  Let me give you an example from the Bowl game.

                  It was a 4th down play for the go-ahead score near the end of the game.

                  The play called for Wooten as the primary receiver. He was covered in tight coverage.

                  But Gurley was the secondary option, had a ball fake, broke to the left, nop one followed Gurley, he was WIDE OPEN on the 15 yardline, and Mason goes to Wooten, who drops the pass.

                  Hit Gurley, he walks in for the win.

                  In a crucial situation, trust a playmaker.

                  • Maybe it was a bad decision. Or maybe Wooten was his first read, and was reasonably open. Was the play a key 3rd down play? If so, could be that Wooten had the first down yardage with his route and that was where the coaches want him to go with the ball, Gurley being a safety valve on the play.

                    Was Wooten open and should he have caught the ball? IDK, without looking at it, which is why I’m asking these things. In any event, at worst it was a bad decision. Mason will make a few of those, but I’m confident not as many as Murray and others we’ve had over the course of a season.

                    And the overall point still stands. Mason can’t just pick and choose his receivers, any more than Murray, Stafford, Shockley or Greene could. The system isn’t designed that way.

              • CannonDawg

                Not to diminish the GT win for Mason, but he was a replacement QB in 2013. This year, 2014, is Hutson’s team. I see that as a key difference. Just as Lastinger and Shockley delivered when it was (finally) their team. And, for the record, I also feel good about it being his team.

              • Bulldawg165

                Mason had absolutely nothing to do with the overtime score against Tech. Are you serious with these posts? Lol.

                • CannonDawg

                  Mason had plenty enough to do with the win against Tech. To say otherwise is like saying Adm. Nelson had nothing to do with the win at Trafalgar. C’mon, man.

            • ODawg

              Nope, not the OLIne, ain’t the key to the season.

              Richt’s even said he won National Championships at FSU with sub-par OLines, just need some guys who know who to block, and get a body on them briefly.

              With UGA’s talent at Qb, WR & RB, look for a fast pace, short possession type of attack that makes the OLine insignificant.

              Our best OLine was 2010, we went 6-7.

              • Nope, not the OLIne, ain’t the key to the season … Richt’s even said he won National Championships at FSU with sub-par OLines, just need some guys who know who to block, and get a body on them briefly.

                Yeah, at FSU. Where they played soft schedules as an Independent and in a very weak ACC, that they dominated during his time there.

                I disagree with Richt about this, and always have. This is the SEC. Trying to play it like he played the ACC at FSU hasn’t worked, and for good reason. I see his point, that you can get a lot out of an ordinary OL, if they’re smart, efficient, technically outstanding, and cohesive. But you put yourself under a lot of pressure in big, competitive games, when that OL can’t get it done against a solid SEC defensive front.

                Last years SC game was one where our OL DID get the job done. And it clearly surprised Spurrier, who didn’t think we could whip his defensive front. They just had a great game. But in other games, their lack of production clearly bogged us down.

                It’s a mistake to settle for mediocre OL’s in this League, and hope you can get by with them, instead on going out and recruiting the kind of OL you need to be consistently competitive at the top level.

                It’s one of the things that’s held us back, and kept us on the second tier of the League, IMO. There are other things, to be sure. But a first rate OL goes a long way in this League, and I wish Richt would set his mind toward getting one, and make sure we keep it supplied.

                Regardless, our OL is THE major key to the Clemson game. And probably SC, too, IMHO.

                • ODawg

                  Not at all. OLine was terrible in 2013, and set a record for scoring. Great in 2010, and went 6-7.

                  It’s just the opposite.

                  • Let’s see: Our offense is better when our OL is really bad, and when the OL is really good, our offense suffers.

                    Therefore we should not even try to recruit elite OL? We should just forget about the best OL, and get all non-SEC types, because an elite OL would kill us? We’re just better off with a poor-to-mediocre OL?

                    Been around a long time, and that’s the very first time I’ve heard that case made.

  8. Mg4life0331

    Why do people forget Cox HAD to throw all the time. Man that defense sucked something fierce. Add a terrible o-line and some average running backs and tada!

    • Mg4life0331

      Oh I forget, those long ball interceptions he threw were better than us punting. We put the special in special teams that year too.

      • 81Dog

        Cox put up a LOT of points most weeks. Our D gave up even more a few times, with an assist from special teams.

        Cox wasn’t Joe Montana, but he wasn’t Joe Palooka, either. If the rest of our team played as well as the offense, 2009 could have been a pretty good year.

        • Cox threw for less than 200 yards in seven of his starts. Everybody remembers his tremendous game against Arkansas, but that was the only time he threw for more than 300 yards in a game.

          Georgia scored 20 points or less in five games that season.

          • 81Dog

            so you agree with me, yes?🙂

            Cox wasn’t great, but he wasn’t awful, either. Give him the early Van Gorder defense and modest competence on special teams, and suddenly a bad year gets a lot better. While he certainly had some flaws, I’m thinking he wasn’t really the problem in 09. He couldn’t carry the team on his back, so if that’s the standard for a QB, he wasn’t up to it. But, it wasn’t like watching a walk-on get overmatched in the secondary every week (no offense to any walk-on who might fit this description).

            • Joe had his good moments, but I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to erase “I kind of saw Norwood and was like, hmmm, but I decided to throw it anyway…” from my head.

              • 81Dog

                hey, we all have our moments we’d like to erase. I’d like to erase these 5, especially:

                1. The sight of Pitt TE John Brown sawing the rear end off our safety while Dan Marino stood unmolested in the pocket despite an ill advised 4th and 5 blitz.
                2. Penn St WR Greg Garrity so far behind our defense that I probably could have fluttered up a duck for what proved to be the winning TD. Unfortunately for UGA, Todd Blackledge wasn’t fluttering up ducks.

                3. Alabama QB Mike Shula shredding our D to go 80 yards in 3 plays in under a minute for the game winner. I’m not sure he could have scored any faster against air.

                4. DJ Shockley (dawg bless him, but this one play? Sheesh) throwing into quadruple coverage for a pick six against the Gators, which turned out to be the winning score for said Gators.

                5. Trigga Trey and JHC fighting over a meaningless INT and tipping the ball to Auburn for the winning score. One wonders if both were stoned and the ball looked like a pound cake or something. That one play pretty much describes our D last year.

                Sorry to wander off topic, but when we’re burning memories out of our brains, it made me think of the worst 5 plays I could recall. Maybe this concept deserves it’s own topic, in part to mellow the effect of Kool Aid, n’est pas?

  9. 69Dawg

    Wow we are really putting some booze in the Kool-Aid now. SEC champs National Champs, I’m sorry but I have sworn off Kool-Aid. This is still UGA we are talking about. Remember we have a history of underperforming on the side of the ball that the pundits think will be great and over performing on the side that they think we will suck. All that being said if the O can score a lot, and the D can get off the field on 3rd and long, we will be competitive. Oh yea and the Special teams stop giving up points. All and all I see 9-3 until I see the first two games.

    • Yeah, we can’t be giving games away, like we’ve had a longstanding habit of doing, or we’ll lose 3 or 4 games, I agree. We’ll have to be solid if we want to be successful this year. The good news is, it is now legitimate to believe we can actually do that.

      But it won’t be easy, IMO. We still have to learn how to win as team, and we get no warmup games. We’ll just have to trust our coaches and our fundamentals and the mindset that goes with it, and hope they’re somehow ingrained by the time we have to play a game.

  10. Mayor

    It all comes down to the first 2 games. Win the first 2 games and there may be something to all this happy talk. Lose the first 2 and……….