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“Never as good as they think, never as bad Georgia fans believe.”

As a general rule, I’m not a big fan of those common theme exercises you’ll see on blogging platforms (ESPN’s are the lamest), but SBNation is having its bloggers rank position groups on a conference basis, starting with the defensive lines, and the ones I’ve seen so far have been interesting, both in terms of learning what’s out there conference-wide and in how Georgia’s group is perceived by others.

Here are the links to the pieces I’ve read to date:

General consensus Georgia is upper pack, which I think is a fair assessment, given the way the line played last year.  The interesting lines seem to be at Auburn and Ole Miss, which have rankings all over the place.

You guys have any opinions?



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What if it is the year of the running back?

Notwithstanding the Mason for Heisman trollfest we endured yesterday, there’s a very good reason to question why it’s reasonable to expect ginormous production out of Georgia’s passing game this season.  If you’ve got a ridiculously gifted stable of running backs, as Georgia is blessed with, why is it necessary, or even desirable, to place the focus of the offense on a guy with only two career starts?

And as Mike Herndon points out, Georgia is hardly alone in the conference in that regard.

In 2013, the SEC was awash in experienced quarterbacks. Johnny Manziel was the defending Heisman winner. AJ McCarron, Georgia’s Aaron Murray and Connor Shaw at South Carolina were studies of consistency. Zach Mettenberger was looking to build off a promising first year as the starter at LSU.

All of those signal-callers are gone now, as are Austyn Carta-Samuels (Vanderbilt),James Franklin (Missouri) and Tyler Russell (Mississippi State).

With so many new faces behind center this fall and a bevy of talented rushers returning, could the SEC go smashmouth this fall?

… While nearly half the SEC returns quarterbacks with significant starting experience in 2014, only one of those – Ole Miss’ Bo Wallace – was among the conference leaders in passing yardage. Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott was a part-time starter in 2013, while Florida’s Jeff Driskel and Tennessee’s Justin Worley missed most of last season due to injury.

What’s more, the conference’s top five receivers, in terms of yardage, are all gone. The SEC returns only two players – Mississippi State’s Jameon Lewis and Auburn’s Sammie Coates – who had more than 750 yards receiving last year.

You’ve got a quarterback who’s got to find his way with a receiving corps that’s also finding its way back after being devastated with injuries.  The tight end position, always a key to Georgia’s passing game, brings one career start into the 2014 season.  Why put an unnecessary amount of pressure on those guys? Especially early?  And especially if much of the SEC is facing the same issue?

But the wealth of experienced rushers will provide a crutch upon which many SEC offenses can lean until their new quarterbacks get their feet wet. Indeed, at places like Alabama, LSU and Vanderbilt, a more conservative approach may be the ticket in September before a more proficient and potent passing game can emerge by November.

Play action is the bread and butter of Richt’s and Bobo’s offensive approach. Selling the running game makes Mason’s job that much easier.  And if that gives the passing game time to adjust over the first part of the season, so much the better.


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In for a penny…

The NCAA decides it would be a good idea to repeat everything it argued during the O’Bannon trial in an amicus brief supporting Northwestern’s appeal of the ruling by a regional director of the NLRB.  It’s joined by six Republican members of Congress – gosh, who would have ever expected that development?

The truly amusing part’s gonna come down the road when the schools, having gotten their asses kicked in antitrust litigation, realize they need a players’ union to negotiate with and find Republicans fighting them on it. Because, you know, unions and freedom.


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Staying power

Wouldn’t have guessed this off the top of my head:

Georgia coach Mark Richt, not Saban, has produced the most impactful NFL talent over the last five years. According to Nationalfootballpost.com, Bulldog products have made 205 starts in the NFL since 2009. That’s the most of any team in the nation and 17 more than second-place Alabama. Southern Cal (179), Florida (162) and Wisconsin (160) and LSU (160) also are sending their fair share to the pros.

I hope they’re pushing that tidbit hard on the recruiting trail.


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How hard is it to pick up the phone, Corch?

“On vacation”?  Seriously?  Shoot, if this had happened in Gainesville, Huntley Johnson would have worked out a deal with the state’s attorney by now.



UPDATE:  Damn, this just keeps getting better and better.

Police were called to respond to a “large fight in progress” at the Grown & Sexy Lounge in Lorain, Ohio, according to Cleveland.com. Sprinkle was reportedly one of an estimated 50 people outside the bar when police arrived. According to the police report, several groups of people were fighting outside the lounge as police arrived on the scene. Sprinkle is accused of participating in the fighting, for which he was arrested and taken away in custody.

Police found two small bags of cocaine stuffed under the back seat after Sprinkle was removed from the police vehicle.

Hiding cocaine in the back of a police car?  Genius.

The “Grown & Sexy Lounge” sounds like a place in the top 1% of the top 1% of America’s watering holes.


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