“Never as good as they think, never as bad Georgia fans believe.”

As a general rule, I’m not a big fan of those common theme exercises you’ll see on blogging platforms (ESPN’s are the lamest), but SBNation is having its bloggers rank position groups on a conference basis, starting with the defensive lines, and the ones I’ve seen so far have been interesting, both in terms of learning what’s out there conference-wide and in how Georgia’s group is perceived by others.

Here are the links to the pieces I’ve read to date:

General consensus Georgia is upper pack, which I think is a fair assessment, given the way the line played last year.  The interesting lines seem to be at Auburn and Ole Miss, which have rankings all over the place.

You guys have any opinions?



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12 responses to ““Never as good as they think, never as bad Georgia fans believe.”

  1. Macallanlover

    While I think we have solid talent up front I feel it is impossible to project them until we see how they are deployed. I suspect with Pruitt and Rocker making the decisions we will change to an attack mode, especially with the need to provide “cover” to our inexperienced secondary. If they do let the Dawgs run, I think we will deserve to be listed among the leading groups in the SEC. If we decide to play to react and stifle the run games for the LBs to clean up, I suspect you will see us near the middle of the pack. I am not sure we can win 9-10 games if we don'[t play aggressive and generate more turnovers and pressure this year.


  2. Cousin Eddie

    I expect auburn to start good and finish tired. They have Garner so the top 4 will be on the feild alot.


    • Regarding Auburn, they should be better this year on both sides of the ball. Whether they will, or not, is another matter.

      We saw what a little good coaching could do for our DL last year. Chris Wilson got good production, for the most part, out of his guys, something Garner hadn’t done for years.

      The question now, for our DL, really is, what can Rock get out of them? We already know Pruitt’s system is good. It works. It’s a matter of what the coaches can get out of their respective players.

      Right now, I’m feeling pretty good about our DL.


  3. Chesterhighwater

    The depth at DL sticks out. We may not have a dominant player but as a whole the 2 deep should be able to play consistently through the 4th quarter.


  4. Those LSU guys have us middle of the pack (except for the last one). Hard to see how we can bring back a whole unit that gave up only 3.7 ypc, add to the depth, and improve on the schedule (and coaching) without being one of the top units in the SEC and NCAA. I may have questions about some positions, but not the defensive line.


  5. CannonDawg

    We have the DL talent to be dominant. And we seem to be in relatively good shape with depth. Then again, judging by our alums in the NFL, talent is something we’ve had our fair share of over the years. But will our DL play at a high level every game, every series, every play? At this point it would seem that with Pruitt and Rocker there’s a greater likelihood of that happening, of our players finally playing to their full potential. And if they do, then yes, upper pack is no doubt the right fit. If not, then it’s yet another stanza of the same old song. I just hope Pruitt’s message/promise/threat of putting only the most deserving players on the field is fully absorbed before 5:30 PM on August 30.


  6. This defensive line has depth and a lot of experience. I want to see how Toby Johnson has progressed from last year. He had flashes last year of the type of player he could be. Also, I’m looking to see if Sterling Bailey can build on what was a solid year last year. They may not be the flashiest group in the Richt era, but there are a lot of guys who can play on that d-line. I don’t worry about this group in the least.


  7. Mayor

    The D-line is going to be fine.


  8. This Is What Happens When You Feed the Trolls

    SB Nation bloggers are clowns. This year, the DL is going to allow an AVERAGE of 0.0 ypc!! I’m very serious about this:

    Against 4 teams, the line will allow 0.0 yards. That’s 0.0 yards.
    Against another 4 teams, we will allow 0.0 yards. That’s a total of 0.0 yards.
    Against the reaming 4 teams, we will allow 0.0 yards, for a season average of 0.0 ypc!!!!

    Mark Richt made the biggest mistake of his life when hired Chris Wilson instead of Tracy Rocker who was waiting int he wings!

    PS I almost forgot to take into account the 15 game schedule! This year our defense will end up with a NEGATIVE ypc! That’s an AVERAGE of -2.3 ypc for the season!!