You can lead a Gamecock recruit to water, but you can’t make him think.

Don’t you have the feeling the OBC is about to go on the warpath with SC’s admission’s office?  (If he already hasn’t, I mean.)

Eight members of South Carolina’s 21-man signing class have yet to enroll in school, and the Gamecocks are resigned to the fact that not all the remaining players will qualify, recruiting coordinator Steve Spurrier Jr. told The State on Wednesday.

Defensive ends Dante Sawyer and Kalan Ritchie have previously announced they will not meet qualifying requirements and attend junior college with the hope of re-signing with South Carolina. The USC options for defensive end signee Jhaustin Thomas appear to be done after he failed to qualify from his junior college.

Cornerbacks Wesley Green, Chris Lammons and Darin Smalls, fullback Joe Blue and defensive tackle Dexter Wideman still are trying to meet qualifying standards in time to join the Gamecocks in August.

Eight out of twenty-one… whoa.  Mark Richt has lost control over South Carolina’s academics?  Too soon?


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46 responses to “You can lead a Gamecock recruit to water, but you can’t make him think.

  1. Normaltown Mike

    You can’t spell Academic Casualty without USC!


    • 81Dog

      that’s gonna leave a mark, even though someone would have to explain it to most of the South Carolina incoming class (“See, the letters u, s, and c are all in the words Academic Casualty….”)

      I’m sure Spurrier would get it. Maybe he’d respond by taking another shot at Fulmer or Ray Goff.


    • Bulldog Joe

      They may not be able to spell Academic Casualty, but those who play a position of immediate need will find someone to pass an online summer school program on their behalf.

      Oversigning in action.


  2. Rooster'srule

    Proof positive it’s harder to get into South Carolina than UGALY


  3. LorenzoDawgriquez

    SOS warned the President and the Admissions folks a few years ago not to mess with him or he would take his golf clubs and go home. They backed off back then and they will cave now… all the academic ground made up for these “student-athletes” in the next few weeks. And the local SC newspapers better not report on this or Spurrier will fire some reporters. I wish Carvell worked for The State paper.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    All in all, a nice cheery bit of news to start my Friday. Tee hee.


  5. Jeff Sanchez

    That’s the great thing about playing South Carolina early….


  6. Spike



  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Ray, Steve….so how’d you deal with not being able to get kids in school?”

    “Good ta heah from ya Stevie…cain’t get em in school ovah theah
    huh?..well I’ll tell ya whut ah did…I got beat by teams that cud gettem in.”

    “Gosh Ray, I was afraid you were gonna say that…how is the used lumber business?”

    “Ahhh man, the used lumber binness is jest great…ain’t no problem gittin them boards in the saw down here, if you know whut I mean…”

    “Ok, Ray, gotta go, gotta early tee time, playin the admissions director over at Augusta National this afternoon.”

    “See ya Steve, good ta heah from ya…golf didn’t do me much good, but hey…worth a shot to get buttah.”


  8. The loudest LOL for OBC. That’s karma for all his talk about UGA early season suspensions.


  9. Looks like USCe is acting like or pretending to be a high seat of learning here lately. LOL


  10. Cojones

    The fact that his Jr is most responsible is hysterical. Wonder if they are stocked up on Fing Scooters?


  11. Bad M

    This probably won’t hurt this year, but you’ll see the effects next year and the year after. That ends up being a very small class. Of course they will sign 33+ next year to try and make up for it, but the 33rd guy you sign rarely makes up for a four star loss. You will see the same kind of attrition in depth or leadership that has hurt us (and is miraculously avoided by certain tides) will hurt them. Maybe just one or two games, but it will be there. A few transfers, suspensions, or arrests in this class and things could get ugly.


  12. cube

    This is obviously Michael Adams’ fault.


  13. dawgblog

    Isn’t Wesley Green one of the guys we were trying to flip around signing day? Damn, missed on him.


  14. uglydawg

    I’m skeptical. I’m betting they get in. If not, they just need to go get arrested for something and Auburn will come calling.


  15. Silver Creek Doug

    I’ve been talking with a USCe acquaintance I know who is very plugged in over there. None of this is a huge surprise to him.

    He said their fans were told they’d only have room for about 16 signees this year and they took flyers on some guys who didn’t pan out; IOW, nothing to see here, move along, etc.


    • Bulldog Joe


      Selective disciplinary action, selective academic casualties, selective medical redshirts, and selective transfers are all tools used in the oversigning process.

      It stinks for those individuals who are processed, but this news should surprise nobody. Expect to hear a similar announcement out of Knoxville soon.


  16. Mayor

    This is to cover up oversigning (possibly to free space for 2015 signees) and is business as usual in Columbia now.


  17. uglydawg

    If a kid could prove that, he should be able to get rich.


  18. WF Dawg

    On USC’s academic pedigree, this seemed fitting:


  19. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Is it true that they misspelled ACT & SAT on their applications?


  20. Russ

    If you can’t get into South Carolina, what’s left?


  21. RobG

    Kirk Herbstreit……”Mark Richt is having his kindness mistaken for weakness”


  22. ViningsDawg

    Nick marshall just got nicked in south ga.