I was gonna ask a good question at Hoover, but then I got high.

While I’m sure there will be a myriad of subjects discussed at this week’s SEC Media Days – I learned five years ago there’s no shark in Hoover that can’t be jumped – here’s one subject I’m skeptical we’ll hear much about:

We knew this was coming: you do not lose Johnny Manziel, AJ McCarron, Aaron Murray, Zach Mettenberger, Connor Shaw and James Franklin without some sort of dropoff. But it does create an interesting debate this week: just who is the best QB in the SEC?

Wallace and Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott have their supporters. Auburn’s Nick Marshall will likely be first-team All-SEC, based on where his team ended last season and the location of SEC Media Days. Alabama’s Jacob Coker has never participated in a practice at the school, but is the presumed starter. But the answer may be either Missouri’s Maty Mauk or Georgia’s Hutson Mason. Both started games because of injury last season and impressed. It’s their job now, and each one has the skill (and the schedule) to go on a run through the SEC.

I just don’t see much traction for Mason in a preseason conversation like that. Anyway, it’s likely that Marshall’s sucked all the oxygen out of the room this week.  Then again, Clay Travis could always ask Gus Malzahn if Nick Marshall’s the best quarterback in the conference when he’s high.  Maybe I should hold off on my doubts.


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26 responses to “I was gonna ask a good question at Hoover, but then I got high.

  1. Roostersrule

    Dylan Thompson for the Gamecocks definitely needs to be in this conversation if Hudson and Mauk are considered.


    • I agree. All three certainly more than Coker, at least to this point.


    • That’s right. Dylan has a very similar build to Mason and has very similar stats to both Mason and Mauk. One difference and it seems important to me, is that Mason and Mauk were in 3 games where the starting qb was not coming in to relieve them if they couldn’t get it done. Like Greenie had to do for Shock against the Nerds. Conner Shaw started every game? and played in every game for the Cocks. I would imagine he played a little more relaxed. He’s a good qb and I think SOS will bring out the best in him.


  2. Does Mauk have an older brother who played QB for LSU about 10 years ago?


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ya’ll are right that Coker is the pre-season Todd Marinovich. But looking at the season, and Bama’s QB’s under Saban, from John Parker Wilson to McElroy to McCarron, I would assume Coker will be competent, maybe better than average, and he will be a media favorite if Bama is in form.


  4. gingerhead

    Richt’s the guy who rec ruited Nick Marshall originally, so he didn’t see the flaws, so let’s hope that doesn’t come up, Coach Richt, do you have poor judgment in light of Mettenberger and Marshall’s off the field issues or are you just the unluckiest coach in the nation when it comes to picking Qb’s?


    • Richt wasn’t his recruiter. Georgia always wanted Nic as a db. Alabama and Clemson recruited him as a defensive player as well. Richt still thinks the world of Mettenburger. Complimented both qb’s after the LSU game.


    • WF Dawg

      I’d like to introduce you to the period. Try it in your sentences. There’s no reason you have to combine unintelligible with asinine.


    • Roostersrule

      Murray is better than both those guys. Hudson will be better than Marshall when he grows up.


  5. gingerhead

    Mason has a lot in common with Joe Cox, wonder if anyone will ask about that this week, you know it’s coming, both set records in high school, went 8-5 with Cox, is Mason like that? Is this another 8-5 season with a guy who played back-up Qb for 4 years and then got 1 season at the helm?


    • uglydawg

      Wasn’t Joe Cox a gingerhead? It rained last Tuesday. Does that mean it’s going to rain every Tuesday? Good giggley wiggley.


      • Well played sir. While Stafford was the number 1 rated qb in the nation Cox was the number 7. None too shabby. Stafford threw 7 TDs and 13 ints his freshman season. Cox threw 24 TDs and 15 ints. Stafford was a great qb. Cox followed a great qb. Cox had no defense and no consistent running attack (backs and O line). While Mason follows a great qb he will not have to do it by himself. We will be fine at qb and I hardly think anyone will compare Mason to anyone. If there are some trolls there I’m sure CMR will handle them.


  6. Cojones


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  7. uglydawg

    Now thats funny! Dog in Florida will be pleased.
    While I’m not as clever, I did imagine some words to the another oldie..

    “One toke over the line, Coach Malzhan, one toke over the line, ”
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    Or something like that.


    • Dog in Fla

      I am very pleased. Thought But Then I Got High was an excellent selection even better than One Toke OTL Sweet Jesus where’s my scooter, I Smoke Two Joints or I Can’t Drive 55


      • Cojones

        Skanky-in a nice way. Did you smell the smoke in that place? They’re smokin’ behind the bandstand. You could state that anytime during the 60s and be correct 95% of the time at a 95% confidence level.

        Time stands still when you can smell the memories, stale beer being prominent among’um..


  8. Well done and h/t’s all around. I would like to petition Bluto to include a spot for the creative Dawgs here. Since my very own Troll in a Hole poem (Influenced by none other than our very own Ivy Leaguer) There has been a trend in smart ass poetry by our brethren. Well done sirs. Also I have to re-post this from an earlier GTP post and thanks to Conjones for his good work today. DIF what say you?
    July 3, 2014 at 7:13 PM

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