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Going on the disabled list

It’s got nothing to do with the pinched nerve I mentioned last week, but I’m going in the hospital today for a surgical procedure.  I’ll probably have about a three-day stay there after which I’ll be sent home to recuperate, which should take about as long as I need to ditch the pain medication.  Obviously, I can’t say you’ll see much blogging production out of me for the next week or so, but I shall return.

Hey, it could be worse.  The surgery was originally scheduled for August 26th. And like weddings, you just don’t schedule major surgery in the fall in the South.  I will be at the opener, by Gawd.



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Monday morning buffet

A light nosh before SEC Media Days kicks off.


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A special year in orange and blue

According to Alligator Armyeven if Florida has a bad season, it’s still good, because “Florida will be able to cut Muschamp loose without that move being cutting off its nose to spite its face”.   That’s one helluva silver lining, fellas.

If I’d tried to argue something like that with a straight face about Georgia after 2010, I’d have been laughed off the Intertubes.


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“A teachable moment”

What do you figure the over/under will be for the number of times that phrase is uttered, typed or otherwise trotted out this week at SEC Media Days?

And too bad, C.J. Uzomah.  You knew the job was dangerous when you took it.


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