Autonomy brings out the stupid.

I’ve never had much use for June Jones.  He was less than impressive as the Falcons’ head coach; his inability to control Jeff George was sadly pathetic.  On the college level, his claim to fame was lifting a Hawaii program from sheer mediocrity to being the most mediocre undefeated team to crash the BCS.  I can’t deny some people take him seriously.  I just don’t understand why.

Take his latest brilliant suggestion in response to the Power Five conferences largely getting their way on NCAA governance.  What came was inevitable, because the big boys hold most of the cards, but at least it sounds like the mid-majors were able to keep the transfer rules from being subject to the new voting protocols.  In any event, at least they retain some level of impact and some remaining relationship.  Jones wants to ditch that, too.

“I think the have-nots should go ahead and move to the spring just like the USFL did. I think that there’s an opportunity to do a complete other side of that division, and I think that if we don’t think that way as a group of have-nots, we’re going to get left behind…”

This may be the first time I’ve seen anyone refer to the USFL as a successful business model.   (Remember, this is the pro league that successfully won a plaintiff’s verdict against the NFL in an antitrust suit, only to be awarded a whopping $3 in damages.)

On the college level, what makes this particularly questionable is that it would be the end of mid-majors scheduling paycheck games against power conference teams.  For some schools, that’s mucho dinero you’re talking about.  Now maybe June believes there’s so much demand for spring football that ESPN and Fox would be falling all over themselves to throw money at the middies that it would more than make up for it.  But if that were the case, you kinda wonder why nobody’s thought of it before Jones.

Then, again, he may simply be pulling it out of his ass, like this:

“I can see in five-to-seven years, possibly, the public would demand to have the two leagues play, just like I think the USFL had in mind, originally, of the winner of the USFL playing the winner of the National Football League.”

For once, I’d love to hear a Jim Delany response to something.

The only positive development I can see out of this for the smaller fry is that it would make things considerably more difficult for programs to move to conferences operating football in a different season and probably do something similar in the case of player transfers.  I doubt that’s anywhere near close enough to make this an attractive option, but what do I know?  I’m one of the dumbasses who would happily watch college football in the spring.


UPDATE:  The early reviews are in.  Let’s just say the critics aren’t raving.


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20 responses to “Autonomy brings out the stupid.

  1. kckd

    Not saying it was successful, but trying to compete with the NFL in the fall hastened their demise.


  2. Man, I loved me some Birmingham Stallions back in the day.

    If they had stayed the course as a spring league they could have lived for a while longer. Trying to force the NFL’s hand was, eh, not so smart.


    • 69Dawg

      Donald Trump wanted to play with the big boys, like the AFL had but the new NFL was not going to play that.


    • Aubiece

      Stallions rocked….Actually a very good idea… I can see UAB drawing
      a whole lot more to Lesion Field if not having to go head to head vs
      Bama and AU.. I would rather see mid level college game in the spring
      instead a minor league baseball game…
      Go for it.


  3. 69Dawg

    Nick Saban’s suggestion that the Power 5 only play the Power 5 would kill the Mid-Majors. No more games for money. Nick seemed to think it was the fault of the coaches at the marginal Power 5 schools that want to schedule cup cakes to insure a bowl game. any bowl game. I think it is just an opportunity to have a not so open open date. At least you get to play the second and third string guys.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    “Autonomy brings out the stupid.”

    Well said.


  5. My lasting impression of June Jones was the footage of him in the locker room before the Sugar Bowl telling his team to go out and play like they belonged. I knew right then we were going to destroy them. I never feel good before a bowl game, but I sat back and waited all day for us to firebomb them.


  6. SouthGaDawg

    The guy on XM College sports station sent this up the flagpole on his show this morning. I live in the land of a mid-major down here in SouthGA. I just can’t imagine going to a college football game in February or March. I guess if you play football in the spring, volleyball attendance in the fall would be through the roof. I can’t see this gaining any traction – I think June just threw this out there so sports talk would have some crumbs to scoop up from under the table in July…


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    This is what happens to the greatest sport ever when everybody is looking to make money. We don’t play the season in the spring, we PLAY FOOTBALL IN THE FALL!!!

    So a hundred teams don’t make money, so what. Go back to the old style basics and have fun – for the players, for the fans, for the folks who went to your college. Tell espn and any coach who wants a big check to f**k-off. These schools can’t compete on the sec level. Accept your limitations and live happily in a smaller pond.


  8. Keese

    One of the many hot air pieces regarding NCAA changes we’re bound to hear out of the media


  9. Mayor

    Pardon me Senator for raising your blood pressure when you are still recovering but you are totally FOS about June Jones. He is one of the greatest innovators in the passing game in CFB history. It isn’t his fault that his Hawaii team got painted into the corner of playing the best team in college football (a team that had been cheated out of playing for the BCSNC and was really motivated) in a bowl following the 2007 season. That Hawaii team could have beaten just about any of the “top teams” that year except for Georgia and LSU. IMHO Hawaii would have dusted Ohio State, one of the teams in the BCSNCG that season. The powers that be put Hawaii in against Georgia because they wanted the upstart Warriors to be embarrassed by the Dawgs and it worked. And the problem June Jones had as coach of the Falcons was the same problem that every other coach had with the Falcons–Rankin Smith. Again, not his fault. Jeff George was a troublemaker wherever he went. June Jones benched him and then cut him. What would you have had Coach Jones do differently? Just because you don’t like this idea that June Jones has (I agree it is a bonehead idea) is no excuse to trash him personally or belittle his career.


    • That Hawaii team could have beaten just about any of the “top teams” that year…

      Don’t worry about raising my blood pressure, Mayor. I haven’t stopped chuckling yet.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Mayor, if you could not tell from looking at the players warming up before then game how the Georgia-Howareye game was going to turn out then I would question your ability to determine how any game would end.

        Georgia, and at that time we were not a particularly impressive SEC team physically, was stronger, bigger, faster and more physically developed than Howareye.

        You did not raise my blood pressure, but my head hurts from shaking it at you.


        • Mayor

          Reread my post. I agree that UGA and LSU were far superior to Hawaii–tOSU, Oklahoma, West Va, Kansas…eh…not so much. They were all ranked above Hawaii and the Warriors would have beaten every one of ’em IMHO. P.S. I recommend aspirin and that you stop shaking your head.