Envy and jealousy walks a crooked path.

I was going to cite this post as another reason Georgia’s secondary may not have to do as much heavy lifting this season as we fear, but then I got to this paragraph…

The Gamecocks have some of the best wide receivers you’ll ever see in practice. Of course that’s mostly because they’re playing against a mixture of inexperience and hot garbage at the cornerback position after hotshot recruits Wesley Green and Chris Lammons forgot that they had to meet some basic standards to enroll at South Carolina. I know! I’m just as shocked as you are! To be perfectly fair, there’s probably a pair of admissions waivers with “Green” and “Lammons” written on them underneath a pile of Coors Light cans on Steve Spurrier’s desk in the football offices, but it’s the summer and it’s five o’clock somewhere so why don’t y’all piss on off until August because the HBC is trying to keep a buzz and play a few holes.

… and promptly forgot what I was gonna write.

Man, I can’t touch that.


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  1. I didn’t know there were admission standards at USCe.

    • Bulldog Joe

      Knowing they are in a position of need, the DBs can negotiate The Garcia Plan for themselves.

      Skip summer workouts and get better “room service” at The Whitney.

    • Bazooka Joe

      You get a coloring book and a box of crayons. If you stay between the lines, you’re in !

  2. Lrgk9

    Most likely tHey are in the Whitney already.

  3. I can’t wait until Spurrier finds out the pointy-headed intellectuals would rather have these guys pumping gas instead of playing for Team Steve

  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    And that’s off Garnet and Black Attack. Bravissimo!

  5. AthensHomerDawg

    I like Buto’ s headliners. So the heading was from Bob Dylan..or Paul and Silas?

  6. Goat Balls


  7. It’s hard for Steve to remain focused on Gamecock football when he’ll be returning to Gainesville in 5 short months.

  8. Mike Cooley

    Nice Senator. Belated welcome back.

  9. Roostersrule

    “Man, I can’t touch that.”

    Another thing you mutt butts can’t touch…the goal line in the Willy B! LMAO

    • Macallanlover

      Seems like your team is the only one that ever posted a goose egg in that sad imitation of a stadium. But then, your delusions are legendary and your desire for respect is pitiful so why deal with reality? 47-17-2 series record so suck on it. There are worse fans in the SEC than your group, but none sadder.

      • Roostersrule

        35 – 7 and the seven was a trash time score.

        • sUGArdaddy

          Do we get to go back in time and pick our favorite games to brag about? This will be fun. We’ve got 47 of them to choose from. As for recent history…wrap your head around how that 4th stop of Mike Davis literally cost your team a shot at the National Championship. Win that game in Athens last year, and you’re 11-1 and #4 playing #3 Auburn for the SEC title. Or, you could have just done the easier thing and beat that sad-sack UT team up in Knoxville. You know, the one we beat playing on crutches.

          Oh, and in the 2006 18-0 shutout in Columbia…how come you guys didn’t get a trash time score?

          Rooster, you’re going to lose this battle. Even your vaunted greatest coach of all-time Spurrier has a losing record vs. UGA while in Columbia (4-5). You can quip about a player getting arrested and it won’t bother us. Our coach will deal with it appropriately instead of cough-Garcia-cough. Kids make mistakes. At UGA they get kicked off, in Columbia they get a free hotel room for a few weeks.

          Kudos to the Cocks for their rise in on-field performance under Spurrier. It’s certainly made the conference a better conference. But, let’s be real, this has been the greatest 3-year run in Gamecock history and it’s gotten you ZERO BCS bowls, ZERO Easter Division titles, ZERO SECCG appearances, and ZERO SEC titles. I mean, even Clemson has been to the Orange Bowl twice and won the Orange Bowl last year. BTW, have y’all gotten those “We beat the SEC Eastern Division Champion 3 straight years!” T-shirts yet?

          Our best 3-year run in history was a long time ago (80-82), but at least we came out of it with 3 SEC titles, 3 Sugar Bowls, 2 National Title game appearances, and 1 National Championship. Surely you can remember that far back. I think you had a good running back around then. I know that’s a long time ago, but I thought we were going down memory lane.

          2013 was not a banner year for the Dawgs. We lost to Vandy for goodness sakes. Lost a few heartbreakers, too. Too many injuries and stupid plays. But, what we did not do is lose to South Carolina. We played one of our finest games of the season and our QB torched you. Your All-American was nearly silent, and we we punished your defense like no team did all year. We scored at will, and we could of have scored again to close out the game but went with the mercy rule. You wanna talk about 2 years ago, make yourself feel better and go for it. How about you talk about 5 years ago when you lost to Joe Cox.

          Alabama fans can come on here and puff out their chest. They’ve been the lion in the jungle. LSU fans have earned a spot among the elite, but the respect others too much and know we out-manned them last year, too. Auburn cheats. UT…are they still playing? Florida is now a colony of Georgia. And Tech is figuring out how to beat Georgia Southern this year in what will be the quickest football game in modern history. But after getting handled by us by 11 points, never winning an SEC title, and being 30 wins behind in the series, don’t come in here and bow your neck. Go troll the Vandy boards where you have something to brag about. Oh wait…they beat us last year and you didn’t, so, you might not want to do that.

          Gosh, don’t you love late July. I’m starting to get warmed up.

          • AlphaDawg

            Damn…did Sugar switch to mainlining Red Bull?

          • Bazooka Joe

            What he said ! …. and don’t forget, south cackalacky has an overall winning record against only 3 programs…. in the words of the great Jed Clampett, pitiful, just pitiful

        • DWH

          Gotta love how he pulls out one game. That’s akin to a Tech fan saying 45-42.

          • Roostersrule

            OK how about the last two times you played in the Willy B. 2010 17 – 6.

            • sUGArdaddy

              Um…who gets to pick the time frames? You’re like a Florida fan. Do we get to pick the last 4 years or just last year? Do we have to just count the last 2 at WB? We’re 0-2. Or, can we count the last 6? We’re 4-2. Richt started off 4-0 in Columbia. He’s 5-4 vs. Spurrier and 2-2 vs. Spurrier in WB.

              I’m going to give you a secret (and I know this is tough because you guys are relatively new to college football). There are some easy explanations for what has happened the last 4-5 years:

              1. Connor Shaw – the best QB in school history.
              2. Marcus Lattimore – the 2nd best RB in school history (and I believe the best in the nation at the time in his pre-injury prime)
              3. Jadaveon Clowney – the best defensive player in school history and most dominant defensive player in the nation in the last decade of college football.

              When you had all 3 of those guys, we went 0-2. When you had just 1 or 2, we went 1-1. Spurrier is a top 2-3 coach in SEC history, but he ain’t gonna play a down in September. We beat you last year because we had better players that just played better that day, and we neutralized that monster at DE somehow.

              Spurrier has recruited well, but everyone in the SEC does. Lattimore won several games single-handedly. Clowney did the same thing. And Shaw was a complete gamer. Don’t tell me about the Willy B or Spurrier. Tell me what player is going to win the game for you in Columbia. I’ve got a lot: Gurley, Marshall, maybe even Chubb or Michel, Mitchell, Mason, Scott-Wesley, Wilson, Floyd (you’ll like him — he’ll remind you of ol’ #7).

              I’m not sold on your QB. Shaw had to bail him out in the other Columbia and he could muster nothing in relief of Shaw in Knoxville. I like Davis a lot, but people are going to sell-out to stop him and who’s behind him? The DL lost everyone and you have no DBs.

              You might well smoke us again in Williams-Brice, but I’m delighted to play against you without Shaw, Lattimore, and/or Clowney. You beat us a few times recently because great players played great. I’m not sure there’s enough great players to bring back the Black Magic this time in Columbia.

          • Macallanlover

            When it is all you got DWH, you have to act pretty dumb if are low rent enough to trash talk on another team’s blog. As I said, a sad little cock. They are kin to the Florida fans, just started their program a decade later.

    • sUGArdaddy

      If the conversation’s too difficult for you surrounding your eight players that won’t qualify, perhaps you should take a timeout to get a breather. Coach Spurrier’s still got two in his pocket from that soul-sucking eight minute drive.

      Wait a minute…Brendan Douglas just ran over another Gamecock for a first down.

    • Bazooka Joe

      Call us when you actually do something rooster…. last time I checked your trophy case was full of spider webs.

      • Let’s remind this member of the Poultry Nation that they had the best player in college football the last 2 years, didn’t lose a game at home, and still didn’t do anything. This Is Carolina Football!