Type “Mark Richt lost control” into Google and you will get roughly 29,000 results.

Here’s something I never thought I’d see appear in print:

Saban and Richt want the same thing when it comes to keeping players on the right track and on the right side of the law. But for at least one day and one offseason, the coach we expected to play the role of disciplinarian was not the one who showed up to take the stage.



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15 responses to “Type “Mark Richt lost control” into Google and you will get roughly 29,000 results.

  1. Gravidy

    Saban spoke about a “disparity in the behavioral culture of our young people” and how they must “control their impulsive behaviors.”

    What other person in this country could say that without suffering the full wrath of the Professional Grievance Industry?


  2. gastr1

    It’s past time for the meme to change.


  3. But this offseason Richt developed an image of being tough on crime.

    I LOL’d at the use of “developed” in that line. In this case, I suppose perception of tough depends on who’s asking the question. I think most of us have known his reputation for awhile, but others chose to ignore it and sent a few cheap shots coughOle’ Ball Coachcough Richt’s and Georgia’s way.


  4. Ben

    So are we to assume that Alvin Kamara just decided to leave Alabama? I mean, come on. He was suspended for disciplinary issues, and now he’s gone? Maybe “the process” calls for the usage of a different verbiage, but the results are the same, right? Maybe, though, Saban is right and Kamara won’t go on to do anything, but time will have to tell on that one.


    • Dog in Fla

      What Nick did not say:

      “I’ll think of it Kamara. I can stand it then. Kamara, I’ll think of some way to get him back. After all, Kamara is another day aight.”


    • IDK. But I was hoping we wouldn’t be interested in Kamara. And I’m not sure we were. Regardless, I’m glad he’s not in Athens.


  5. Aight.

    LOL. Aight, indeed.