Who’s running this place, anyway?

Another Media Days, another conference commissioner proclaiming his powerlessness to deal with a problem.

And whose fault is that, dude?


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5 responses to “Who’s running this place, anyway?

  1. But he also said cheating isn’t rampant, so there’s nothing to see here, right?

    I’m also recouperating at home.


  2. Dog in Fla

    “No infractions comm meeting in over a year.”

    Stacey Osborn commented that’s a feature, not a bug


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Must be nice to have a job where all you have to do is cash your checks.


  4. 69Dawg

    Hey maybe Auburn has started to sell a manual on how to cheat and not get caught. Looks like it’s a best seller.


    • Mayor

      The whole world saw the Aubies buy Cam Newton, a Heisman and the BCSNC–and get away with it!! You long-timers on this blog will remember that when everyone else was saying the WarTigersPlainsmen were in deep sh!t I predicted they would just stonewall it and come out smelling like a rose. Is there any wonder that Ole Piss has now started buying players? I think South Carolina, UT and Missy State couldn’t stand a serious investigation, either. The problem is uneven enforcement by the NCAA and that will be the NCAA’s undoing–rightly so IMHO. But I say to Bowlsby, “a pox on your house, too.” If Bowlsby wants better enforcement, he and the Big 12 have the power to do it in their own conference at least.