If Dabo didn’t exist, the OBC would have to invent him.

Jesus, Dabo, talk about throwing a hanging curve…

Spurrier doesn’t miss too many of those.


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23 responses to “If Dabo didn’t exist, the OBC would have to invent him.

  1. Ausdawg85

    Dabo swears he saw that Pluto was a planet on the Clempsun entrance exam he gave to his recruits.

    CU motto: We’re here to make USC look smart.

    CU & USC…the Dumb and Dumber of higher education.


  2. What can I say? I’m old school. I still think Pluto’s a planet, too. Roll Dabo.


  3. Tronan

    This is why I don’t hate Spurrier. Sure, he’s a dick, but he’s a quick-witted one. As long as you’re not his target, he’s fun to listen to.


    • RC

      Absolutely. Spurrier will be gone one day, and college football will be a less entertaining place in his absence. I really wish I could hate the guy, but he just cracks me up.


  4. Dog in Fla

    That one belongs in the Spurrier Hall of Fame. Will Dabo ever learn not to get involved in a quip war with Steve?


  5. Dawgfan Will

    If Dabo didn’t exist, Ray Goff would have to invent him.


  6. uglydawg

    I’m just happy neither one of them went with a Uranius quip.
    So Pluto has ceased to exist because it’s no longer designated a planet?
    Dabo is clearly a “Spurrier Birther” and Spurrier is clearly dodging the issue by changing the argument. I demand to see Spurrier’s birth certificate…why doesn’t he just produce it and end the speculation? I’m betting he’s from Pluto.


  7. Like him or hate him, the OBC’s wit is as quick as ever. You’re right Senator, he’ll always be on top of a hanger!


    • Dog in Fla

      Wonder if that’s really him or if he just has good writers? I say Macallenlover and IveyLeaguer, both of whom have staked some kind of claim that they – separate and apart from each other – have allegedly golfed with him, should have some inside info on that, to-wit: Is he witty or does somebody like a Ron Morris or a G.A. Mangus write this stuff for him?


  8. Charles

    But Dabo didn’t say Pluto is a planet.


  9. Skeeter

    No Dabo, you are from Venus.