Name that caption, the dawn of a new era edition

How could I resist this?

The look on Boom’s face…
Anyway, share your thoughts in the comments.


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23 responses to “Name that caption, the dawn of a new era edition


    “Why do I have to talk to this bald arsehat?”

  2. baitstand

    Oh, Jesus. I could be coaching the Longhorns now.

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Off topic, but Finebaum’s got a face made for radio.

  4. Dog in Fla

    Boom thought he was looking at the dwarf planet Pluto

  5. AusDawg85

    Elliot and E.T. reunite.

  6. Russ

    So, did I get the job?

  7. Mayor

    Boom (to himself): “This guy looks like a penis with ears wearing glasses.”

  8. I Wanna Red Cup

    Damn hot seat…….

  9. Close your eyes, ‘Champ! Paul is praying to Saban, so show some respeck.”

  10. Bulldog Joe

    “Uh Paul, this isn’t radio. You can’t be doing that on TV! Not even on cable!”

  11. sectionzalum

    “Would you be willing to coach linebackers for Kirby Smart?”

  12. ChilliDawg

    Wins this season? D*mn Paul, that’s the type of question that will have me coaching with the Laner next season. Could we get back to focusing on how good Idaho’s offense is?

  13. Dawg19

    “Coach, I’m thinking of a number between 3 and 5…”

  14. Jack Klompus

    “how have you been?”
    “You look great”
    “I miss the great times we had together”

  15. Shawn

    “Let’s have a moment of silence for the future of Florida Football…”

  16. Spike

    How ’bout those Georgia Southern Eagles!!

  17. Rp

    “Coach, if things don’t turn around in Gainesville this year I would love to have you as a co-host…”

  18. “Yes we have a quarterback on the roster. Real funny joke Paul–so funny I forgot to laugh.”