Tuesday lunch buffet

A little later in the day, but just as tasty.

  • John Pennington argues that the SEC Network may actually work against national exposure for the conference’s schools at first.  I understand the point he’s trying to make, but I think he forgets that SEC schools have benefited from national exposure on CBS for many years now.
  • Here’s a nice Xs-and-Os preview of the Clemson-Georgia game.  The author thinks it’ll be “all about Clemson’s ferocious defensive line vs. Georgia’s all-world backfield.”  Agree or disagree?
  • Phil Steele has nine sets of power ratings he uses to evaluate teams.  One of those sets has Georgia going undefeated; another four call for an 11-1 season.
  • College football players want NCAA Football 15 back.
  • Bobby Petrino compares the ACC Atlantic to the SEC West.  I guess that’s his way of telling Louisville fans not to expect any division titles.
  • Jimbo Fisher said Jameis Winston was not subject to more discipline for shoplifting seafood at a supermarket in April, because, as he was punished by the baseball coach, double jeopardy attached (“… you don’t punish a guy twice for the same crime.”).  Kinda like a Law and Order episode minus the Lennie Briscoe quip.
  • Be still, mine heart.


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29 responses to “Tuesday lunch buffet

  1. Bulldog Joe

    If if comes down to ““Clemson’s ferocious defensive line vs. Georgia’s all-world backfield”, we are are in deep trouble.

  2. Dog in Fla

    Jimbo transplants himself to be a board-certified cardiovascular surgeon of understatement:

    “People need to realize, when you suspend him in baseball, you understand how important baseball is to him? That cut his heart out,” Fisher said Monday.

    Here’s film of the pre-op procedure (which some say is similar to how Randy Edsall talks to Mike Locksley)

  3. Cojones

    With our practices aimed at Clemson this Fall, the game at night and home, we should persevere. Next comes the week break before SC. Win those two and it’s a good bet to go undefeated.

    With Steele’s 11-1 model loosing only to SC, the cry from Spurrier concerning divisional records determining who goes to the SECCG will go up a notch or two. SC can’t exceed a 10-2 record in my book. FU is going to put some stink on some East squads and it certainly will include SC (and maybe us) so the Power prognostication flaws will show up there.

    It’s gonna be one helluva year in the SEC and in CFB.

    • Well, it appears his models sorta predict that UGA could lose to USC, but USC would lose to Auburn. In this scenario, UGA could end up being the team that “didn’t even win it’s division” (TM) but still sneak into the playoff.


    • Lrgk9

      Smoke ’em if ya got ’em boys

      • Cojones

        Looks like Dabo isn’t the only one who can throw a high hangin’ curve. Move over Dabo. This oldster needs the assroom more than thee.

        Nice one, Large.

  4. Dog in Fla

    “Be still, mine heart.”

    On being on television, Finebaum said, “I remember something the late Steve Jobs said: `Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.’

    Somewhere an angel lost its wings and Nick Saban lost a wingman


    Apparently Pennington doesn’t understand the the SEC Network doesn’t get first choice, they don’t get 2nd choice…might not even get 3rd choice…the SEC will still have games on CBS and Espn/Espn2 regularly. See UGA/Clempson….

    • Cojones

      Saw advertisements on ESPNU at my local bar and grill this afternoon and they don’t show any of the good games played beginning in the 2nd week. “Cupcakes with an SEC team” would have been an honest advertisement for their schedule. Mentally took a note: Don’t subscribe. It was nice of them to run the internet streaming address, but I think I’ll watch all the good games that are going to be on CBS. That way, I don’t have to change my habits on the weekends when the Dawgs aren’t on TV.

  6. DawgFaithful

    Steve Jobs he says… This guy is unbelievable.

  7. Jimbo Fisher’s a regular Jack McCoy.

  8. Jack Klompus

    “If it was done maliciously…” I wonder what maliciously stealing crab legs looks like on video.

    • Cojones

      Glad he didn’t say “surreptitiously” because the film would have made him out to be a liar. It’s still played on the news in So.Ga./No. Fl. whenever Winston’s name hits the computer, especially from Tallahassee stations.
      In Bainbridge there’s talk of a “Winston Fish Sale” at the local distributor’s place – the low prices make the fish a “steal”.

  9. AusDawg85

    (Takes big gulp of Kool-Aid…) Going to be a repeat of USCe game last year. Fairly tight until our D finds their legs in the 2nd half, then Bobo will unleash our stable of running backs with a key play or two by Mason to save the drive, eat clock and close-out the score in the 4th Q.

  10. Gravidy

    Using Jimbo’s “double jeopardy” logic…

    Allow me to suggest that Richt have every single one of his players work in the library for one hour per semester. Any time one of them gets caught emerging from an alley, he could be punished by the librarian.

    • Gravidy

      Hell, for that matter, they spend enough time in the pool that they should be able to be suspended from the swimming team.

  11. Gravidy

    While the main thrust of that SB Nation piece may be correct, it is hard to take it seriously when one of its main keys to the offense is the emergence of Merritt Hall allowing Quayvon Hicks to use his “fluidity” at tight end.

    • Cojones

      It means that he can pee w/o leaving the field. It keeps opposing players’s heads upright and out of his crotch when attempting to shake a block.

  12. Scorpio Jones, III

    Apparently Petrino suffered a significant head injury when he fell off his scooter.