You know what they say…

When one door closes at Georgia, thirteen other doors open across the SEC.

A man putting his hands on a woman like that is inexcusable.  A football player doing that is scary.  And a football player on his second chance after an embarrassing arrest just a few months ago doing that is effing clueless.


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  1. Just plain DUMB…of course it’s CMR’s fault..He lacks discipline and focus!

  2. AusDawg85

    Gus must be getting worried about his roster management #’s to make room for Taylor.

  3. Bulldog Joe

    I hope Jonathan gets some help while serving his time.

    It would be a good time for Coach Richt to call Verron Haynes, who was able to turn his life in a positive direction.

  4. Tronan

    It’s an overused acronym, but it’s appropriate here: SMH.

  5. Cojones

    Since Aug is so close, we all thought we only had to hold our breath for practice injuries. The IDEs (Individual Domestic Erethisms) of July and all other months remain cloaked in the shadows to test our mental moral moments. This too will NOT pass.

  6. DawgPhan

    safe to say he is dunzo for the bulldogs. I believe that puts UGA at 80 or 79 scholarships.

    Good thing we only signed 21 players in this last class and not 24 or 25 as the rules allow.

    • Athens Townie

      The SEC is too easy with full scholarship numbers. We can’t back down from a good challenge. Playing with a full roster is like cheating!

    • merk

      If I recall, those 21 players were going to put us at 89 players on scholly. Just happens that over the last few months several players made some bad choices.

  7. Ben

    We know that Rocker likes his lineman to be mean and nasty, but this is too much.

  8. Cojones

    Think I’ll send him one of the Amnesian’s chickens. Whenever he has girlfriend problems he can go home and choke his chicken.

    Better yet, if she doesn’t press charges and he is suspended for one game, he can choke all the SC chickens he desires.

    • Macallanlover

      I hope he is gone. Violence against a woman while on probation for stealing from your benefactor is too much to allow. Even FU and SC would handle this with a game or two suspension (selectively chosen of course). Taylor is selfish and seems to lack a moral compass. He is headed for worse, no place for that on campus, cut him loose. Some second chances are good ideas but violent behavior while on your second chance is too much. We can play the cocks without him.

      • Cojones

        Although he stole the equivalent of 10 loaves of French bread, his punishment speaks to the egalitarianism in us all and shouldn’t extend this far. A history of domestic violence is quite different from one incident unless that incident is so heinous as to warrant separation from society. The incident details will determine his intent and prosecution no matter to what extent our individual perceptions jolt our moral sensitivities.

    • I Wanna Red Cup

      Charges were brought by the cops and not the victim. He is done here, and rightfully so.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I believe Oklahoma has a special counseling program for that type of behavior. Comes with a scholarship too.

    • WF Dawg

      I’m thinking that whether or not she presses charges will be irrelevant to Richt’s decision. If Matthews was gone for verbally disrespecting a professor, Taylor will be gone for assaulting a female.

      • Cojones

        Does anyone remember the “assault” by Sanders? A dispute on the street and he grabbed her arm and let go (according to his witnesses)? It’s all domestic battery. The extent of assault has everything to do with punishment and our perception of the crime.

        Does anyone have access to the booking sheet for us to read details? Obviously the police thought it was sufficient to warrant arrest .

        • Debby Balcer

          He strangled her. Visible Mark’s still there when the police got there.

          • Cojones

            I thought it said that marks were on her neck and I didn’t infer choking if he grabbed her from the back of the neck. Of course, if his thumbprints are on her esophagus, kick the attempted-murderer out.

            • Cojones

              If those marks were from attempted strangling, I would think that, given Taylor’s size and strength, at the least she would have a damaged esophagus and require medical attention; otherwise, at the worst she would be d-e-d. She ended up neither.

  9. georgiajeepn

    This is exactly why I have learned to temper my excitement when it comes to good news about Georgia knowing bad news is always just around the corner. Any fan of an SEC team should never cheer another teams troubles cause karma is waiting just around the corner to slap you in the face!

    • Bulldog Joe

      Any fan of a UGA team should never cheer another team’s troubles cause karma is waiting just around the corner to slap you in the face!


      • georgiajeepn

        Thanks but I actually meant to say any SEC team which includes Georgia. I should have typed a instead of an before SEC and team’s instead of teams. Georgia fans are certainly not the only ones who cheer after another SEC team has an arrest even though they know one is probably coming soon for their team.
        Wait did I just get pulled over by the grammar police? lol.

        • Bulldog Joe

          Oh gosh, no. My grammar house is made of glass.

          My point is with other SEC teams’ arrests, karma gives them a pat on the back. The player still plays.

          • georgiajeepn

            Oh I see what you mean now. I am as big a Georgia homer as anyone but I am glad Georgia takes care of their problems by letting the criminal go. This one just happened to get a second chance. If this happened at Auburn ole Gus would handle it sternly internally. And he will probably get a chance with this guy now!

  10. David K

    The Bama way: Plea the charges down to a misdemeanor, have him attend some anger management classes, internal calisthenics/discipline. No game-time missed. Move along, nothing to see here.

  11. Athens Dog

    Mark Richt just lost control of Mark Bradley again. Jeez what a tool

  12. It is now complete. The entire crew of Checkgate have been dismissed. Shocking. Theft is no joking matter. These kids were offered a second chance by the university and Richt, yet not one kid seized this awesome opportunity. Now the team is short on numbers yet again. I fail to understand why Richt annually puts his squad in a position to be shorthanded and undermanned by signing less than the total # of players allowed. We all know that this season is going to rough to begin with due to the lack of talent and #’s (o-line, secondary), now the coaches and players find themselves in an even deeper hole.

    • These kids were offered a second chance by the university and Richt, yet not one kid seized this awesome opportunity.

      For me, this is the real story here. And to make it even worse in Taylor’s case, he’d already seen others who’d gotten the same second chance dismissed.

      I can’t begin to imagine how frustrated Mark Richt feels today.

    • sUGArdaddy

      I don’t understand this mindset about not signing. What are we supposed to do…over-sign and hope someone fails or gets kicked off? Or should we sign a kid that only had offers from Georgia State and Furman just to get more numbers at the last minute, when we might need those schollies next year?

      If not for the bone-heads, we’d be right at 85. We’ve had plenty of years under Richt when 4-5 didn’t transfer/get dismissed, so to assume that will happen is incredibly pessimistic and goes against everything Mark Richt stands for.

      Put Wiggins, Taylor, JHC, Matthews, Atkinson back on the team and we’re at like, 84-85. Was Richt supposed to plan for that?

      • merk

        Yes. He gets paid enough to be able to see the future.

        • sUGArdaddy

          Ha! I forget the more you get paid you get cosmic powers. You know, I really hate it for the kid (because he’s screwing up his own life), I hate the bad publicity, and I hate it for Mark Richt. But I like knowing that this stuff will be handled right.

          • I hate the bad publicity, and I hate it for Mark Richt. But I like knowing that this stuff will be handled right.

            Exactly the way I feel. Well said.

          • Cosmic Dawg

            I can promise you that cosmic predictive powers and pay are not correlated, as the spirits do not approve of one using his mentallignostics at, say, the track or on the clock. It’s STRICTLY for amusement, not for profit – and in any event a nebulous, unreliable skill set.

      • Cojones

        “Or should we sign a kid that only had offers from Georgia State and Furman just to get more numbers at the last minute, when we might need those schollies next year?”

        sUGAdaddy, didn’t our present starting QB arrive in that manner?

        • sUGArdaddy

          “Received offers from Virginia, Kentucky, Florida State, Clemson, Mississippi State and Georgia two weeks before Christmas. Committed to the Bulldogs on Dec. 22 and has not looked back”

          He was a late recruiting bloomer, but that’s still a month and a half before signing day and he had big-time offers. Now, sometimes those kids pan out (see: Tim Jennings). But those guys aren’t always out there and available. I just think it’s ridiculous for people to believe that CMR should have foreseen the Wiggins, JHC and Matthews situations. Atkinson, too.

          • Cojones

            Thanks, and I agree with your statements. My impression was that he was a last minute take and was to fill a remaining space. Hutson’s credentials from HS were all good and my impression came since he was an extra QB behind two others already on the roster plus Zack and Aaron. Thanks for clearing my false analogy up.

      • charlottedawg

        It doesn’t take a psychic to know that attrition claims a few kids for whatever reason, since it happens, oh, every year. It’s not unethical to 2-3 more than the roster limit of 85 since we always lose at least that many to transfers, injuries, and oh kids being stupid.

        We’ve undersigned for years on end now and it’s a huge reason we cannot compete with the top of the league. As far as where to fill out our roster, how about signing more of the top kids from Georgia? Of the AJC super 11 for this year I believe we got 3(Carter, Chubb, and Parrish), to put that in perspective Clemson signed four(Rogers, Wynn, Choice, and Kitt). I get we can’t sign every kid in Georgia but we need to be a LOT more competitive for the blue chips in state than we currently are.

        • Cojones

          For sure, as soon as we oversign, everyone will qualify and we have to take a few off scholarship. Wouldn’t that embarrass us?

          • DawgPhan

            You can shit in one hand and stack UGA grayshirts in the other. Guess which will fill up first.

          • sUGArdaddy

            Right. We are already oversigned, actually, and it’s obvious Richt knew some things we didn’t. He didn’t see the defections of so many kids. He didn’t see the Atkinson thing coming or we wouldn’t have signed him.

            I think we’ll recruit better w/ Pruitt and company. And it’s a weird game. Look, Georgia as a state is loaded, and the percentage of kids that grow up UGA fans as lifelong Georgians is much smaller than those that grow up lifelong fans in other states. Atlanta is huge and, simply, more transient. I’d like to clean-up in state, but I also like that we go get kids like Stafford, AJ, Murray, Gurley, Marshall and Eason. However, getting the Cleveland kid for 2016 is a good start.

            • georgiajeepn

              When something like these events happen then a few very deserving walk ons who really add to our program might get a years worth of help with tuition. No big deal. Better off with them gone.

  13. This one hurts a little more than the others. Taylor was our strongest DL, and if he was really in shape, was going to really help us. He will be missed.

    IDK if he is a bonehead like JHC, Shaw, & Trigga, but maybe he is. Kinda looks that way. If that is the case, even though he’ll be missed more than the others, we are better off without him.

    • Athens Townie

      Agree that this one hurts pretty bad on multiple levels.

      Reports on JT’s offseason were quite positive.

      Alas… It’s late summer and we are Georgia fans.

    • stuckinred

      Would you be convinced if she had died?

    • Dog in Fla

      “IDK if he is a bonehead”

      When a man batters a woman,
      Can’t keep his mind on nothing else,
      He’s well beyond being a bonehead,
      He’s a bully, there’s no excuse,
      He’ll be looking for someplace else
      To take his talents

    • RobG

      “IDK if he is a bonehead like JHC, Shaw, & Trigga, but maybe he is.”

      He definitely is, he managed to get locked up on felony assault charges!

  14. Gravidy

    Richt kicks a player off the team for roughing up his girlfriend = “Richt is has a discipline problem.”

    Same player goes to Auburn for a “second” (third or fourth) chance = “Malzahn is a mighty fine fellow”.

    • Dog in Fla

      This reminds me of a song and quotes from a long time ago

      July 21, 2014 at 2:06 PM
      Saban spoke about a “disparity in the behavioral culture of our young people” and how they must “control their impulsive behaviors.”

      What other person in this country could say that without suffering the full wrath of the Professional Grievance Industry?

      July 21, 2014 at 2:42 PM
      20-year-old football players on scholarship for their ability to hit people have an impulse control gene? Who knew?”

      • Gravidy

        Like is sometimes the case with your comments, I literally have no idea what your point is here. But I do love that song. Thanks for the link.

        • Dog in Fla

          I think it had something to do with impulsive behaviors and mutations of the impulse control gene and how they manifest themselves in borderline personality disorder cases. Or maybe alcohol was involved.

  15. My money is on Garner posting bail and getting this plead down just in time for camp to start on the plains.

  16. James DeLoach is still on the team. Let’s hope it stays that way. Been enough drama for several seasons…as per usual.

    On another note, a huge aggressive DL in a small dorm room w/a live in girlfriend shows some lack of knowledge about how annoying partners get to each other. Strangling though?

    Speaking from experience, that near death experience is horrifying.

  17. Spike

    Thug life. Thanks for stopping by the booth. Give a walk on the scholly.

  18. Will Trane

    Same situation every damn year in Athens with this program. Some things never change. So much for the roster. And CMR wil say we will play with what we got. No damn kidding. Second chance. Lack of focus, Not a student on campus. 3am in Athens.
    What in the hell is going on in Athens anymore. Do feel for the victim and player. Hell no. What are you people doing. Some people are what they are. 3rd on the depth chart. 9 tackles. 2 felony arrests. Strangles some little female.
    If possible do not let him transfer and be cut from scholarship. Hold it. But not on team. CMR has to learn not to release these kind of guys. No one needs a second chance when you had the first one. Just how many chances do these guys need? Just one. The chance to have a paid opportunity for some education and to play ball. Not enough for them. They are not mature and educated enough to understand where they are at in their life.
    No doubt there is a culture of this in Athens re the men’s football and basket ball program. What a damn embarrassment to the other players who do what it takes and more.
    Like many lately. Totally disgusted with this.

  19. Roostersrule

    “When one door closes at Georgia, thirteen other doors open across the SEC.”

    SMDH you know there is only one other door and that is Auburn. Looks like Georgia is not going to let new comer A&M win the Fulmer Cup.

    • Gravidy

      I agree with you that there aren’t 13, but I’ll excuse that as Bluto’s license for hyperbole. However, there are a lot more “doors” than just Auburn. In recent years, Bama and LSU have both taken UGA castoffs. Many of the SEC West teams have no compunctions about taking in strays.

  20. 69Dawg

    To quote that great stand up philosopher Ron White, “There is no fixing stupid.”