Conflict of interests

Weiszer is reporting that the 2015 G-Day game is once again scheduled for Masters Saturday.

It didn’t seem to hurt attendance last year, as Georgia set a record with this year’s attendance mark.


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14 responses to “Conflict of interests

  1. Russ

    Just how tonedef can they be? What possible reason is there for scheduling on Masters weekend?


  2. KornDawg

    I might as well go, I missed out on the ticket lottery again. I swear it would be easier to qualify as a player than to win the Masters ticket lottery.


  3. If I remember correctly,the G-Day game had around 46k in attendance…more than last year’s 45 K the year before from what I read on SDS. Masters weekend didn’t damper all spirits that day…and I just saw video of the scoreboard streaming the Masters during brakes in play on YouTube. So who knows…we could have 50K next year, especially if this is a successful season.

    Never underestimate a Dawg Fan’s starvation for football in the spring.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Masters….is that one a them Dungeons and Dragons things?

    Surely you don’t mean the golf thing….


  5. S

    There are plenty of Dawg fans who couldn’t give less of a damn about golf in general, or the Master’s specifically. If it doesn’t involve a UGA team or college football, then I really don’t care. Thank Dawg G-Day conflicts with the Master’s. That way, I don’t have to watch paint dry for entertainment.



    Sunday at the Masters is the money day…..


  7. pantslesspatdye

    Doesn’t matter to me. Anything before the 15th is off my radar. I have not been to a G Day game in a long time. Same for snow skiing.


  8. Faulkner

    All that being said, Georgia golfers are killing it on the PGA tour right now. 6-7 have won this year alone.


    • Goat Balls

      That’s a fact man. I’ve been pulling for them every Sunday. The Dawgs have won almost one fourth of this years tournaments. I doubt that any other school can make that claim. Not many people have noticed this. It took the network broadcasters a long while to notice it as well.


  9. dude river

    Scheduling the G-Day game during the Masters pretty much kills the chance for many Augusta Bulldog fans to go see Georgia play. During that week people here are either working extra hours locally (due to the influx of visitors and the unique opportunity that brings) or are out of town on vacation with the family during the spring break. A LOT of folks rent out their house to golf fans and are off god knows where instead of being around where they can make a short drive up to Athens that morning.