Gone, gone, gone.

In case you were wondering…

And just so we’re clear, a dismissal means Taylor is free to go anywhere his heart desires.


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  1. Cousin Eddie

    We will see how much mutual interest there is between Taylor and Garner. They both know each other rather well.
    Or does Taylor like Grantham better?
    Assuming the both have scholarship room for another player.

    • As Malzahn or someone else welcomes him, he’ll make a pious statement about letting the player know there will be no nonsense this time, etc. etc. “we believe in second chances” etc. etc. Then, when the player fails a drug test or has some other scrape with authority, there won’t be any mention of that “no nonsense” thing. Everyone will act as if it were a completely clean slate at the new school–just like they did with Nick Marshall recently, when Marshall’s Georgia previous escapades at UGA didn’t seem to count at all. It was just, “Marshall has been a perfect citizen and representative of our university until now.” To me, this is the biggest hypocrisy. They might as well be honest and say, “We believe in fourth chances.” Call it Garcia-ism.

  2. Dog in Fla

    The Plains are alive with sound of music

  3. 1979Dawg

    At what point do you become the laughing-stock of college football if you (Auburn or Louisville) continue to take dismissed players? I ask that rhetorically of course. I feel down right embarrassed for them…

  4. Gravidy

    Yes, fellow commenters, please don’t type a long rant about how insane Richt is for failing to somehow control where this latest dismissed player enrolls next.

    • Dog in Fla

      Because it’s the Georgia Way, we always like to do as much as we can (such as providing a Scientific American article excerpt as a lovely parting gift) to help student-athletes with their upcoming placement interviews with other NFL Feeder Schools


    • Mayor

      Our school/team policy is insane. Cut the guy loose? With no punishment ever having been imposed? He now can go anywhere he wants without limitation and, depending on how the NCAA rules in the Matthews matter, might play this coming season. How is that punishment? He knows our plays. He knows our tendencies. He knows our offensive line and their strengths/weaknesses. Auburn will sign him in a New York minute and we will be seeing him on the other side of the line possibly as early as November, next November at the latest. CMR should have kept him on the team and run him until he couldn’t stand it any more. He would have quit on his own and at least B-M would have had some control about where he lands. But no. This way Taylor gets NO punishment and gets to transfer wherever he wants, to UGA’s disadvantage. Screw this “saving souls” crap. I want a football coach–when I want a preacher I’ll go to church.

      • I Wanna Red Cup

        Do you have a daughter? How can you keep a guy with a prior theft who has a felony arrest choking a girl? Really? There is no way you can keep a guy like this. I am sure he was talked to after the checkgate and this happens? Get a grip Mayor- of what are the mayor of, Hammas?

        • Mayor

          So you are in favor of no punishment at all for Taylor ’cause that is exactly what just happened. Reread my post–dumbass.

          • 79dawg

            No punishment? He was kicked off the team and is facing a potential felony prosecution – how many pounds of flesh do you want? Get some perspective – there are a lot of things more important than college football, and unfortunately for Taylor, he is finding it out the hard way…

            • I Wanna Red Cup

              Mayor you are the dumb ass , Even if he pleas to a letter offense, how could we keep him. We cannot. He first got first offender treatment for double dipping on his checks. Now he violates his first offender treatment by choking a girl. Get your head out of your mf ass.

              • Mayor

                I don’t want to keep him. I just think this could have been handled better. The way this has worked out he will transfer to Auburn most likely and we will see him in games knowing all our defenses and the strengths/weaknesses of our O-linemen possibly as soon as this fall. You do understand, don’t you, that Oklahoma and Dorial Green-Beckham have petitioned the NCAA to allow DG-B to play immediately because getting kicked off the team at Missouri is not a “voluntary transfer” under NCAA rules which requires sitting out a year. If the NCAA agrees the same ruling could apply to Taylor in the situation. The first thing that should have been done by CMR was to discipline the guy using running the stadium type drills until he can’t stand it. He’ll then quit on his own and B-M at least can control where he cannot transfer (i.e. Auburn). A player who is kicked off can transfer anywhere he wants. What will happen now is the girl won’t press charges and the whole thing will disappear. Taylor will transfer and no punishment will be administered at all. My understanding is that Taylor did not get “first-offender” treatment for the check business, he got pretrial diversion and if he completed his community service (which he probably has by now) that is all over. Again, by doing what CMR did, Taylor will get no punishment for the chocking episode–none. If you don’t understand this stuff you really need to STFU and quit displaying your ignorance. You sound stupider with each post. Also, what exactly is a “letter offense?”

                • As I understand it, Taylor’s legal situation isn’t dependent upon the victim pressing charges.

                  • Mayor

                    If she doesn’t testify there is no case, even if they try to make one. All the cops know is heresay and inadmissible.

                    • There were witnesses to the assault and evidence of his putting his hands on her. That’s enough to make a case, I would think.

                      You realize she didn’t file a complaint, right?

                    • Mayor

                      Let’s revisit this in about a year and we’ll see who’s right. I’m saying no prosecution. You’re saying–what exactly? Conviction? Guilty plea? Jail time. For once try to be precise instead of leaving yourself wiggle room a mile wide.

                    • I’m saying that your description of the victim’s role in the prosecution is inaccurate.

                    • Mayor

                      Evasion is you middle name, Senator. Never a straight answer.

                    • Mayor, you want to show your ass, be my guest. You don’t need any help from me on the subject.

                      You think people are gonna care if you’re right about this in a year? They don’t care if you’re right now.

                    • Mayor

                      Then why are YOU making such a big deal about it? Do you think they care if YOU are right about it either? All I’m doing is correcting your misstatements. Have you ever seen a domestic violence prosecution proceed without the cooperation of the alleged victim? Usually it is just a he said-she-said thing anyway. So if she ain’t talking…there’s always another case for the prosecutor, so move on to the next one. Charges will be dropped and (the real point) Taylor will get off with a new scholly at a new school and no punishment. That’s all I’m saying. You? What exactly are you saying, other than just being cranky?

        • Yeah, what has Hamas done for us lately?

      • ATL Law Dawg

        No punishment? Kicked off a football team and having to sit out a year… with legal issues to boot? Richt should have (appallingly) kept him on the team after a case of domestic violence just to control where he would end up playing to appease a few fans that care about football more than life. Talk about a real punishment. You’re a lowlife. “Possibly this November” – there’s 0% chance a player is granted immediate eligibility after being dismissed from a team for domestic violence. Expecting this sort of common sense from someone who just posted what you did would be a major leap, though.

        • Mayor

          So you are in favor of cutting the guy some slack. I guess to you he’s been punished enough already by being removed from the team and getting a new scholly at a school like Auburn. I can see by your handle that you are a lawyer. I’ll bet you predicted that there was 0% chance that O.J. Simpson would walk, too. But then, when it happened you probably thought O.J. had been punished enough already, too. You left-wingers make me sick.

        • Mayor

          P.S. DG-B got kicked off the Mizzou team for domestic violence and that very issue–can he play immediately because his departure from Missouri was not a “voluntary transfer” under NCAA rules–is currently before the NCAA on petition from the University of Oklahoma. I’m glad you have psychic powers and know the answer to how the NCAA will rule on that without ever having known the question–like Carnac the Magnificent.

          • Per John Infante:

            But the run-off waiver will be a tough sell. Green-Beckham was dismissed from the football team back in April. The comments from Missouri combined with the fact that Green-Beckham was suspended indefinitely just before he was dismissed make it unlikely that his inability to play for Missouri this coming season was “for reasons outside the control of the student-athlete.” Missouri would have to explain away those statements show that Green-Beckham was dismissed not for disciplinary reasons, but because he essentially was not good enough.

            If Missouri decided to do that, produced the required documentation, and supported the waiver, I doubt the NCAA would question it. But that might be asking too much from Missouri especially if his dismissal from the team was in fact due to disciplinary reasons. And if he was dismissed from the university in addition to the football team, that would trump whatever Missouri’s athletic department might say.

          • ATL Law Dawg

            I missed the part where DGB was charged with something after his last slip up. Can you find that for me? I’ll hang up and listen.

            • Mayor

              DG-B showed up at an apartment where his girlfriend was and, in front of witnesses, knocked his girlfriend down the stairs. I believe there was other striking that occurred and possibly choking. The female decided not to press charges and no case was made against him. He was then kicked off the Missouri team and transferred to Oklahoma where that school’s Athletics Department has now petitioned the NCAA to allow DG-B to play immediately because DG-B didn’t leave Missouri “voluntarily” because he was booted from the team. The facts of DG-B’s case sound a lot better than Cam Newton’s father being caught red-handed shopping Cam for pay for play and the NCAA let Cam play. We’ll see how it shakes out but given the the NCAA’s track record it sure isn’t a slam dunk against DG-B–or Taylor if he makes a similar claim.

  5. It was certainly expected. But glad to have it official.

  6. Gravidy

    Well, DeLoach is the only Checkgater left. What are the odds that he learns something from all of this? And what are the odds that he’ll willingly punch his own ticket out of town soon?

  7. I should add that, from a football standpoint, I’m bothered by this. I’ve had my eye on Taylor since he got to Athens, and believed he was a future star and NFL player.

    There is reason to believe he was poised to, not only play a lot, but challenge for the starting NG spot. He’s probably the strongest player on the team. I don’t think we can replace him this year.

    So this ones bothers me. He had to go, for sure. But we’ll miss him on the field, unlike The Bonehead Trio. Those guys can be replaced.

    • Dog in Fla

      “He’s probably the strongest player on the team.”

      That’s what she said.

    • Class A Fan

      I watched him play in high school. Big does not equal good. NEVER should have been at this level. Deloach never impressed either but was better than Taylor. Baffled me that either of them were ever offered at UGA.

    • TXBaller

      Maybe this stops all the happy talk about our D Line Ivey. A unit that had 15% less rush attempts against in 2013 v 2012 was beginning to be way over-hyped. This line, especially DT, just got really thin!

      • Yeah, I couldn’t agree more. I’m worried now about our depth on the inside. We won’t be able to rotate and stay as fresh as we wanted. I mean we can throw some bodies in there but that isn’t the same as Taylor and Mayes.

        Those DT guys better have had a good summer and be the right weight and in terrific shape. And let’s hope I just saw Toby Johnson wrong last week, and he really isn’t fat and really is in great shape.

  8. Charles

    I’d love to see this question posed to Gus Malzahn/Bobby Petrino by an enterprising journalist (a rarity, I know…):

    By so readily accepting (by pursuing, even) other teams castoffs, aren’t you, in fact, incentivizing bad/criminal behavior by minimizing its consequences?

    If a talented athlete wants out (for a variety of reasons), isn’t triggering a dismissal by choking their girlfriend/fighting in da club/smoking the weed/double dipping your stipend check the rational step? The transfer restrictions make that a viable alternative, right?

    • Dog in Fla

      Precisely. What you have described is the perfect storm of a win-win-win-win situation for a viable alternative.

      • Charles

        Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that this is the algorithm that the JT’s, TM’s and JHC’s went to fulfill their lifelong dreams of playing football somewhere else.

        I never thought I’d ever hear (or see…) myself say this, but I can appreciate the path that Cam Newton and Zach Mettenberger took to redeem themselves by spending a year on the JUCO circuit. It’s totally plausible that they took a year or two to get their act together, learn from their mistakes, yadda yadda. I think that, in those instances, Les Miles and Gene Chizek could have said with a straight face that those boys served their time, earned another chance, etc. (setting aside the shenanigans around Newton’s father).

        But, that less rockier path from “contributor to an elite program” to “contributor on ANOTHER elite program “changes the calculus a bit.

  9. DawgPhan

    I love reading the weird stipulations that some folks would place on someone transferring or being dismissed from the program.

    Lets me know that they are giant assholes.

    • pantslesspatdye

      While I agree with you about stipulations with these kids who came here, it’s more fun to channel your inner Spurrier:

      1. Only restrict him from transferring to Auburn and Louisville.
      2. Restrict him from transferring anywhere but Alabama and Kentucky.
      3. Restrict him from anywhere but the Mississippi schools.
      4. Make him go to Morehouse or Georgia Tech.

      I should probably quit before I get in trouble.

  10. Debby Balcer

    I would have been surprised if he was staying.

    • Macallanlover

      True, assuming the incident in the dorm was accurately portrayed, this is the right, and only, decision UGA could have made. Hate to see him blow that opportunity but his actions are indefensible and he doesn’t deserve to be on any campus…of course, he will be. I hope the men available to fill his spot do more with their opportunity. Opportunity may knock more than once but each time should be viewed as precious, and something that may not come again.

      • Dog in Fla

        In retrospect, if Jonathan had to do it all over again, this alleged act would have occurred in Reynolds, GA or Tallahassee

    • I Wanna Red Cup

      Balcer you are on the money !

  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    Reckon Pruitt has a change of handicap clause in his contract….seem lak every time I turn on the computer he has lost a defensive player…or three.

  12. HVL Dawg

    I feel bad for the girl. All that time wasted. Now she’s got to start over.

    I really am ashamed for posting that.

    • Dog in Fla

      As well you should be but on a scale of 35 to 98, I’d give it a 97 because I like the beat and it’s easy to twerk to.

  13. W Cobb Dawg

    CJP wanted our D to get lighter. We just lost a load.

    • Yeah. That was good, I wish I could laugh. But I saw a glimpse of Toby Johnson in a video from about 10 days ago. And he didn’t look in shape at all. Fat. So now I’m all the more concerned.

      We needed Johnson to be at his best this year. And that was before Taylor self-destructed.

  14. Our total to sign next February has to be leading up to one heck of a big class for 2015 .I just hope it’s chocked full of kids with talent of course, but also with character to go along with it. These dismissals are all certainly justified, but this crap is getting old.

    • Dog in Fla

      “one heck of a big class for 2015.”

      We’ve got an outside shot at least reaching Houston Nutt’s goal of signing 38 in a class, a people-helping record previously thought to have been as unbreakable as a 56 game hitting streak

      • Will (the other one)

        No, no, Nutt’s goal is a “people-heppin'” record.

        • Dog in Fla

          I stand corrected. The nuances of the Nuttian dialect that occur over such a comparatively large area of his languge are lost on me.

  15. Cojones

    The scene from MASH where the dental asst goes by Jawbreaker’s intended casket after taking the “Death Pill” comes to mind: “You’re just throwing away your education.”

    I’m glad that she didn’t require medical attention and hope she survives at UGA to get her degree at the least. Hope it doesn’t hurt her athletic ability to compete in whatever sport she is in. We now should turn our attention to supporting her ability to have a good life at UGA and beyond.

  16. El Dawgo

    I’m not a legal mind by any means, but he might not be in any position to play football for a couple of years.

    • Mayor

      All charges dropped? If not, please prosecute–PLEASE!!!

      • Macallanlover

        You have totally embarrassed yourself (again) in this thread. Go get counseling if you can’t act like a grown man every time life throws you a little curve. Sell out your principles for a minor contributor for a potential win. The guy ain’t all that, and even if he were, I don’t want him. Are you a punk groupie, or just an Auburn fan is disguise?

        • I Wanna Red Cup


          • DawgPhan

            lulz at grown men name calling over someone’s opinion on a football message board.

            +1000 lulz for the people who post +1000 to the name calling.

        • “Go get counseling”

          For grown men who can’t handle a curve, the Palestine Trauma Centre for Victims’ Rights brought on by Israeli incoming in response to Hamas’ rocket launches is conveniently located for counseling in Gaza City just an M-320 launch away from the Fatah controlled Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.

          • Macallanlover

            Hamas and “grown men/civilized human behavior” do not belong in the same paragraph. Any “incoming” problems are being brought on by their own behavior.

        • Mayor

          Somebody throw some cold water in Mac’s face and sober him up. He doesn’t even understand what the discussion is about. Wait….too late. He’s passed out again.

  17. Lrgk9

    He’ll get pled down and probation. Do that to somebody’s baby girl, you got to go!

  18. hassan

    Good for the coaches. That is not the Georgia way.

    Maybe now a hard working walk on can get a well deserved scholarship and bench player will get his chance to shine.