Let the battle of wits begin.

Given Spurrier’s famously tolerant attitude towards the media, let’s just say I hope this has potential.

This could be the breakout hit the SEC Network’s hoping for.



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17 responses to “Let the battle of wits begin.

  1. Dog in Fla

    Today Dabo considers himself to be the luckiest man on the face of the earth.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Let the battle of twits begin.


  3. Steve Spurrier petty? Whodathunkit?


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Battle of Shits?


  5. Paul Finebaum petty? Whodathunkit?


  6. Battle of wits sounds about right. Nit vs. Dim.


  7. Mike Cooley

    Good Lord I find myself rooting for Fbomb. If he can get under Spurrier’s skin then he serves a purpose after all.


  8. Spike

    They deserve each other. Petty? Nah…..


  9. Cojones

    Sure. Dick Pettys who can’t drive a racecar.


  10. Anon

    Manufactured drama to get people to “demand” SEC network. Not happening, dicks.


    • Reservoir Dawg

      Amen verily brother. I listed to PAWWWL on a long car ride through the north Florida scrub yesterday. OBC was terse and pithy but didn’t deliver nearly the fireworks that PAWWWL’s bumper comments promised. Listening to Satan’s monotone mumble was the aural equivalent of watching grass grow with paint drying in tiny white speckles on the myriad blades. I have never so wanted an hour of my life back.


  11. Macallanlover

    If anyone is qualified to know something about pettiness, it is Old F-Bomb. And Steve might be a lot of things but petty isn’t one of them. I will never watch a segment with him on it but I am thankful he isn’t blocking 4 hours of CFB discussion on satellite radio any longer so ESPN and the SEC can keep him. Now I get to listen any time of the day I please, and I think I speak for everyone outside the state of Alabama.