The art of the troll

The impressive thing about Mark Bradley’s reaction piece on the Taylor arrest wasn’t that he trolled Richt for another example of losing control (I guess it was Schultz’ turn for that), but that he trolled us with the idea that at some point Richt’s gonna come to a Saban-esque “don’t have time for this shit” moment.

No coach can be with 120 players 24 hours a day. (Even if he could, that wouldn’t really be imparting discipline, would it? Discipline involves the astute application of free will.) That said, the coach is the guy who brought these players to campus, and he has to live with their choices. Yes, coaches get paid a ton of money, but they’re also the ones whose phones ring in the middle of the night.

I’m reminded of what a big-time basketball coach once told me about being intrigued by coaching in the NBA. I said I thought any successful college coach who would put himself in the position of coaching guys who made more money than he did was crazy. He smiled and said, “Yeah, but when one of those guys gets in trouble, that phone call doesn’t come to you. It goes to the agent.”

Sometimes you just have to tip your cap to a master.



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11 responses to “The art of the troll

  1. Normaltown Mike

    Better yet, Bradley is trolling for college players to have agents?


  2. D.N. Nation

    The AJC constantly lays off staff and has to move to Dunwoody for cheaper rent but still keeps these bozos around. And behind a paywall to boot.


  3. Shmuckz’s title “Georgia still recruiting too many bad kids” Is a new garbage low…and to think that the AJC thinks people who follow Georgia would pay to read it is hilarious.


  4. Bulldog Joe

    “No coach can be with 120 players 24 hours a day.”

    120 players? Obviously he’s not talking about Georgia.


  5. Keese

    Lol I thinks it’s laughable that the AJC would expect readers to pay for anything out of Shultz for brains. On cue he never misses an opportunity to flap gums on uga arrests


  6. Athens Dog

    There’s a reason I don’t pay for the AJC.


  7. Cojones

    He has his moments. I think the last one was around 2008.


  8. 79dawg

    Holding my breath for Schultz to call out Carvell (who’s another complete troll) for not including all the “good character” stats in his articles and focusing too much on athletic ability and stats…