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To everything, there is a season.

I’m not sure how big a deal it’ll turn out to be in the vast scheme of things, but one thing about Georgia’s schedule I like is the week off between the Clemson and South Carolina games.  Ordinarily, early bye weeks strike me as kind of a waste, but in this case, it’ll give the staff the chance to prepare thoroughly for each opponent.  With a new quarterback and the total overhaul on defense, that seems useful.

Meanwhile, South Carolina faces two potent offenses in Texas A&M and East Carolina before hosting Georgia, and its defensive coordinator still expects to have his game plan for Georgia prepared before the start of preseason camp. Knowing Spurrier, the ‘Cocks won’t wait until game week to start implementing it, either.



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The smoove stylings of Paul Johnson, recruiter

Because nothing sells a program like a slight touch of desperation

Georgia Tech could also get a couple of commitments today: Brad and Scott Morgan, twin offensive linemen from Etowah High School, are considering accepting offers from the Yellow Jackets, according to JacketsOnline.com’s Kelly Quinlan.

The twins got offered personally by Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson on Wednesday under one condition: “We have to commit right away,” per Brad, who was ready to do it but his brother wanted a little time to think about it.

Think?  Shoot, son, don’t you know thinking just gets you in trouble?

In case Johnson’s looking for an even less subtle approach, here’s a golden oldie that should work wonders.


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Georgia’s underappreciated oasis?

Oh, Seth, you’re such a tease.

Yes, three starters departed Georgia’s offensive line after last season. And yet as preseason practice begins, there’s a sense of stability and clarity on what has been in recent years the biggest question mark on the offense.

You have a three-year starter at center. You have three other players basically guaranteed a starting spot. There is probably more depth on this year’s offensive line than there has been in years. For all the chaos of Georgia’s offseason, none of it touched the offensive line, and it’s reflected on the depth chart.

Spring practice was very productive for offensive line coach Will Friend, making it a less daunting task for this preseason. If all goes well, he can pick his starting five and top backups by mid-August and then ratchet up the planning for Clemson and South Carolina.

I can think of few better developments for Georgia’s chances this season than a stabilized offensive line.  And there’s no question the progress of Greg Pyke has been a big deal.  But, man… I watched these guys last year, you know?


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Jesse Palmer’s preseason homerism

“National analyst” Jesse Palmer has this to say about Florida’s 2014 chances:  “If Florida can stay healthy, then I think the sky is the limit.”

That’s mighty deep.


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The perception of Mark Richt, in charts

Marc Weiszer Chris White has an informative piece up comparing aspects of the career of Mark Richt versus those of Vince Dooley, Paul “Bear” Bryant, Nick Saban, Les Miles and Steve Spurrier.  And you know what?  For the most part, Richt comes off respectably in comparison.

He does look bad in record against top rival, but even in that area, he shows signs of turning that around, riding a three-game winning streak and playing the Gators even over the last eight games.

Then, there’s this:

Talk all you want about winning percentage and bowl games, but most fans will tell you all that matters at the end of the day is the ability to finish atop the heap. Bryant earned six tiles in this time, a feat matched only by Michigan’s Fielding H. Yost. Saban is the only other coach listed with more than one title, and Richt is the lone coach in this sample who doesn’t yet have a national championship on his record.

The difference between zero and one may not seem like much, but when it comes to winning national championships, it’s a big gap.

Bonus note – this doesn’t come from the AB-H piece, but it’s worth pointing out that Georgia remains in enviable company when it comes to road records.


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Everything old is new again.

Here’s one thing at least we’ll all want to see once the SEC Network gets rolling.


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The hardest working man in Athens, Georgia

Mike Bobo racked himself up some major frequent flyer miles recruiting recent QB commit Jacob Eason.

“They’ve always been the school,” Eason said. “The coaches have been the most involved. Coach Bobo came all the way up to Washington to watch me throw twice. That’s more than any other school and that’s a four-and-a-half-hour flight. That’s a lot of commitment.”

I guess Eason felt the love.

(h/t Bulldog Illustrated)


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“Team policy. That’s it. The NCAA has the in-conference policy for a reason.”

I’m sure most of y’all know how coaches can screw with players on scholarship wanting to transfer.  But did you know they can jam up walk-ons, too?  Well, they can, and it’s as appalling as you might expect.


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That’s not what they pay him the big bucks for.

Big Game Bob seems to have gotten his panties in a wad because Nick Saban didn’t treat Oklahoma’s bowl win over Alabama as being as big a deal as Stoops wants everyone to think it is.

That “consolation game” quote really stuck in Stoops’ craw.

The thing is, as Kevin Scarbinsky rather hilariously points out, contractually speaking, it really was a consolation game for Saban.


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