To everything, there is a season.

I’m not sure how big a deal it’ll turn out to be in the vast scheme of things, but one thing about Georgia’s schedule I like is the week off between the Clemson and South Carolina games.  Ordinarily, early bye weeks strike me as kind of a waste, but in this case, it’ll give the staff the chance to prepare thoroughly for each opponent.  With a new quarterback and the total overhaul on defense, that seems useful.

Meanwhile, South Carolina faces two potent offenses in Texas A&M and East Carolina before hosting Georgia, and its defensive coordinator still expects to have his game plan for Georgia prepared before the start of preseason camp. Knowing Spurrier, the ‘Cocks won’t wait until game week to start implementing it, either.


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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    No matter how much of a calm vibe Spurrier tries to affect, no matter how many times he beats us, he’s still obsessed with the G.

  2. one thing about Georgia’s schedule I like is the week off between the Clemson and South Carolina games. Ordinarily, early bye weeks strike me as kind of a waste, but in this case, it’ll give the staff the chance to prepare thoroughly for each opponent. With a new quarterback and the total overhaul on defense, that seems useful.

    Absolutely. I couldn’t agree more. This one thing could easily be the difference-maker, especially if we survive Clemson.

    • David K

      We’re going to drill Clemson. Probably lose in Columbia, however.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        David, I do not see how we beat Clemson or Carolina. Just too many issues to shore up in an awfully short amount of time. There were issues prior to all of the defections, now there are mountains to overcome and lesser talent to overcome those mountains with. I have said it before, but I really expect 7 or 8 wins at most this season.

        • heytogoober

          Is that you, Larry?

        • AlphaDawg

          I think 9 wins is likely. 10 wins if we get lucky a few times. 8 wins is totally possible, because….we always drop one or two we shouldn’t. Our talent and turnover is comparable to all of our big opponents this year. The only obvious benefit we have in all our games is Gurley.

          I really hope i’m wrong and we get to 10 easy and return to Atlanta, but I just can’t see it with all the talent we lost to the draft and to stupid infantile knuckleheads. No matter what people say about Mathews and JHC both will be playing on Sundays in a few years.

      • PTC DAWG

        That’s the spirit!

        • Cojones

          Yep. Right in there with Paul Johnson and the Natl. ‘Poon cover below. He cheered all the way through our injuries last year because it fit his disaster scenario predicted each year. Disbeliever # 1 is Bluto’s antithesis hero so don’t expect any cheering from him when we win. Richt and Bobo just can’t produce a team that hits his exultation meter.

  3. The challenge the Cocks have is that they will be preparing for three very different offenses early with A&M running the Air Raid, ECU with more spread option, and our pro-style balanced offense. Maybe their heads will be spinning so much that they’ll be waving their hands around like we were last year.

  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    South Carolina is the biggest game in the history of Georgia football, slightly ahead of Clemson the week before.

    What we proly want to do is get all the rest we can…the heat in Columbia is hellish.

    I suspect Darth’s game plan will be good and a real surprise…bang, bang, bang….bomb….bang, bang, bang…bomb.

    I just hope we can hang with them.

  5. Rebar

    Gotta get the team ready for how loud it will be there; that was a real problem last time.

    • 69Dawg

      +1 That crowd noise has me worried, it was a big problem the last visit.

    • Hogbody Spradlin

      A 3:30 start in Columbia may be tiring on the players, but it will be a bigger drain on the drunks in the stands. Remember also that 2012 was a mid season meeting of undefeated teams. I’m not far wrong to say it was the biggest home game in the entire mediocre history of South Carolina football. I vote for a rabid early crowd that tires if we can hang in there.

  6. Sean

    I believe the game is at 3:30, the earlier the better for the road team. We know what Gurley is and can do, and Clowney is not there. We need a good old school Bobo/Richt clock killing drive for a TD and then Pruitt to earn his pay and we’ll be fine. But shit yeah that place is scary

    • Ed Kilgore

      Having read a lot about how an afternoon as opposed to an evening start time is vastly better for the Dawgs in Columbia, I am curious: Is this all about the drunks being less drunk and loud? This is obviously a season-defining game (or at least USC hopes it is, though the 2011-12 experience suggests otherwise). I’m not sure it’s going to be all that quieter at 3:30.

      Is there some scientific evidence of night crowds being crazier? Or is this a myth?

      I’d hope the Dawgs will be better prepared for the noise in any event. I thought it was a bit scandalous that they were freaked out by the crowd in ’12. This is the SEC.

      • I was puzzled about that as well.

        • Lrgk9

          Baton Rouge and Columbia at night. Unless you’ve actually been there it doesn’t make sense. Two very tough places.,,

      • Boz

        The team stays couped up in a hotel room all day… That makes for a long day when they aren’t allowed to leave the premises

      • Manley

        I was a Carolina fan in the stands for that 2012 game and I was a little scared, the place was an insane asylum after that military family reunion- the place was primed. It felt like the upper deck wasn’t attached to the ground. I’ve never seen anything like it anywhere, and I’ve been to LSU at night (though, too be fair, I’ve never been there when they were playing a hated rival)

        The second craziest crowd I’ve seen at Williams-Brice was 2010 against Bama and it was a 3:30 kickoff… so who knows?

        I wouldn’t expect it to be quite as loud though, I think that 2012 game was a once-in-a-generation scenario in which all the forces of the universe aligned to produce a particularly frenzied crowd.

  7. W Cobb Dawg

    off week before scu and Jax is awesome. And tamu and ecu on scu’s plate before us is icing on the cake. We don’t get such a great schedule benefit very often.

  8. sUGArdaddy

    Gentlemen, I believe our boys have that date in Columbia circled. We’re just better then clemmons, and we’ll be ready for the chickens.

    We have Todd Gurley and no one else does, and I’m starting to like #14’s vibe. And Scorp, I’m already looking at hats. We’ll be just fine.

    • Gentlemen, I believe our boys have that date in Columbia circle.

      We had it circled last year, but I’m not sure it’s been circled yet this year. But we had dad-gum better circle it. Because South Carolina has it circled, and said so publicly. Spurrier said as much last week.

    • DawgPhan

      I have a custom hat in mind for this season. A special season requires a special hat.

    • Trbodawg

      My calendar has Columbia circled, but it’s in October

  9. Bulldog Joe

    Why am I conditioned to immediately think that another week means more Georgia players dismissed or suspended for that game?

  10. Spike

    Say it ain’t so, Joe..

  11. Cojones

    CBS (Chicago Black Sox) or not, you had better bet that the decibel training will have that crowd reminder in every rookie’s head with reinforcement from the experienced players (Jrs and Srs). What I’ll be looking for is the first flag against SC for breaking the new rule. Hutson will be busy stepping back at the right time to call refs attn to noise when he is under center. In fact, I would expect a few plays where, when it gets quiet, he will surprise by stepping back before the “Go” signal is given and heard clearly by the line. Silent counts will also be practiced and given.

  12. Warthen

    I suspect the reason Ward has decided his team is more suited for a 3 – 4 defense rests with the lack of talented DB’s rather than a wealth of riches at LB. If Green and Lammons don’t get cleared by the NCAA, SC will have a lot of questions at DB. As good as UGA’s backfield is look for Bobo to play a lot of receivers in a hurry up passing game. Mason could have an incredible game if SC has trouble establishing a pass rush.

  13. Cojones

    I honestly expect A&M to lay a whuppin’ on ’em. Not so much E. Carolina, but do expect SC to show up with unhealed dings immediately after. If SC’s early prep plans for UGA has a few dinged up crucial players, what then for Carolina? New and unpractised plan? I think they have a shitload to worry about on D and O.

    Has anyone noticed that we make SC bigger in our minds than they really are this year? Go back to their last yr’s team, subtract a couple of good difference makers on that team and that’s who they are. Respect their QB and RB, but don’t give them more power than they exhibit. Who is he going to throw to? Unfortunately for the RB, our D-line is pretty good. Two top D players gone and I don’t expect plausible new plays or better players from their D coach. We beat’em last yr and they are still forgetting and living in the past.

    Hopefully, the whole Dawg Team shows up and rips their chicken hearts out. Dawgs don’t need no fava beans with their chow.

    • AlphaDawg

      Do they really need to throw the ball when they can just sit back and wait for a ST Snafu?

    • Cut their chicken hearts out and fry them up along with their livers, gizzards and necks

      • AlphaDawg

        I had Jerked gizzards when I was stationed in GTMO, made by some Jamaican base residents there that was off the chain.

        • Cojones

          SC jerked gizzards – it’s on the menu.

          After two special cookies, I’ll take the whole chicken. This always reminds me of….uh…..ummmm….Oh!, SNL with Eddie Murphy, in his dreadlock Jamaican best, smokin’ a chicken after stuffin’ it with dried greens from a Mason jar. Smokin’ the leftover Christmas Tree wasn’t bad either.

          Jerk’um if you got’um.

        • Dog in Fla

          Now there’s a taste sensation that I have never heard of or ever remotely thought of before:Gizzards GTMO-style