Get ready.

As a follow-up to yesterday’s post about the bye week before the South Carolina game, you wanna know something else that’s important about Georgia’s two 2014 bye weeks?  As a general rule, Mark Richt teams are quite good coming out of bye weeks.

Mark Richt is 24-9 (73%) off bye weeks in 13 years at Georgia, a number that may not seem impressive until you remember that he’s played SEC teams after the majority of his open dates.

Richt’s most recent post-bye defeat came last season when the Bulldogs lost 24-19 to Nebraska in the Gator Bowl after a month off between the postseason and their thrilling 41-34 over Georgia Tech in the regular season finale.

In 2014, Georgia, like Florida State, will need to take advantage of their favorable bye-week placements before divisional games with South Carolina (Saturday, Sept. 13) and Florida(Saturday, Nov. 1).

To be sure, it’s no guarantee of success.  But it suggests Georgia tends to do well with an extra degree of preparation.


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  1. Goat Balls

    Whatever it takes to beat those Clemson people, not to mention the cocks. But I have a special kind of hate for the gators with their hideous blue clown suits, orange helmets and bad attitudes. I want to hear its “It’s Lindsay Scott 30, 40, 50, 40 …..

  2. Sparrow

    I am not trying to be a downer, but the 73% win rate isn’t significantly higher than his overall win rate against SEC teams (69%). I’m not suggesting that it hurts to have more time to prepare, but I am also not sure it matters much either.

  3. baddawg

    Its always nice to sweep 3 states. South Carolina , Florida , Alabama. . . . we can sweep south Carolina in the first 2 weeks. If we beat Florida and auburn we get our shot at bama. Beat them and we swept 2 states. If we do that we won the sec and have a shot at national champ…. Which to me looks like FSU. Can you imagine tthat?! Its what dreams are made of… I’m a dreamer, hopefully not dreaming!!!

    • Cojones

      Baddawg!, baddawg!, baddawg! Sorry, I was shouting at Priscilla and Fannie Mae as they were barking out the window. Why is that bad? Because there was no one there and they were ratcheting up their call for a treat after sad eyes and licking our hands and legs didn’t work.

      I’m changing to nicknames since they only look over their shoulders to acknowledge their given names as they saunter away. I’m callin’ ’em “Sep” and “Lep” for Short-eared bitch and Long-eared bitch. I’ll not suffer their arrogant disrespect any more. Called’em “House Ho” and “Village Ho” for a while since their Palaties had become erotic stretch sessions in the AM. After naming them according to their moral behavior they took longer and slower stretches while staring at us on their backs. They now are called Sep and Lep.

      • baddawg

        Man… I need your moonshine asap! My whiskey ain’t cutting it…

      • baddawg

        We got a bye before cocks and haters. I’m saying… Sweep those states and the outcome looks good. And the byes come at nice moments. We owe auburn for last year big time. Gives us a shot at most likely bama. Im 33. Born in 81. I want to see potential. I wanna see uga be uga. The byes set us up for that. Here’s to hoping! Cheers

        • Cojones

          See my 11:03 post below. We’re in synch. You young skirtpullers need a few more years around us old farts to appreciate how smart you are now and how later, every day, you live with being only one bad fart from a Depends. We also know that, at 33, you’re just about as wise as you will ever be. You can always become less ignorant, but wisdom?… Alternating your 100% agave tequila every other day with your blood thinner is that rare level of wisdom you may have to fall back on some day.

          So just stay 33, sonny, and give thanks that you have plenty of time to ride on the shoulders of Lennie Bruce and “Weird Al” Yankovich by holding your time capsule in abeyance and resisting getting old and mature. See what that philosophy has done for me?. You will always keep the Dawgs in your young heart no matter what your hair tells you. You will always cheer them on no matter your distance or circumstances because the anchor chain pulls you back to some of the best memories of all your life.(Would you look around slowly and see if anyone is tearing up yet?)

          “Cheers”, indeed. We are going to have a fun year. Smoke’em if you got’em.

  4. Mayor

    Georgia’s win rate under CMR for all games, bye week or not, is 73%.

  5. SPace

    Coach Richt’s away record is 41-11, South Carolina is an away game, he and the team to have better focus, no recruits in that weekend, while SPurrier will be entertaining recruits and distracted, Coach Richt’s won 79% of his away games so far.

    We probably won’t be favored in this one, but odds are 73-79%, we’ll win it.

  6. SPace

    His record after a bye week is 14-4 according to the UGA website, that’s 79%, not 73%.

  7. SPace

    I think my data was 2012 website, dang, they outta take that page down.

  8. Reipar

    There is no downside to an off week. Lose and they are licking their chops. Win and they have some confidence. Either way get an extra week to heal and prepare. That is really important if we work Gurley. The schedule is tough, but sets up as well as we could hope.

  9. Cojones

    Richt and Co had this mapped out from the field experiences last year and as an acknowledgement to FUs injuries being the cause of a bad year. He spaced them well and we should take note that there is no off week before Auburn. I could kiss him for that statement.

    • Cojones

      Senator, sure hope you repeat these themes just before season starts next month. Many here have only the attention span of a Republican.

      • I pledge obedience to the Republican States of America and to the Confederacy for which it stands but not those Midwestern B1G Republican States of America, which have sent the Southeastern Conference many carpetbagging coaches whose Valley of Death we must walk through to get the evil love of the Selection Committee bestowed upon us for the Final Four December Madness annointment day. Ready, break, Omaha, Amen.

        • UGA

          To be or not to be, that is the question.
          No, Good versus Evil, that is the question.
          Dog in Fla against the Devil!
          Is the question.

  10. UGA

    Along with Mayor’s drop “of Dawgtown,” Russ demands big fucking National Championship balls and a full accreditation.

  11. UGA

    Scorpio can just call himself Scorp, and Dog in Fla just Dog, and Mac, just Lover, why can’t we all get along?

  12. Mudcats Impala...

    Davin Bellamy arresred for DUI at 5:02 this morning….

    “Same as it ever was”….. #banghead

  13. W Cobb Dawg

    I’d add that fu ALWAYS takes an off week before JAX. By taking the week off too, we’re just re-leveling the playing field.