The triumphant return of Driving Mudcat’s Car…

… starring Davin Bellamy.

Under Georgia’s athletic policies for DUI arrests, Bellamy is facing a suspension of 20 percent of the season, which would be two games.

Spurrier quip coming in 4… 3… 2… 1…


UPDATE:  Give Bellamy this much –  at least he’s stepping up and accepting responsibility for his mistake.

That’s more than we’ve heard from others.


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52 responses to “The triumphant return of Driving Mudcat’s Car…

  1. AusDawg85

    Somewhere between the happy talk and rants about CMR’s control, I’m really concerned about what may be a lack of team cohesiveness and leadership. Acting right and being responsible starts in the locker room.

  2. PansyTheDawg

    College Football Live or whatever was already taking about UGA and arrests yesterday. They’re going to love this. I’m tired of football players embarrassing our university.

  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Drip, drip, drip…. Wasn’t it just a couple years ago that perpetual hangers-on van halanger and eason were assigned to make sure all this shit didn’t happen anymore?

    • Now is not the time to be critiquing the Mark Richt payroll for life program because all assistants need someone they can lean on, and if they want it they can lean on Mark

  4. W Cobb Dawg

    He may as well transfer out now. Let’s face it, he’s got the scarlett letter on him now in our program. Just check the history of those who came before with similar transgressions – nothing good is likely to happen.

  5. And so it continues. I am, an have been for some time now, convinced that Richt strikes zero fear into these kids. His philosophy appears to be Threat Them Like Men Until They Prove That They Are Not Men. Well, we are long past the point of these kids proving that they are in fact kids and not men. Something needs to change. Dawg fans are so tired of seeing these kids put the team at a disadvantage.

    • The one thing even more tiresome than the player problems is the part of the fan base that’s convinced Something More Must Be Done… without having the first clue of what that might be.

      Players are being suspended and kicked out of the program. What’s your suggestion?

      • W Cobb Dawg

        But Brother Bluto, suspending them and kicking them out isn’t working! One kid is booted out and another kid takes his place in line. These kids generate millions for that football program. Quit being so f-ing cheap and get them a taxi, or a limo, or a big brother, or a f-ing nanny if thats what it takes. This situation is screaming out for a higher level of supervision by the adults. The adults need to quit shrugging their shoulders, saying ho hum, and going back to the normal routine.

        • 79dawg

          How much more “fear” do you want Richt to put in them? At the end of the day, the most he can do is kick them off the team, and he has shown he is willing to do that on many, many occasions. Presumably these kids know Richt can’t throw them in jail, order their summary execution, burn their parents out of their homes, etc.
          If kids don’t view getting kicked off the team as a cataclysmic/life-altering punishment, odds are no matter how much “fear” you try to instill in them, they are going to buck the system.
          What other forms of “punishment” do you think are appropriate and forceful enough (and legally within Richt’s power/control) to instill enough “fear” in these kids so they don’t screw up? I’ll hang up and listen…

          • W Cobb Dawg

            Give em the same oversight that Jon Richt received. Isn’t that essentially what CMR sold to the parents?

            • AthensHomerDawg

              Goodness. Have you raised any kids? Jon is CMR’s son. I think the environment he grew up in just might be a little more conducive to accepting responsibility and discipline than a kid that spent 18 years with out a live in Dad. I can’t even believe you post that.

              • Macallanlover

                He has been very consistent about his CMR feelings. There is a vocal minority like him.

            • 79dawg

              Coach Richt can tell parents he’ll take as good care of their children as he does his own, but there are two sides of the coin – the kids have to live up to their side of he bargain too. Also, you dodged the question – what further punishment do you think Richt could mete out within his power to put these kids in further fear?

        • Yes, let’s get them a nanny. 120 nannies, actually. Following around grown-ass football players to make sure they don’t act like college kids. That’ll do worlds for recruiting. We’ll have those prized 2-star “diamonds in the rough that really want to be here” in no time. And then you can finally be proud of our university.

          Jake Scott rode a damn motorcycle over Stegman. People like you would have Williamson arrest Scott, call him a thug, and kick him off the team. And we’d be talking about the 1945 championship instead of 1980, particularly after you and Skeptic ran Vince Dooley off too.

          Is it just possible in your mind that a group of 130 18-23 year old testosterone-juiced males living in a college town may incur a couple of arrests a year? You know, like at 25% that of the normal college male population? And if so, is it at all possible that there’s just not a systematic problem, but just normal college shenanigans? I know, I know, that logic is too much to overcome the shame you feel when a UGA football player gets arrested and Jeff fucking Schultz flames us. But maybe you can ignore the Tech trolls and just chill out for two seconds. The sky is not falling.

      • Cojones

        Now that a national conscience has been awakened by UGA and other school’s action, the trend is beginning to show that other schools are dealing with player misconduct: 4 players at A&M, 6 players kicked out of Texas(both of these incidents this week). Go to ESPN online and peruse their headlines. There are a lot more and worse player problems going on than at UGA.If I’m not mistaken, a comparison of all SEC teams and their player discipline problems are aired on SEC blog at ESPN.

        All of a sudden there is a littany of schools and players involved. It isn’t too far fetched to allude to UGA’s leadership becoming the rule instead of the exception. Any natl. light shown on us has to put others above us in numbers this week and if you scratch every conferences disciplinary surfaces you can see an increase in discipline responsibility across the board. We should stack these incidents up by school and see how we really stand sans quips by Herbstreit and your boy Skep.

        • Thank you Lord, that was the greatest post of all time. Thank you for breathing some sense into these high-and-mighty types who think they would be so much better at disciple than an incredibly well-respected 12 year veteran head coach of the SEC. Thank you. Thank you one million times over.

    • Cojones

      Skeptic, did you ever send the $10 to Bobo that you lost on the FU bet two yrs ago? I think you’re both a troll and a welcher. What happened to your name-change you alluded to when you were proven wrong about Richt and Bobo in every way? Somehow you don’t seem to like anything about UGA teams and coaches because that’s been your refrain. You comments aren’t dissent; they are anti-UGA. Big difference.

    • I guess skeptic has never made a bad decision, we should all be so lucky….geez you sound like an idiot insinuating that college kids should be perfect, I guess you can cast the first stone. I won’t because lord knows I have made enough bad decisions for 2 lifetimes

  6. sUGArdaddy

    There ain’t nothing cmr (or anyone) can do to fix stupid. Add immaturity to over zealous police and you have what you’re seeing. I’m telling you, Gainesville, Baton Rouge, Columbia and Knoxville police have bigger fish to fry. 2 of those are state capitals. Auburn and tuscaloosa police are in bed with their schools. Plus, this is a one day story at any of those schools because the kid would not be suspended. At uga, it stays fresh because we’ll read about Bellamy through the south Carolina game. Remember Garcia was arrested, what, 5 times for alcohol? I mean, can you even fathom that?

    Mark Richt has more control than most.

    • WF Dawg

      Indeed. The difference isn’t in the rate of infractions, but with how those infractions are dealt with, both by police and athletic department and consequently, by media.

    • law dawg

      This. The broadcast booth needs filler and suspension of a former high profile recruit is an easy target during lulls in the Clemson and USCe games. This sort of coverage makes our fan base feel singled out, but at any other school (granted, there aren’t many) that actually disciplines (suspends) it’s players when they get arrested, you’d see the same coverage during their games. It all comes back to running a program that holds its players accountable for their actions on AND off the field. The price of not being Auburn.

      • AusDawg85

        Correct…the Texas fanbase and sports talk (hell…lead news story!) is all ablaze about Charlie Strong’s dismissals of some key players. Being the new kid in town, he’s getting a pass for “cleaning house”, but the warnings have already been posted that he better win some trophies by year 3 with his tough love policies or he’s gone. Fans don’t want discipline, they want wins…as they like to point-out about aTm.

    • Tdawg89

      I can’t get over the cognitive dissonance of our fan base (most colleges actually). Fans (more so students to be fair), like to brag and crow about UGA being ranked a top party school annually, but when players actually partake in underage drinking or DUI we get all upset. Can’t have it both ways. Reap what you sow.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Fans (more so students to be fair), like to brag and crow about UGA being ranked a top party school annually You got kids in school at UGa? My experience is that most of the kids don’t care about what someone ranks the school as and they really question how those rankings were derived. Yeah. Kids aren’t naive. They don’t buy into a lot of what sells magazines. Just sayin’

        • Tdawg89

          I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic HomerDawg. I was at UGA under 5 years ago and every year my social media would blow up when the annual rankings came out. Sure, a lot of people questioned how one even measures partying, but questionable methodology didn’t stop people from bragging about it.

  7. Debby Balcer

    Let’s get some perspective it was misdemeanor DUI. Basically he was cited for underage drinking and driving. At it is because of our policy which I support he loses playing time. If he did not lose playing time would anyone be calling him a bad kid. He knew the rules and the consequences. He is contrite. All of our reactions lends credence to the Mark Richt has lost control.

    • Cojones

      Ahh, details Thanks Debby. You omitted the word “meme” after “….control.”. 🙂 Sorry, didn’t copy the smiley-face change by Word Press so this’ll have to do.

    • “Let’s get some perspective”

      Simmer. Down. Now.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        YOU’RE TOO LATE. Bluto’s Blog is already a throw down with Cojones fronting on Skeptic.
        Skeptic is “none too keen” about the throw down. Cojones is back from mamalagi sa ospital and is not taking no prisoners. I’d keep my head down DIF if I were you . You’re not on a ship in the ocean. Stay strong!

  8. DawgPhan

    Not to put too fine a point on things, but any coincidence that most of these guys are defensive guys? Seems like the guys that CMR and Bobo handle carry their own water, but CJP and his staff havent actually had the guys buy in yet.

  9. Bob

    It is kind of hard to buy into the apology thing though. How many times have we heard the apology routine? How many times have we heard things are different this year? How many times?

    I don’t blame Richt. Not sure what else he can do. Everyone is having challenges…Bama has had a very bad off season too. Texas is having a nightmare. But misery doesn’t really enjoy company does it? I am losing my passion for this game because this wears on you.

  10. Sports, both collegiate and pro, share the same issues. Iffn’ you don’t like football, I can understand that, but to assume art, or in this case, sport, does not imitate life is naive.

    It’s sensational when sport figures go astray, but the general populace has these life problems, and more. Who gets a free pass on being human? I don’t condone, but people do things across the globe that society finds abhorrent. Why are players so very different? UGA football is not an island of iniquity

    • Exactly – it’s easier for drive-by media like Herbstreit and Schultz to take shots than it is for them to offer suggestions on addressing these societal problems.

  11. Macallanlover

    How ludicrous can you be Skeptic, “Richt doesn’t strike fear”? How exactly do you do more? You think players fear Spurrier, Malzahn, Miles, etc., all of whom turn their backs on player misbehavior. You actually put this on him because he takes action? What a warped perspective, do you live in a parallel universe of some sort? Get out the bamboo shoots and torture racks, Skeptic thinks CMR can go old school on players in the day of 24 hour media and ambulance chasers on every corner. Damn, come on man!

    If there is one thing encouraging about news on the discipline front these past two weeks it is other schools joining the suspension parade. Until schools have to step up and cut off the escape routes UGA will continue to be at a disadvantage. Congrats to Charlie Strong. Grated most of these suspensions are for more serious crimes than we often see at UGA but it will eventually reach even The Plains. Who knows? The NFL may even join in and support these actions which could lead to a better man coming to play for them. They have their own share of issued and they have financial punishment available to them.

    • Come on, now. Wouldn’t trial by a jury of your peers scare the living daylights out of you? That grass sucking fear monger Miles has his players scared to light a match, not just to use it for weed ignition.

  12. I meant…much less to use said match.

  13. AthensHomerDawg

    Damn Skeptic! Mac has thrown down as well and still you can’t get off the bench. I’mma have to ride you now.

  14. How do you know about Mudcat??? I was the only one named Mudcat in and around the Athens area growing up in my wild days downtown. I even tattooed Mudcat on my windshield. Do you know me Blutarsky????