You can’t tell the players without a mug shot book.

You know things have gotten pretty sad when they’re posting snark about Georgia’s player arrest situation at 7:45 this morning and the snark is already out of date.


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  1. adam

    Read today that Texas A&M has had 18 arrests in the 25 months since Sumlin arrived. Richt has 32 (as of today) in a little over 13 years at UGA. I think TAMU has 12 this offseason to our 6 (with one guy getting arrested twice). Sumlin should definitely be getting more heat than Richt.


  2. W Cobb Dawg

    I tells ya…They ought to be putting fences with razor wire around these schools!


  3. Debby Balcer

    It was misdemeanor DUI which is different than DUI, because he is under 21 all it takes is .02 this is like Marshall Morgan. That said it is illegal for him to drink. When I was in college the drinking age was 18. You can go to war and get married at 18. I have never thought the legal age should have been changed. That said he knew the law and team rules.


    • Macallanlover

      Exactly, the drinking age law is BS, and has always been wrong at 21. But that said, the law is well known by all of these students. Drink at home and act civilized, you will not be arrested for that. Another young man who put his own selfish actions above the team.

      I also think the misdemeanor DUI is a crap law, you are either over the limit or you aren’t; .02 is almost fumes. Charge him with underage drinking and don’t put a DUI classification with it. Like the staggeringly variable marijuana laws, the enforcement of this is all over the field.


      • In Georgia there is no limit. Does not matter if it is fumes you will get a DUI. Believe me I know. The Judge will be more lenient with the fines and punishment if you blow fumes though.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    Charlie Strong goes New Testament at UT. While reading from the Book of Mark (pun intended) Strong gets media praise for punting the 7 punks from his team ” “Texas is gonna be hard to handle this year… Strong is turning this program around.” Mean while back at the Classic City ,CMR has lost control once again. Unbelievable. Fair and balanced reporting all the time sports fans.
    More Dismissals At Texas
    “College Football Live” discusses the decision by Texas coach Charlie Strong to kick at least SEVEN players off the team since becoming coach, in addition to suspending two Longhorns players Thursday after they were arrested on charges of sexual assault. Safety Josh Turner, running back Jalen Overstreet and defensive back Chevoski Collins have been dismissed from the program for violating team rules, multiple sources told on Friday.
    Michael C. Johnson/USA TODAY SportsSenior safety Josh Turner was projected as a starter this season. He made three starts last season and had a solid spring game for coach Charlie Strong.Senior running back Joe Bergeron was also dismissed from the program, according to and multiple media outlets Friday.Texas has yet to officially acknowledge any of the dismissals.Turner was a projected starter, a senior safety who played in 37 games and started five, including three in 2013. He had an interception in Texas’ first spring game under Strong.Overstreet, a sophomore, rushed for 102 yards and two touchdowns as a reserve last season after moving from quarterback to running back. Collins redshirted as a freshman and was a backup at safety. initially reported the dismissal of Overstreet and Collins.Overstreet previously had academic issues and was ruled ineligible last December for Texas’ Valero Alamo Bowl loss to Oregon.Bergeron’s reported dismissal comes three days after Strong told reporters at Big 12 media days that the senior running back “has done everything we’ve asked him to do” and was back on the team after a suspension this spring to focus on academics.
    This story about the SEXUAL assault in Texas is very ugly. NOT making light of the unfortunate abuse to our players girlfriend but at least there has been no tossing of young ladies down stairways over bad drug deals and NO RAPES! Jeepers what are these kids thinking.
    Excuse the long post please… I blame Ivy Leaguer. 😉


  5. AusDawg85

    RBR has time to write snark about other schools since the only have to reprint their annual Tide forecast each season: “We will be National Champions (and if not, it’s someone else’s fault)”.

    I do have to confess, that “1980 National Champions” headline dig does sting a little.


  6. Scott W.

    The rumble in Bama has gotten hard to bear at times. Some success from UGA this year is needed to settle the bangs back in place.


  7. Charles

    From now on, my nickname for the defense will be: “the jailbreak blitz.”

    (adjusts croakies… sullenly takes a drag off a cigarette)