Getting back in a 2003 frame of mind

You’d better get ready for a lot of this as preseason camp opens:

“Here’s to hoping UGA can put a defense on the field vs. Clemson!” former Georgia punter Drew Butler tweeted Saturday after backup linebacker Davin Bellamy was arrested for DUI, which should trigger a two-game suspension. “We need 11 guys..might have to settle for 10 or less at this pace.”

In all, eight players who were on the Georgia roster in January are no longer including safety Josh Harvey-Clemons, dismissed after two suspensions for violating Georgia’s drug policy.

There were three players dismissed, three transfers (Wiggins, linebacker Paris Bostick and receiver Uriah LeMay) and two medical disqualifications (defensive lineman De’Andre Johnson and linebacker Brandon Burrows).

But we should be used to hearing things like that before an opener with Clemson.

That’s great news for the defending Southeastern Conference champions, who were supposed to struggle early on.

They had a new offensive line. They were without injured defensive starters Will Thompson and Kentrell Curry. Eight other Bulldogs were suspended by coach Mark Richt. And that’s not counting the embarrassing Ring-gate episode where several players sold their rings from the school’s first SEC title in 20 years.

Whatever Richt came up with to prepare his team in 2003, let’s hope he bottled some of it.  It’s about time to break it out again.


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  1. What we had in 2003 was BVG. I think Pruitt will be as good, but its going to take more than one game.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. Hard to fathom we kept RG and let BVG walk. RG was easily replaced in a matter of days by a better coach in Wilson. It’s taken years to find a replacement for BVG. If CJP is as good or better than BVG, we need to do whatever it takes to keep him.

      • DawgPhan

        The same BVG that has larger been irrelevant every stop he has made, and there have been a lot of stops.

        BVG had the most talent on defense that UGA has had in years. He benefited from that.

    • Joe

      We also had dogs like Thomas Davis and David Pollack.

      I literally thought that Thomas Davis had killed Whitehurst on that one blitz. Charlie did not throw another pass with any authority for the rest of the game.

      • Davis almost killed Alabama’s Brodie Croyle in Athens too, that same year I think.

        Croyle had a bad shoulder and was pretty much out for the game, didn’t start. But then we knocked the starting QB out, and Shula sent in Croyle, tender shoulder and all.

        Bad idea. VERY bad idea. BVG had no mercy, and sent Davis after him right away. And that was the end of Croyle. Davis hit him in the sternum and drove him into the ground, right on that tender shoulder. I can only imagine how much that hurt.

        I remember thinking, if I had been John Croyle (Brodie’s father who was a good DE at Alabama), I would have been furious with Shula because Brodie had no business being in a game, his shoulder was that bad. And would have come out of the stands and let him know it right then.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Nice post. I thought Croyle was abused by his own coach. I pulled my youngest from a state wrestling match when he sprained his knee. He was ahead and coaches wanted him to continue. He still has episodes with that knee and he is 22.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        Hits like that ain’t kosher these days.

        • The hit on Croyle would have legal this year, IIRC. It was below the chin and it wasn’t a spear. Davis didn’t deliver any dirty hits that I can remember. He was just a fundamental terror.

          The target area on QB’s this year is “below the chin and above the knee”, according to what Steve Shaw said at MD (unless, of course, the QB happens to play for Georgia, in which case it’s open season, as usual).

          BTW, somebody said something this week about Dee Ford’s targeting PF hit to Murray’s head on the last play of the Auburn game. I didn’t get to see the game due to a stage performance that day. So I went back and looked.

          What I found was this: Dee Ford couldn’t have delivered a dirtier hit if he practiced it for a week. It was an obviously intentional spear into the side of Murray’s head – and he intentionally went straight for the head – with Ford ducking his headgear and delivering the blow with the top of it.

          It doesn’t get any dirtier or more deliberate than that. I was already hating Auburn since the 2010 game. I now hate them even more, if that is possible. I wish somebody would make a clip of that and send it viral, so everybody can see how certain officials treat Georgia. I mean, the hit occurred as Murray released the ball. It is IMPOSSIBLE for it not to have been seen by an official.

          • Macallanlover

            The hit from Fairley the Fairy was dirtier, imo, not to mention the mugging he gave Murray in the first series of that game. And the coaches celebrated, and the fans celebrated. Worst case of refs losing control of a game and a program falling into the sewer I have seen in the SEC. Kick their slimy asses of CFB.

          • Mayor

            The hit by Ford on Murray WAS seen by an official. It was seen by Penn Wagers who had the responsibility for that area of the field. When asked after the game why he did not throw a flag against Ford for targeting for the hit on Murray, Wagers replied that Murray “wasn’t a defenseless player” which is one of the rule requirements. I personally have had a conversation with Jere Morehead about what Wagers said. Morehead knows about it and made a complaint to the SEC office about the hit and about Wagers, and was told to “stop whining” by Mike Slive. Morehead is still angry about it.

            • Cojones

              Wasn’t Murray’s pass intercepted and on the runback Murray became a target because he was a potential tackler? It doesn’t excuse targeting, but I didn’t get the same flavor as Fairley’s shenanigans. Fairley was a dirty ahole who targeted openly and no flags were thrown. That game and the player should have been protested.

              • Macallanlover

                Put down the doobie, the interception and excessive block on the runback was against Bama in the SECCG, not Auburn. And that did happen right in front of the official. Worst pass I ever saw Murray throw…receiver open and time to plant his feet, just underthrew trying not to overthrow it I guess.

  2. 69Dawg

    I’ve written this in the past, seems like every year but it never gets old. Football teams are to some extent like military organizations. Granted there is not nearly the ultimate sacrifice involved but if one or two soldiers screw up the whole unit could be lost literally. That is why in basic training if one individual screws up the whole platoon is punished. Now why would a coach not study the way the military builds a cohesive unit. How does this work you ask. Well lets look at the position groups. If the DB’s are having a problem maybe the DB’s as a group need to police themselves. Lets say a DB gets suspended and thereby causes a problem for the whole defense, since most of the non-offending players love to say they support the wayward player, let’s let them show it by having them do extra PT after practice. Every time they run a wind sprint or a stadium step they will be reminded who has caused this pain. If this was the policy going into a season and it was known that the position group is going to share the punishment, I suspect that group would police itself better than they have been. I know Mark is all about the Prodigal’s Son treatment but it’s just not working. If the unit is to have cohesion then the unit must win together and suffer together and then they can truly stand as one. Look after your buddies and your buddies will look after you.

    • S.E. Dawg

      Absolutely agree!!!

    • Cojones

      Yes. And since mass punishment is the answer and they were put into deep shit because of a drinker or a smoker, they might as well drink and smoke a doobie while being punished for it.

      That’s the lesson that mass punishment drives home to me.

      • Cojones

        Perhaps the unit should start a Minder Program amongst themselves.

        However, we should look at each offense and individual separately to see that some offenses of rule-breaking aren’t as dire as to require their dismissal and they deserve another chance accordingly; not to receive draconian punishment for the more draconian offenses that they didn’t commit.

      • Macallanlover

        Actually, it isn’t a bad strategy, it has been employed with some football teams before, we might as well try something different. Military shows it has been successful, peer pressure can be a much stronger influence than what adults/authority figures are with some retards. Spending an extra 30 minutes a day on running for the whole group might work, then they can just beat the shit out of him if he doesn’t straighten up.

        Win as a team, get punished as a team. This individual selfishness has to be handled and the coaches cannot police them on their own. Willing to give it a try for the minor offense issues like this one, our problems are not usually the more serious types of felony crimes that require immediate dismissal. In those cases, just let them go.

        • Dog in Fla

          “Win as a team, get punished as a team.”

          Blanket parties for all offenders because “[t]here will be plenty of truly innocent people around the world suffering while you help weaken the one country that was strong enough to help those in need, and defend the barbarians.”

          Stop using the word “retards.”. It’s unbecoming of anyone, even you.

          • Macallanlover

            It is deserved for idiots who know better but cannot control themselves, and for Leftists like you. I will use my own choice of labels and I feel strongly enough in my disgust they will be deliberately provocative. I am sick of the continual lack of discipline by people who do not think rules apply to them. In this latest case, the crime is relatively minor but still a deliberate violation of rules. The multiplicity of offenses is retarded.

          • 69Dawg

            No one said anything about blank parties so calm you pink ass down. It is plan that what Coach Richt has been doing is not working or do you think we really do have “mentally impaired” children that can’t understand right from wrong? The only other possible solution is to have a zero tolerance policy and after fair warning start kicking any player that breaks the law (notice I didn’t say team rules) off the team end of story. Hey lets be democratic about it and let the team vote on which method they like best. Punishment as a unit or immediate expulsion. I think they will vote for the punishment.

    • Reservoir Dawg

      69, wasn’t that exactly the lesson Erk taught the ’80 dawgs after the pig party?

    • DawgPhan

      You are talking about the US Military as an example of discipline and integrity?

      The same military where there were 850 rapes reported in 2012. Estimates are that there could have been as many as 8500 in a single year. That military? That is the model of discipline and integrity you want UGA to model itself after?

      I guess I will take some talking in class and smoking a little grass over rapes and sexual assaults.

      nice post though.

      • AlphaDawg

        Those numbers are complete BS. They deemed a pat on the ass and a crude comment as sexual assault. If those numbers are correct 1 in 10 women in the military were assaulted sexually. BULLSHIT. I’ve been in 17 years, served in 7 different units with hundreds of WM’s and I’ve dealt with one instance of rape in that time. The courts both civy and military tossed the charges because nothing about her story was believable.

        • DawgPhan

          except that they are the numbers that the pentagon published.

          But with attitudes like yours I can’t imagine why the pentagon estimates that a civilian is 4 times more likely to report a sexual assault than a military person who has been assaulted.

          Those ladies should just take the unwanted sexual advances and crude language, right. How dare they complain when someone assaults them.

          Let me guess…

          I am not in the arena, I wouldnt understand….

      • rhymerdawg

        Yeah but being in the military I know that those guys got their asses kicked for doing that shit. So yeah some of those slipped throught he cracks but they sure as hell won’t do it again.

  3. Cojones

    I haven’t looked it up, but if memory is correct and with all those missing people, we kicked Clemson’s ass solidly.

    Bottle it or roll it in a hemp paper, it’s up to the players to get their “game face” on. If that face is of a bristling UGA Bulldog that never gives up, then so be it.

    • MurphDawg

      I was in England on a trip and could not watch the game. As I was boarding the return flight home with my Georgia shirt on and the Delta pilot greeting passengers as they boarded asked, “How ’bout them Dawgs?” I told him I wasn’t sure that I couldn’t find the score. 30-0 he happily informed me. Best feeling ever on that flight home.

      Hope they find that mojo again.

  4. ugalestat1

    I went to that game with my brother, we parked a good ways away and had to walk by some apartments with a lot of students out tailgating and we got yelled at and cursed at quite a bit. There was nothing better than walking back to the car the same way. Usually after a victory at an away stadium you would still get the same treatment on the way out but that was such an ass whooping that not a single word was uttered our way. Awesome.

  5. UGA III

    Everyone should see the movie “Boyhood” immediately. The meaning of life has been captured.

    When guys like Mac start calling Dog in Fla “Leftist.” I want to fucking puke.

    This place used to be a hub of intelligent, cordial, discord. Now even the old timers are showing their asses.

    Senator, this used to be the classy bar, remember Harry Bissett’s? Genteel. Where’s my hat?

    • Macallanlover

      Excuse me, but DIF is, without any doubt, an extreme Leftist and proudly crows that at every opportunity. Nothing new there for anyone that has read his comments for years, he has always been, and that is his right. But when he denigrates Condi Rice while defending terrorists at Gitmo, that will illicit a response from most Americans. I don’t consider calling that type of thinking out for what it is a problem, but that is the scary trend in this country these days for many to do so. The far liberal left can call anyone names, and run them and their families down, but those who oppose, and fear their philosophy are supposed to lie back and take their lies and attempted manipulations without saying a word. Sorry, but there are still many among us who still feel the War on Terror is a significant problem, and that this radical swing to socialism is not only deplorable, but unaffordable.

      Please note, my comments earlier were on the committee, not politics…it was DIF who made the comments that brought that up. The comments above are a carryover and indicate that I feel the dangerous policies of the left fall under the “retard” level. Odd that my comments upset you when the only time I respond outside football here is when there are political comments made that are incorrect, or misleading. I don’t start these fights, but I will not walk away, on here, or elsewhere.

      I puke when people turn away from attacks on the principles of this country, and our way of life, not when I hear them defended. But that is also your right to not like what others say. Censorship should not be for just one side of the argument, but perhaps you feel differently.

      • Cojones

        Mac, it sorta hurts to say “off base” to you. I stopped blogging for a good while strictly because of you and a couple other old farts writing what I agreed with so there was no need for my 2 cents. It is great UGA stuff and from the heart and I will continue to read your posts about the team. That goes for all participants, young and old.

        DIF’s arguments for the team are no different from yours. He just is proficient with a computer and always kicks in interesting extras that can be interpreted several ways. I find most of them are not serious and generally are worth at least a chuckle or a good laugh. Some have been incredibly interesting. You can see in his blogs that he cares for UGA and everyone on here (especially you plus several others). I realize that he pricked your callous old hide (many of us are a great deal more sensitive than our faceless blogs pretend) on a subject that we all have divided opinions and concerns, but this isn’t like you or DIF. His comment , if I remember correctly, came just after an input from our soldier on here, Alpha Dog, and was like an afterthought on the “jerked chicken”. It wasn’t a diatribe or a rant that deserves more attention than any opinion that leaks off thread. I put it in my gallows humor bag and didn’t realize that I may have added to the now sensitized fray.

        Many of us appreciate the freedom to express many of our innermost feelings and, thanks to Word Press and the Senator, we have been given much leeway. Some on here take full advantage and bend them both over backwards, but we won’t call any names.🙂
        Sometimes we see old friends going at it in a quick upsurge of viscera, but we all know and trust as Dawgs that are in the same pen as those at Partners for Pets. We are all in it together no matter whether the next Dawg steps in our food bowl or shits all over our sensibilities. We all feel badly when things go awry and right now some of us feel uncomfortable when two fellow bloggers disagree. But I’ve noticed that the tolerance level on here is very high when I blog things and especially when I get off thread. Sometimes I think of law enforcement bloggers who hold their tongues in a princely fashion whenever subjects that have to be dear to their hearts are laughingly and seemingly insensitively trounced upon by some.🙂 That’s a high tolerance level. With that in mind, I’m certainly not one on here who could escape hypocrisy by admonishing anyone.

        A dustup among friends will always happen, but would you both cut the shit out?🙂

        • Macallanlover

          My friend, you and I are of different persuasions politically in many ways but we rarely cross swords here because we stay on point and don’t get into areas better reserved for other locations. settings. I have never doubted DIF’s “dawgliness” in any post but he continually likes to poke the bear or take some cheap shot at something many of us feel strongly about. Most simply let it slide or turn the other cheek. And that worked for most of our lives, or country’s history. I consider us as nearing a breakpoint in this country and do not feel such comments can go unchallenged. Seems the “silent majority” made a serious mistake, they should have been fighting back rather that letting things slide and being “politically correct” by playing nice with the bad guys. I have determined to never walk away from an incendiary comment I feel is designed to mislead or influence in a way that threatens my existence, or my children’s future.

          I am happy to stick to just football here but others prefer to scuffle. I can speak civilly to him, or others about football, but that doesn’t mean I would want then as a friend or neighbor. But I will not ignore this craziness any longer, no matter where I find it. This country has slipped too far by ignoring the growing problems.

          • Cojones

            Now you’ve hurt my feelings because bear pokin’ is my business on here and I ain’t toleratin’ no interlopers. Poked a bear yesterday aimed at different sexual orientations and political correctness of speech. Didn’t even hear crickets. Even made a slightly ascerbic remark about Republicans. Nothin’. The silence was as deafening as an FU bench after the WLOCP game the last three yrs.

            Felt like James Garner in the big street shootout during “Support Your Local Sheriff” when he jumped up and told everyone to just “Hold it!” for a brief ceasefire while he took cover. He then told everyone to go back to shooting.

            Thanks for the break. You and DIF can now plug away at each other…wait…I hear music! Bluto put some on while he frantically looks for material to stop our Dawg version of Israeli incursion into Gaza.

          • Dog in Fla

            “This country has slipped too far by ignoring the growing problems.”

            Boy, no kidding. Here’s a portion of some of the goals the perps on the “Patriot Act Victory Tour” reached and I’m just glad that one among the leadership that green-lighted this is on the Selection Committee (btw who was the genius who appointed her anyway?):

            “As a contribution to informing the American public as to what torture really means, we reproduce here a few of the autopsy reports. Remember that these deaths resulting from torture were produced by U.S. operatives, acting under the orders of commanding officers, who were implementing a policy which has its origins at the highest levels within the U.S. Department of Defense. These autopsy reports are not for people just brought in dead from the street — they are for people who died while in U.S. custody.

            6/6/2003 Whitehorse Detainment Facility, Nasiriyah, Iraq Strangulation
            Died as a result of asphyxia (lack of oxygen to the brain) due to strangulation as evidenced by the recently fractured hyoid bone in the neck and soft tissue hemorrhage extending downward to the level of the right thyroid cartilage. Autopsy revealed bone fracture, rib fractures, contusions in mid abdomen, back and buttocks extending to the left flank, abrasions, lateral buttocks. Contusions, back of legs and knees; abrasions on knees, left fingers and encircling to left wrist. Lacerations and superficial cuts, right 4th and 5th fingers. Also, blunt force injuries, predominatnly recent contusions (bruises) on the torso and lower extremities. Abrasions on left wrist are consistent with use of restraints. No evidence of defense injuries or natural disease. Manner of death is homicide.

            12/10/2002 Bagram Collection Point Blunt force injuries to lower extremities complicating coronary artery disease.
            Detainee was found unresponsive restrained in his cell. Death was due to blunt force injuries to lower extremities complicating coronary artery disease. Contusions and abrasions on forehead, nose, head, behind ear, neck, abdomen, buttock, elbow, thigh, knee, foot, toe, hemorrhage on rib area and leg. Detainee died of blunt force injuries to lower extremities, complicating underlying coronary artery disease. The blunt force injuries to the legs resulted in extensive muscle damage, muscle necrosis and rhabomyolysis. Electrolyte disturbances primarily hyperkalemia (elevated blood potassium level) and metabolic acidosis can occur within hours of muscle damage. Massive sodium and water shifts occur, resulting in hypovolemic shock and casodilatation and later, acute renal failure. The decedent’s underlying coronary artery disease would compromise his ability to tolerate the electrolyte and fluid abnormalities, and his underlying malnutrition and likely dehydration would further exacerbate the effects of the muscle damage. The manner of death is homicide.

            Abu Ghraib  Blunt Force Injuries Complicated by Compromised Respiration

            Iraqi National male was captured by Navy Seal Team #7 and resisted apprehension. External injuries including multiple contusions are consistent with injuries sustained during apprehension. Fractures of the ribs and a contusion of the left lung imply significant blunt force injuries of the thorax and likely resulted in impaired respiration. Ligature marks of the wrists and ankles. Remote gunshot wound of torso. No significant natural diseases identified. According to investigating agents, during interrogation of the detainee, a hood made of synthetic material was placed over the head and neck of the detainee. He died while detained at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Cause of death: Blunt force injuries complicated by compromised respiration. Manner of Death: Homicide. DOD 003329 refers to this case as “1 blunt force trauma and choking; died during interrogation.” DOD 003325 refers to this case with the notation “Q[uestioned] by OGA [Other Governmental Agency — non-military, often refers to the CIA] and NSWT [Navy Seals] died during interrogation.”

            1/9/2004 Al Asad, Iraq Blunt force injuries and asphyxia
            47 year old white male detainee died while in US custody. Cause of death: Blunt Force Injuries and Asphyxia; Manner of Death: Homicide. Autopsy revealed deep bruising of the chest wall, numerous displaced rib fractures, bruising on the lungs, hemorrhage into the mesentery of the small and large intestine. Examination of the neck structures revealed hemorrhage into the strap muscles and fractures of the thyroid cartilage and hyoid bone. History of asphyxia, secondary to occlusion of the oral airway. Pleural and pulmonary adhesions. Hypertensive cardiovascular disease. According to report provided by the US army CID, the detainee was shackled to the top of a doorframe with a gag in his mouth at the time he lost consciousness and became pulseless. The severe blunt force injuries, the hanging position, and the obstruction of the oral cavity with a gag contributed to this individual’s death. DOD 00329 refers to this case as “gagged in standing restraint” DOD 003329 refers to this case as “1 blunt force trama and choking; gagged in standing restraint.” DOD 003324 refers to this case with a note indicating “Q[uestioned] by OGA [Other Governmental Agency — non-military, often refers to CIA], gagged in standing restraint.”


          • UGAIII

            Mac, I’ve always respected what you have to say even on issues outside of the Dawgs, but political vitriol and ad hominem name calling aren’t what I normally find coming from the guys for whom I reserve my bottles of 12 and 18.

            This ain’t my pad and the rules around here are simply no sock puppetry and no racism and I love taking advantage of talking shit on here to absolutely no one at three a.m., especially after a painful loss, and I want to keep it that way, good Senator willing. One of my favorite hang outs used to be on Investors Hub, with an old day trader named Zeev Hed, who was an amazing man, and had only one rule on his thread, no politics. I’m extremely libertarian, and can’t stand what is happening to our country. It’s too bad Kennedy couldn’t abolish the Fed. But I don’t think what DIF said was worthy of name calling, nothing is, not from a classy scotch drinker like you. C’mon man.

            • Macallanlover

              “Leftist” isn’t the ugly name you think it is to DIF, he wears that label proudly. I am guessing you haven’t seen the years of extreme left positions this guy has posted. I didn’t call him that for the first time in this post, and it wasn’t made because of just what he said in his comment on this page. That is mild for him, now the sympathy for Hammas and the terrorist murderers in Gitmo is a different thing totally. I doubt he cares anymore about being called Leftist than I would Patriot.

              I would much prefer to discuss UGA football as well, and my scotch tastes much better when I am not having to deal with such nonsense anyway. So we can all agree on that and try to return to more pleasant subjects and work on saving metals so the Fed doesn’t frighten you as much. (OK, couldn’t resist since you obviously recognize the dangers of an out of control Fed.)

          • Dog in Fla

            I have never doubted DIF’s “dawgliness”

            I can lick my balls with the best of ’em…no, wait, yoga is not that good yet…

      • Outside of Fox News and its environs, does anyone really find this kind of talk convincing?

        • Macallanlover

          Surprised at you Senator, Fox News is much closer to offering conflicting viewpoints than the alternatives. Granted the evening lineups is made up of conservatives, I rarely watch it at night anyway unless there is a crisis, then I go there because they are the ones I trust most. But if you want to take a swing at bias in reporting there are juicier targets than Fox News….and the scenery isn’t near as interesting. But when you say outside of Fox News and it’s environs”, you do realize that is a pretty large swath don’t you?

          As I have stated before, I am only conservative in the areas of national security and fiscal matters, unfortunately these two are so critical there is little room for any compromising or tolerance. The remainder of the “political issues” I think are open to debate and I am more left than most on several of them and moderate on the others. Great discussion areas on those, and room to find mutual ground, it should be done. I don’t like the extreme positions of either party on those points, nor do I like them forcing all elected representatives to take their side or hit the highway.

    • Dog in Fla

      I has a sad too but the good news is that every time Mac calls someone a Leftist, an angel loses its right wing, which reminds me of a chick flick (that they apparently made for peanuts) about a girl with a Bob Davies geographical rivalry type of big brain:

      “1. The movie’s first image is of a single cell, shimmying in the light; then, in huge letters “Scarlett Johansson”; then, the cell dividing via mitosis into two identical duplicates, and then four. This is what is referred to in Hollywood as “wishful thinking.”….

      1. Lucy busts back into Jang’s place, stabs him through both hands, and reads his mind to discover the destinations of her three fellow mules, specifically Paris, Berlin, and Rome. My first thought was that Besson assumed that these are the only European cities with which an American audience would be familiar. But no, it’s worse than that: When the mules arrive at their stops, onscreen text announces “Paris – France,” “Berlin – Germany,” and “Rome – Italy.” This is doubtless to assist dimly provincial Americans who might otherwise have thought the mules were all headed for Texas, which has its own Paris, Berlin, and Rhome.”

      or maybe it was this

      • UGAIII

        Going to see Boyhood yesterday was in direct response to seeing Lucy the night before. Lucy is the worst movie I think I’ve ever seen, at least in the past twenty years. What was SJ thinking? I read that same Atlantic review yesterday, and couldn’t agree more.

        On the other hand, Boyhood has to be the best movie ever made. They captured time, bottled it, and transformed the existential into something preternatural, if not eternal. Before seeing it, I have always wondered, like most, what is the meaning of life? Besides getting to heaven and avoiding the red guy with horns of course. I now know.

        Only under limited release here in TX, going to see it again tonight, with my kids. Coming to GA soon.

        • Dog in Fla

          “On the other hand, Boyhood has to be the best movie ever made….what is the meaning of life?”

          Better than “Hurt Locker”?

      • Cojones

        Hey! Hear you are in my costume and been pokin’ the bear like the guy on “Super Troopers”. The e-mails have started flowing towards Blutarsky and this time my names not on’em. Do you guys want this to end up as a Libertarian blog? Oh….sorry, Senator. Well, do you?

        If you can’t quieten down, your gov is going to start listening to the Climate Warming scientists, make it a part of his platform and then be reelected. Of course that will happen right after he tears down the bridge to Sanibel Island and reintroduces deer.

        • Dog in Fla

          He’ll even pretend to listen to a scientist to re-elected so you have to tip your hat to him for that.

          I’ve always been a fan of Librarians and their one-man police force plus a fan of the great and sovereign states of mind that comprise what most people know as The SEC. I fondly remember living in New Orleans back when it was truly the best city in the third world country of Louisiana (except for Shreveport and Plaquemines Parish). Many others share that affinity for Louisiana:

          Glenn Hendricks • Top Commenter • University of Denver September 18, 2013 at 7:24am

          “Louisiana and environs are the northern most part of the third world. Corruption is endemic, the haves get more and the have nots get less. Kind of like a libertarian paradise with brain eating microbes in the water.”


          Scott Saunders • Top Commenter September 18, 2013 at 8:03am

          “There’s another kind of libertarian paradise?”

          • Cosmic Dawg

            Well, gosh, this post is a real blow to libertarianism – I guess I’ll have to rethink my whole philosophy now that you and Glenn Hendricks (top commenter) and Scott Saunders (also a top commenter, apparently) have laid out your intellectual arguments so eloquently.

            When it comes to politics, you’re a real bomb thrower, aren’t you, DIF? Is that all it takes to be an intellectual? A few arcane references, a quick cheap shot and you drop the mic and walk offstage?

            You may disagree with libertarianism, but at least it’s consistent, and it’s a defensible, rational philosophy – something I can’t say for your blatant homerism that can somehow – impossibly – reserve your white hot hate for only one of our two wholly corrupt political parties.

            • Dog in Fla

              “You may disagree with libertarianism,”

              I don’t even know what it is.

              But some of my best friends are Libertarians. Well, they would be if I had any friends. I’ll be the first to admit that I am fascinated by flesh eating bacteria, the Republican Party and hero worship because who doesn’t love a hero?

              And I like that President Carebear still has a sense of humor notwithstanding being under attack all the time and being the head of a feckless political party that can’t even mount any meaningful opposition to those who have no sense of humor

              At least, I’m not as bad as horseface Dan

            • Dog in Fla

              “reserve your white hot hate for only one of our two wholly corrupt political parties.”

              That’s easy.

              The Democratic Party is like an eccentric aunt and uncle who mean well but have trouble getting anything done and hate any kind of fight or confrontation.

              The Republican Party is like hoping your armed and dangerous sociopath cousins can lie enough to keep your heavily armed and dangerous psychopath cousins from killing everybody at the family reunion because they ran out of liquor and then going down to the Pick-n-Pay and doing the same thing there.

              Other than that, sure, both sides do it

  6. Trbodawg

    Ummmm… not to hojack the thread, but “Getting back to a 2003 frame of mind” I can’t wait for this season to start. All of the conjecture, all of the ‘experts’ will be proven or disproven on the field.

  7. Go Dawgs!

    Remember after those Clemson guys got arrested and we were making jokes about being the team with fewer suspensions for a change?

    How funny was that?