Back to reality

Jeremy Pruitt is Debbie Downer.

Pruitt is largely retaining the 3-4 scheme that Georgia used the past four seasons under Todd Grantham. But ideally Pruitt would like to substitute more and use an array of packages. He was asked Wednesday how comfortable he is that by the Clemson game on Aug. 31 he will be able to do all that.

“Right now I’m not very comfortable at all,” he said, adding that they will only play the guys that they know can perform. “If that’s 11, it’s 11. If it’s 30, it’s 30.

That’s a month to settle on a two-deep, or however the packages will be set.  Not exactly an eternity.

On the bright side, at least his players are ready to get started.



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26 responses to “Back to reality


    I don’t expect much more out of him than that…how could he possibly know his talent on hand..


  2. 202dawg

    I’ve been asking to be cut off from the Kool Aid for weeks. Thanks Coach; that did it…


    • SouthGaDawg

      +1 I’ll pass on the Kool Aid too. I’m ready for hard work and fundamentals to yield some results.


  3. DawgPhan

    as a battered dawg, the first thing I thought when I read that article was “Is providing burgers to your players before camp a violation?”

    That said, I feel pretty comfortable with him as DC. Camp starts in a day or so.

    Also he certainly doesnt seem to have the temperament for the head coaches spot.


  4. I don’t care about the scheme (3-4, 4-3, 4-2-5). I just want to know we aren’t going to have guys waving their arms at the snap of the ball because the call comes in late or people don’t understand what to do. I want to see us make tackles in the open field rather than going for the kill shot. I definitely want to see us create turnovers and field position for the offense. All of that and no stupid timeouts on defense – is that too much to ask?


  5. JCDAWG83

    I guess if Pruitt sets low expectations, he won’t have to deal with disappointed fans. I hope the defense is better, it can’t be much worse, but I will withhold judgement on Pruitt as a DC until I see the play on the field.


  6. 69Dawg

    CJP is a Saban guy and he does not have time for this sh*t. He knows what he has and he can compare it to his FSU and Alabama talent. He certainly is not going to say anything to raise the fan bases expectations, until he is sure that is warranted. He has never seemed to be a happy talk kind of guy.


  7. Dog in Fla

    “On the bright side,”

    Congratulations on 20,023,063 hits.
    Wonder if there was a prize for 20,000,000th


  8. Jman781

    I can guarantee that if our guys aren’t ready to play until “Aug. 31” against Clemson, we’re screwed.


    • Point taken. However, some of the guys, especially the new guys, will still be learning right up to the final walk-throughs. But hopefully, even they will be ready to play.


  9. FWIW, I didn’t feel any “down”. Just some realism. Pruitt has been straightforward, unlike his predecessor, since he arrived. There wasn’t anything new, or very little.

    I do feel a little better about the conditioning of the defense, after hearing his remarks. He seemed OK, overall, with his DL, and there were body-type changes on all 3 levels. Still no info on Toby Johnson, who we now need to step up, and who looked fat to me recently. The media says he lost 6 pounds, which isn’t much, but that is from last year, which tells us exactly nothing.

    Which, BTW, we have to keep something in mind. The reports of the weight changes are comparing weights to this time last year. Which is hardly reliable. To have those numbers mean anything, they would have to be compared to accurate weights after Spring Practice.

    Jordan Jenkins has lost 20 pounds. That a good sign. Shoot, a great sign. I’ve ridden him pretty hard this year, and he deserved it. Hopefully, this indicates he’s gonna be a changed player. Good news for us.

    It’s a lot more fun to be proud of a player, not the other way around. We’ve had too much of the other for so long. Now it’s time to begin having some fun with the defense. We knew how bad things were on defense when Pruitt arrived, and how the talent level was down. So if it takes a little time, that’s OK, provided we can compete.

    If we can compete, we can still win our first two games. And Pruitt knows how to get them to that point, from where they are right now, today. But it takes more than just him, so his caution is justified.

    Camp doesn’t get any bigger than this.


    • Dog in Fla

      “It’s a lot more fun to be proud of a player, not the other way around.”

      I don’t know, I kind of take it as a compliment when they’re proud of me.

      “Camp doesn’t get any bigger than this.”

      Apparently, you didn’t get a chance to see Sharknado Part One on the Sci-Fi network


  10. Will Trane

    Whoaa. DC was not very happy in April. And is not very comfortable going into fall camp. We know Marie Osmond has counted the weight for the team / roster. Watched a re-play of the UT game last evening. Pruitt did not want to talk about the lost players. Understandable. In the UT game the announcers commented on the tackles Josh Harvey-Clemons had made in the prior games they had covered in Athens 2013 prior to UT game.
    Yeah the numbers you can talk about are weight and scheme packages on D right now. The number Pruitt is looking for is the speed to stop the point of attack, with a receiver deep, and number of guys on a tackle and off a block. Curious to see how quick Pruitt runs his D in a game re downs, distance, and O packages. Have a feeling the play on D will be harder and faster under this staff.
    Looking back at the points given up by the D to UT last year in the 2nd half and other big plays made against them [first half Tech, Nebraska, Auburn, etc], well, no wonder he is uncomfortable. And the SEC East will be a test for him and the first test gets there quickly with Spurrier in Columbia.
    But then again he wants to be a DC in the SEC, after all he left a National Champion in the ACC after beating the winningest team in the SEC.
    Pruitt may be uncomfortable, but for some gut feeling, well, I feel comfortable, after all last year was never comfortable.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    A lot of the great coaches spoke as if their teams were mediocre. He also likely doesn’t want to be feeding the egos of the players – we just dumped a batch of players who thought they were the greatest thing to happen to cfb.

    Either that, or we really do have a tough year coming up. I’ll take the former.


  12. Will Trane

    CMR arrives in camp looking for Aaron Murray. He’s not there, well, let me tell you about the way we looked…
    3 years. Watching Murray in the 2nd half of the UT game and knowing he’s not there this year. Well, I was not very comfortable even though Murray had some bad plays from time to time.
    Contention and expectations are here. Reality is next.


    • “CMR arrives in camp looking for Aaron Murray. He’s not there, well, let me tell you about the way we looked…” the way we act and the color of Marie Osmond’s hair, her voice was soft and cool, her eyes were clear and bright but she’s not there. However, Pruitt is and De Bell’s got the Zombie watch


  13. heytogoober

    Munson and Pruitt would have had a good time together. I wonder if he’s met Copas and Gainey yet. Those two can be pretty pessimistic too.


  14. Mayor

    If we can just stay where we were on O last year and improve the STs to average, plus get the DBs to just cover and tackle we’ll be fine. We do not need a dramatic improvement on D. We just need COMPETENCE on D. I think the Dawgs’ D under Pruitt has already shown us a different attitude on D. I like what the guy is doing.


    • Mayor, you are absolutely right. Improved special teams (here’s looking at you, punt and punt return), fundamentally sound defense, and offensive stability will result in a better record. Regression to the mean on injuries to key players wouldn’t hurt either.