Nice conference scheduling you got there.

While it’s great that Auburn and Clemson have signed up for a home-and-home in the next few years, sadly, it does lead to this head scratcher…

Auburn-Florida was a compelling series in the nineties and aughts.  Too bad Mike Slive thinks we don’t really need it anymore.



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  1. MGW

    College football is trying its damnedest to become a lot less of a passion kind of thing you just can’t help but love, and lot more like the kind of thing you have to “get into”.


  2. Agree. It was a great series in the 80’s as well. I attended a Florida-Auburn game in Gainesville in 1983.


  3. Charles

    Those new viewers in the St. Louis and Kansas City media markets won’t miss it.


    • Macallanlover

      I think all CFB fans miss games like that. Heard today that opening weekend in 2016 would have Bama/USC, Auburn/Clemson, ND/Texas, LSU/Wisky, and UCLA/A&M, and a couple of other good matchups. I sure hope one of those moves to Thursday and another to Monday night. Maybe schools. Better scheduling is the key to higher ratings and better attendance.


      • Charles

        Agreed. I was only joking, of course. I’ll never forgive these hacks for diluting the conference.


        • +1 – we get to play Missouri every year instead of a series with Clemson. UGA/UF/AU used to have a great round-robin over a 3-week period prior to expansion. UF would leave it all on the field to beat AU. We would beat UF in Jacksonville a week later. AU would usually beat us especially in Athens the next week.


  4. Will (the other one)

    Tubs was really good at spoiling Gator seasons too. Tater Tot vs. SOS wasn’t as fun, but the games were pretty good.


  5. Spike

    Ugh.. The Barners v. Orange and Purple. Who is an Ole Dawg like me supposed to pull for in that game?


  6. WarD Eagle

    Lots of Auburn fans unhappy about this state of affairs.


  7. Mayor

    You have raised an excellent point here, Senator. Why are some series “traditional rivalries” and others not? Who decided that when the SEC was divided into halves that Such and Such U was in the West and Other U was in the East? UGA and Ole Miss used to play every year before, now we rarely see ’em. Even though the SEC was not a true “round-robin” league before at least every school used to play every other school every 4 years. I still favor kicking out the last 4 additions and going to a “round-robin” schedule with the remaining 10 where every team plays every other team annually. That is the only way to get a true conference champion. I know, I know…….never gonna happen.


  8. Bobby Fenton

    Solves everything:


  9. Best thing about AU playing UF is that one of them has to lose. Worst thing is that one has to win.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    It is an unwritten rule created back in 2007.

    Clemson and Auburn have to play each other every few years just to prove they are not the same school.