Hopefully, this will be my last post on the subject.

Just a reminder that the one unconditionally excellent thing I can say about the College Football Playoff is that it’s relegated the Coaches Poll to the sidelines.



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18 responses to “Hopefully, this will be my last post on the subject.

  1. Timphd

    If Sakerlina is National Champ this year I will have to give up college football forever. My hate for Superior runs deep and I couldn’t bear the pain of the “Cocks: National Champs” t shirts.


  2. Dog in Fla

    I have a sneaking suspicion that it was either Dabo or Nick


  3. paul

    The truth of the matter is, though, coaches like Spurrier are a dying breed. You know he’s going to be entertaining and you’re never going to wonder what he REALLY thinks. Is he an arrogant jerk? Sure he is. But I for one will miss him when he’s gone. I am a dyed in the wool Disney Dawg. I love Mark Richt like family. But I can tell you today exactly what he will say for the rest of the season. He will never say anything we don’t expect. Steve on the other hand? Let’s just say, when Spurrier speaks, people listen. I promise you, we’ll all be telling our grandchildren about the time the Old Ball Coach said such and such.


    • Crochety


      J/K…one of my favorite Spurrierisms was the quip about Auburn’s library catching fire.


    • Derek

      There is nothing wrong with giving the players credit for the wins, blaming yourself for the losses, passing on opportunities to say “interesting” things and generally having standards that transcend your own selfish interest in winning. It’s called character and is something that SOS has never had and never will. I give SOS credit in one single respect: he’s the best red zone pass play caller I’ve ever seen.


  4. Spike

    Whoa there, Paul. Let’s not get carried away…


  5. Clearly this was the work of Evil Richt.


  6. CannonDawg

    The phrase “South Carolina is the nation’s #1 team” has all the intrinsic appeal as the phrase “turn your head to the side and cough.” It’s unpleasant, undignified, and what follows is uncomfortable in a place where discomfort is altogether unwelcome. Add to that the thought of Spurrier as the coach of the #1 team, and the phrase “bend over and grab your ankles” comes to mind.

    You know the rest.


  7. hassan

    I didn’t know the baseball poll was even out yet.


  8. What fresh hell is this?

    I too will miss the Old Ball Sack when he’s gone.
    Anyone care to guess from whence the lone Ohio St vote came
    I don’t want a larger playoff field but if there was ever a case for it, it’s the fact that Ohio St will suck up 1 of the 4 spots by virtue of playing an absolutely abysmal schedule and a more deserving team will not be selected.


  9. Nashville West

    I suspect that Spurrier didn’t vote at all, his SID did. Plausible deny-ability strikes again…


  10. KornDawg

    You think they’ll put up a banner in Williams Brice to commemorate their vote for #1?


  11. Macallanlover

    Steve is now at the “new Duke” where coaches cast joje votes. What goes around comes around.