“Despite what Updyke did, Finebaum still had a soft spot for him.”

Honestly, between the two of them, it’s impossible to say for whom I have more contempt.  Gah.



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  1. hassan

    “Harvey had too much Bama in him,” Finebaum wrote in the book. “But Bama has always had a weird effect on people.”

    …yep. Truer words have never been spoken.


  2. We need BD to come over and comment on this. He and WarD Eagle may be the only sane college football fans with ties to the state of Alabama.


    • Well, I’ll say this. Uncle Harv wasn’t the only Bama fan with visions of felonies dancing in his head after that loss. And while he was one of the few to commit a felony, he was the only one stupid enough to call a national radio program and confess.

      After that game I had to reassess myself. The tantrum that I threw was legendary and proved, once again, how much my wife loves me: a) we are still married after it; and b) she didn’t put it on YouTube.

      Alabamians have tied our esteem to football for a long time. However this is actually a step up from some other things we used to attach to.


      • Wives of college football fans have a special place reserved for them in heaven one day. I’m sure mine does. 🙂


      • “After that game I had to reassess myself”…I feel ya BD. Seems like I have one of those games every year. And yes, same situation with my wife, God bless her.


      • WarD Eagle

        Every school has it’s share of idiots (some have a double portion) – none are exempt.

        EVERY school.


      • ScoutDawg

        BD, thank you, well said. I thought I was the only lucky one with a wife who gave me a BIG PASS from August through January. Damn though, February through July are hell.


  3. ESPN has an underlying contempt for fans in the SEC. Why else would they raise Feinbaum and his followers up as an example of SEC passion? They intentionally dredged the bottom of the SEC fanbase and are now currently highlighting the filthy sludge and the smarmy man who scooped it up.


    • +1. Well put.

      Why else would they raise Feinbaum and his followers up as an example of SEC passion? They intentionally dredged the bottom of the SEC fanbase …

      Exactly. It’s embarrassing. I’ve been in the League longer than Finebaum or even Tony Barnhardt. And neither Finebaum not his fanbase is representative of the majority of the SEC fanbase.

      Finebaum sold out to Alabama long ago. It’s so obvious, and it was before Saban arrived on the scene. Nor are most of us entertained in any way by Finebaum’s infamous callers. We never watched Jerry Springer, either.

      What a shame it is that the SEC is so represented. It is, well …. embarrassing.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    A soft spot? That’s putting it mildly. Paul Finebaum owes Harvey Updike 30 cents of every dollar he makes. Howard Stern has more class than Paul Finebaum.


    • Absolutely. He’s not going to disregard the tools that brought him to prominence. Dang I am in a bad mood today. Mitchell hurt his knee again.


      • Lrgk9

        Slive sold us out to the highest bidder plain and simple. Now we are ‘customers as opposed to college fans with an emotional attachment.

        Like a couple coaches I had, we are just pieces of meat, chattel assets, cogs in the ESPN engine.


  5. Spike

    That’s easy. Finebaum.


  6. Brandon

    Harvey Updyke is an insane person. That does not mean he shouldn’t have been punished but that make’s him a little less morally culpable in my mind. Finebaum knows what he is doing, it’s pretty easy for me, I detest Finebaum more.


  7. Wasn’t part of his sentence that he is not allowed to speak to the media? I would think Finebaum is exactly the person the judge doesn’t want him to have contact with.


  8. anon

    In that picture Updyke looks like an Ugnaught from The Empire Strikes Back. Sorry for showing my inner nerd.


  9. 69Dawg

    I have tried to watch his new show on ESPN but it’s just sooo bad. He is lost without the nut bag callers. It really does set back the South at least 50 years. He’s the poster boy for the damn carpetbaggers. How the Alabama and Auburn fans allowed him to thrive and survive for all these years is unbelievable.