Honestly, I can live without this.

Let’s face it – would you rather have a ticket with a coupon you could trade for a burger after the game, or a ticket that smells like a burger before the game?



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12 responses to “Honestly, I can live without this.

  1. Jack Klompus

    A much cheaper way to deliver 4 Hot Dogs, with the tix and Cokes. I see lickable tix in Ga Techs future.


  2. Deutschland Domiciliary Dog.

    Carl Jr. burger = Hardee’s burger. Same chain, different name.

    Oregon should have chosen Jack-In-The-Box instead!


  3. hassan

    Don’t all LSU tickets already smell like corn dogs?


  4. Union Jack

    Carl’s Jr? Jack in the Box? No way – Oregon should have done a deal with Burgerville and made the ticket smell like a Bacon and Bleu cheese burger made with Rogue Smokey Bleu cheese. Maybe add a Marionberry milkshake.


    • Jack Klompus

      Oh man, you aren’t kidding about Burgerville…I was the fattest kid on the block growing up because of that place. Their Double Cheeseburger with their special sauce is the greatest tasting burger evah.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    Shouldn’t they smell lile roasted duck?


  6. It is about damn time they did this. What took so long?


  7. TNlogdawg

    What’s next….Scratch and smoke tickets that make you get the munchies and want to eat burgers after the fact?
    I’m guessing in Oregon, the answer is yes.