Number one, number one

Here’s what ESPN has to say about its top rated player in the SEC this season.

1. Todd Gurley, RB, Georgia Bulldogs
Coaches, players and sports writers can agree on at least one thing: Gurley is a beast. At SEC media days, nearly every player surveyed by ESPN called Georgia’s lead tailback the most intimidating player to tackle in the league. Reporters, meanwhile, made Gurley a first-team All-SEC choice, awarding him the second-most votes overall. If he can stay healthy, he’s the league’s best shot at winning the Heisman Trophy. With 2,374 yards in the past two seasons, only Nebraska’s Ameer Abdullah has more career rushing yards entering 2014.

Man, I sure hope we get a full and healthy year out of him.  Go out with a bang, Todd.



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19 responses to “Number one, number one

  1. Spike

    Glad I’m around to see that dude play. GATA! Todd..


  2. Gravidy

    The Heisman is a complete non-issue to me. I just want to see him be able to play as well as he can every game. And that doesn’t mean I want him to get 30 carries per game. If he plays as well as he can, 15-20 per game, (combined with productive carries from the other RBs) should be sufficient to win just about every game on the schedule.


  3. Assuming Gurley stays healthy and we end up in Atlanta, TGII3 will be in NYC the next weekend for the Heisman presentation. Unfortunately, the award has become an award for QBs especially those that have the “best” statistics and are the WWL’s favorites.





  5. JCDAWG83

    Gurley has a legitimate shot at the Heisman as long as Georgia wins 10 or more games this season and is a top ten team at the time of the Heisman vote. The Heisman has become an award for the best player on one of the best teams. If Georgia has another 8 win season, Gurley will be invited to New York but will have no shot at the Heisman.


  6. pantslesspatdye

    Man, I sure hope we get a full and healthy year out of him

    I’m going in assuming this won’t happen. That said, I have no expectations of the team this season and am just looking forward to watching him run. He is a tremendous player. And 2015 will be a down year.


    • Why? He got hurt last year on a freakish play while carrying an LSU defender out of bounds. KM got hurt on a dirty play in Knoxville. In 2012, both he and Marshall were healthy and unstoppable. Also, why throw in the towel for 2015? I know we all try to channel our inner Munson/Dooley …


  7. Cojones

    ESPN also has Gurley as # 3 in the nation behind the QBs from Ore and FSU.


  8. I just want Gurley to have the year he is capable of having. Everything will be fine if that happens, and it’ll be fun to watch.

    Remember, this is a player who has the ability to put the whole team on his back, and carry it for a whole season. I can recall only one other Georgia player who could do that.


    • Even that one other player has mentioned TG as the type of player who could carry his team for a season. I hope he gets the chance because the kid seems to be as good as gold. My 14-year-old daughter saw him on campus walking down the street this summer while she was at a camp. She asked him if he was Todd Gurley and he said yes. She told him our puppies were named Todd and Marshall and showed him a picture. He laughed, gave her a hug, and said he had to get to the weight room – classy!


  9. Studawg

    F the Heisman, I want him to win the SECCG MVP. Thats a real award.


  10. Roostersrule

    At least you have one preseason winner. But hey George Rogers won the Heisman and South Carolina did not win the championship. My your dreams keep BoBo another year.


  11. Roostersrule

    “May your dreams” need an edit feature.