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The snippy truth

What I love most about the quip is that it works on two levels for me – the Big Ten snark and the reminder that, while Georgia has a bye week before heading to Columbia, the OBC can’t devote 100% of his attention to the Dawgs that week… as much as you know he’d like to.



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“They are so rah-rah about football that they don’t care about what happens…”

It’s about damned time, Coach Richt.

Gone, apparently, is a culture that insiders say was driven by hands-off management and a willingness to accept risky athletic recruits in a bid to win on game day.

Oh, wait.

U.S. Air Force Academy cadet athletes flouted the sacred honor code by committing sexual assaults, taking drugs, cheating and engaging in other misconduct at wild parties while the service academy focused on winning bowl games and attracting money from alumni and private sources in recent years, a Gazette investigation has found.

The findings are egregious enough that academy Superintendent Lt. Gen. Michelle Johnson told The Gazette that she has called for an Inspector General’s investigation of the athletic department.

The Air Force Academy?  Eh, things couldn’t have been that bad, could they?  Um…

After academy leaders were told about the allegations of rape and drug use, OSI agents planned their own party, one with informants in the crowd and special agents nearby to bust bad actors. But leaders determined that the risk that women would be raped was so high that the idea of a January 2012 sting was quashed, academy officials said.

Pretty much your textbook example of “out of control”.  And, gee, where have we heard this story before?

“I think they have, more and more, recruited people for athletic purposes who can’t hack it academically and morally,” Goldich said.

Some at the school say Mueh may have allowed standards to fall. In 10 years under Mueh, who has announced plans to retire in 2015, athletes at the academy have piled up the record of misbehavior and courts-martial convictions.

“Obviously, we shouldn’t have brought any of them in – in hindsight,” Mueh admits of cadets who dishonored the program.

Mueh, though, hotly contests that his management style led to athlete misconduct.

Two athletic department workers, who asked not to be named for fear of retaliation, said Mueh gave coaches wide latitude in recruiting and maintaining discipline.

A former academy leader called Mueh’s style “hands-off,” even as allegations of athlete misdeeds piled up and coaching salaries soared.

“Laissez-faire,” another said of Mueh’s style.

If it can happen at the AFA, tell me where it can’t happen.

I await the reaction from Herbstreit and Wolken.


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Athlon, you’re killing me.

It’s not that you have Alabama’s coordinators ranking several slots higher than Georgia’s, it’s that you actually go there:  “Kiffin, for all of his faults, is overqualified to be “just” an offensive coordinator.”

Listing Virginia Tech ninth, with Scot Loeffler running the offense, is just the cherry on top of the sundae.

Easily one of the dumbest lists I’ve seen in a while.


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The fall and rise of Damian Swann?

Looking back on Swann’s 2013 season, I do agree that part of his problem stemmed from going from being the baby in the secondary surrounded by veteran talent to being the old man of the bunch.  (I also think he was more suited to playing the Star position than he was to corner, but that’s another story.)

But Chris Conley hits on another issue that affected his play last season.

“I think Swann’s going to benefit a lot from the coaching changes,” Conley said. “Swann’s a guy who pays attention to details and tries to do things the right way. And unfortunately in the past, there wasn’t a lot of detail given.  [Emphasis added.]

“And that’s the difference. That’s the huge difference with Coach Pruitt. Everything’s about detail, and everything’s about doing it the right way. So I think Swann will benefit immensely from those changes, and the defense in and of itself will benefit.”

I hope he’s right.  There are always players who benefit from a coaching change. And it sounds like the Grantham/Lakatos Fan Club lost another member.

Swann is a guy they need pretty badly to be a significant contributor.  And he’s definitely not playing Star this year.  The good thing is that Pruitt sounds like he believes he can make something out of Swann.


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Name that caption, smh edition

Knuckleheads on parade.

Who dresses these people, anyway?

Have at it in the comments, folks.


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Sunday morning buffet

Eh, go get yourself some.


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One step beyond cream cheese

You are simply not gonna believe what South Carolina reported as a secondary violation. Seriously.

I hope somebody gets a quip from Spurrier about it.  Should be priceless.


UPDATE:  Honestly, I’m a little disappointed.


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