Sunday morning buffet

Eh, go get yourself some.


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12 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Cojones

    Heck, I felt bad for wandering the thread, but they never got on it at Sting Talk.

  2. Spike

    Nice update on the new players and the walk on QB.

  3. joe

    If Prescott stays healthy, I believe Mississippi State has a dark horse shot at the west. If they can go 2-1 in the lsu, am and auburn games, 10-2 is highly possible. If au, bama and lsu beat each other up, miss st could back into atlanta.

    Mullen can completely control the game with a healthy Prescott by getting into 3rd and 3 situations and milking the clock. He is tactically intelligent enough to pull that off. The huge question is the health of Prescott over the full season.

    • I certainly think MSU is better than 41st in the country, and will prove that on the field. However, it might not show in the rankings, though they could easily end up ranked.

      It’s the dilemma of life in the SEC that it’s bottom 2/3 teams generally end up underrated.

      • Macallanlover

        It is OK that Miss State get the SEC version of the Rodney Dangerfield Award, they have certainly been overrated many times. Like FU, they load the box with weak OOC play and blaze out to a fast start before collapsing back to mediocrity in the latter part of the season.

        I am not saying they aren’t capable of pulling an upset in the West this year but I just don’t see them making a run at the West title. I know they are the popular pick as a dark horse (because of a returning QB), and they do usually play The Barn tight for some reason but they just don’t have the quality depth to make a run. If they do, I will be the most surprised here. Not saying the ranking of 41st is right, but I see them closer to 40 than 20….although their schedule will cause some voters to over rank them again. West does have the potential to cannibalize itself this year, and the winner will likely come from a tiebreaker so MSU will probably play a role in that.

  4. Rampdawg

    Just further proof that “The Jokettes” have “Alligator mouths” and “Canary asses”.

  5. CannonDawg

    If you can hear the pass leaving the QBs hand, it’s moving downrange on a mission. That’s a good sign, and one that recruiters of QBs are invariably drawn to. Gimme five passes, and if I can see it leave his hand, and hear it, then I’m interested. Go get ’em, Brice!

    • I’m pulling for him, and have been since we signed him. Sometimes I’m not sure why. Just something about him.

      • Macallanlover

        Agree, I liked the limited film I saw on him in HS when he signed and I have always liked his comments and confidence about UGA. Was surprised at the lack of positive comments on him in the spring so it is good to see he has been working.