The snippy truth

What I love most about the quip is that it works on two levels for me – the Big Ten snark and the reminder that, while Georgia has a bye week before heading to Columbia, the OBC can’t devote 100% of his attention to the Dawgs that week… as much as you know he’d like to.



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14 responses to “The snippy truth

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    He’ll never get over it, will he?


  2. Classic Spurrier, just telling the truth. Works for me, too.


    • Lrgk9

      It starts, the bright light of truth, the 9 game conference schedule doesn’t mean crap when your bottom tier is lower than nonconference cupcakes. Especially ones like GSU in Statesboro Blues, Ga… Oh Wait,,

      Predict that the 9 game conference schedule blows up in Delany’s face.


  3. AthensHomerDawg

    Steve is 2-0 against them. Last time uSC played them was in 2012. The OBC won 48-10. Tulane took them into OT and won last year. I don’t think Steve is sweating it too much. I enjoyed the shot he took at the Big 10. It would be fun if Steve and the Cryer met in a bowl. 😉


  4. GT dawg

    hate him hate him hate him. Dang, reluctant hat tip.


  5. Spike

    What is his hang up about schedules?


  6. Greg

    I think that quote will serve to motivate East Carolina. They have had some good teams over the years…a heck of a lot better than quite a few of the teams in the Big Ten in those good years, not just the bottom tier.


  7. paul

    See? This is what I was talking about last week. When it comes to the verbal jab Spurrier has few, if any, peers. Sucks when he does it to you. But It’s usually damned entertaining. Not to mention true. Gotta give the guy his props. Football used to be chock full of coaches willing to engage in repartee like Steve. Sadly, its a dying art.


  8. Buddha

    I used to work for an engineering firm, and we had Auburn and Klimptson grads working there. It was fun to get one of each and mention Clemson being the Auburn on the Lake. They look at each other trying to figure out who’s being dissed. Priceless.