The yin and yang of GameDay

This is so ESPN:

GameDay will have limited commercials in its opening hour this year as viewers will get long stretches of conversation, with an aim toward hardcore football fans. “I think we need to have stronger opinions and more opinions, but do so organically,” Fowler said. “I think one of the reasons GameDay has had its long-term success is we don’t force things in merely for theater.

• Fitting says the show is looking to add a full-time DJ to keep the crowds (mostly of college students) entertained. The DJ will occasionally appear on air, and the hope is to hire a woman in the role. “One of the challenges we have run into with the show going three hours is we are asking the kids to be out there for 3-5 hours and they lose energy,” Fitting said. “So we thought: Why don’t we bring a DJ out that plays music off air during breaks? You keep the crowd energized and it becomes more of a party.” This person would then slowly become on-air talent for GameDay. Fitting said that since the show is “overloaded with middle-age males,” his preference was to get a female DJ.

Yeah, that mere theater shit sucks.


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61 responses to “The yin and yang of GameDay

  1. Jack Klompus

    More incompetent and stronger opinions. Sounds great.

  2. Mark

    I stopped watching game day years ago. They got away from game analysis and more into player bios. I try to catch their game picks. Most of my friends don’t watch any more either. Not sure who their audience is now….

    • Jeff Sanchez

      Eh…it’s pretty much on in the background every Saturday and is part of the gameday atmosphere for me. I’ll check in on ten minutes here or there, but not like when I used to religiously watch every minute years ago

  3. JCDAWG83

    I think the only people that watch the Gameday drivel are the rabid fans and young fans of the schools playing at the Gameday location. I find it to be the biggest waste of time on Saturday morning imaginable.

  4. Castleberry

    We just need Corso to jump the shark…

  5. Go Dawgs!

    If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. I don’t see why ESPN feels the need to tinker with their most successful properties until they ruin them. GameDay is the best thing that ESPN does other than game broadcasts. It’s a ratings giant and it’s THE broadcast of record for college football. Why keep messing with it?

    • Dog in Fla

      They want to bring in a super-hot DJ chick to make the sausage fest moar organic for the dudes. What possible ratings-grab could be better than that?

    • They are talking about between commercial breaks, right? That is what it says….i doubt you will see much of a change on TV.

  6. Scorpio Jones, III

    So many rolls of toilet paper, so many sets of tires to sell, all the little people who make Viagra need new phones. The weight of commerce bears heavily on the minds of the show’s planners.

    “We have a huge responsibility to our advertisers to keep the appearance of actual students, actually interested in our show,” said Bert Walawachawasis, promotion manager for Game Day at the WorldWideLeaderOfBullshit (WWLOB). “Having a young, hot girl spinning the discs seems like a no-brainer to me, which would be appropriate, considering the mass IQ of the screaming droolers who wave signs during our show.”

    I stopped watching this bullshit years ago, I am embarrassed I ever did.

  7. Russ

    Man, I’m really glad I don’t watch that shit. Pretty soon, I guess I’ll have to take up fishing to fill my time on fall Saturdays.

    • Gravidy

      While Game Day is on, you’ll almost always find me in a deer stand. I highly recommend it as an alternative to anyone so inclined. Fishing is also a great alternative, but I don’t do it that much in the fall.

      • WarD Eagle

        Seconded. Fall is the greatest season – football, dove, deer, cool enough for golf, and the surf is always better.

  8. Lrgk9

    How do we tell the difference between theater and theatre ?

  9. Macallanlover

    I don’t think I have watched ESPN since last football season (except for the golf broadcasts on the majors…no other choice.) But I do turn Gameday on every Saturday morning to hear reports of info that affects the day’s games (weather, injuries, etc.) and a few special background stories they run. And I enjoy the picks to hear their rationale. I don’t listen intently, but it is the only think I watch on ESPN anymore, except live games. I don’t miss them at all and am never tempted to watch.

    One thing that I missed on the article about the lineup of announcers though, have they dropped/lost Todd Blackledge? I hope not but didn’t see him listed in the snippet I read.

    • Dog in Fla

      “have they dropped/lost Todd Blackledge?”

      Rumors are that he exploded in a greasy spoon somewhere on the outer banks of The SEC Territory. Efforts to piece him back together are ongoing.

      • Macallanlover

        Thanks, didn’t read down far enough, just read part of it and missed his name. Think he is the best analyst in CFB, wish he and Nessler did more of our games. I also appreciate his “greasy spoon” recommendations as the elitists call them. He is no threat to Guy on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives, but who could be that masterful. That website is the one to check when traveling to a new area and wanting to eat like the locals. Some have changed hands and slipped since they were featured on the show, but I have a good idea of what to order just by reviewing their clips.

  10. Spike

    I hope she is hot..

    • Macallanlover

      Chances are good that will be on the short list of criteria. And hanging around so many college campuses makes it likely they will find plenty of candidates to interview.

    • Cojones

      Just can’t understand the lust we must have in order to see a person of another gender as a DJ. I’m surprised that the politically correct speech hasn’t penetrated to a personable acceptance level here. She may have a law degree from Harvard or Yale. It doesn’t matter whether she’s hot or where she’s from, as long as she has nice t-t-tits.

  11. Hey, “The Real World” was great for Mtv. They don’t even show music videos anymore. So, this can only mean more “original programming” and less actual “live sprots.”


    • Cojones

      It’s Alive! My sprot’s ALIVE!

      Comcast carries VH1. Channels may differ in different areas.

  12. Mike Cooley

    I used to really enjoy the show but it’s not good anymore. Some time in the last five years or so forced theatre became their stock in trade. They seem to have made a decision to cater to a different audience. It used to be a show for college football fans. Now it seems to be a show for football fans who are in college. I’m 36 so a lot of the stuff they do now just either doesn’t appeal to me or goes over my head altogether as I’m no kewel enough to get it. I still leave it on for background noise and I still think Fowler and I never thought I would say it but Howard do a pretty good job. God bless Pollak but I never liked him in this role. Herbstriet seems to be littler more than a provocateur and Big Integer apologist and poor Corso is nothing but a clown. And the sad part is I’m not sure that he knows he’s just a clown.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      I can’t watch Palmer and Pollak together. I guess I am not use to him acting timid around a quarterback.

      • It’s funny how a broken neck can alter your paradigm. Still, I think Pollack is better that his role in the Gameday panel allows. He’s the new kid on the block. Still love his observations, though. He had me at, “tackling Gurley is a business decision.”

        • AthensHomerDawg

          I’m not sure if his injury has changed any of his attitude. It was reported that Pollack would be able to resume his career as long as the rehabilitation process went as planned. I thought his move to retire was the right one. That’s not something to gamble on. You’re probably right … he is the new kid on the block. None the less… I still don’t like watching him and Palmer together. He probably chaffs a bit about it too.

  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    “limited commercials in its opening hour”

    Translation: Corso the village idiot isn’t selling enough advertising anymore, so we have to try something new. Let’s see how cleavage works.

  14. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    After adding loud music, I guess the next move is to have free wi-fi … that’ll keep the yungins enthralled

  15. Cojones

    This year we produced both Yin and Yang model scooters. The Fing Yin Scooter has large headlights, a foldout message table in back and a towel-covered seat for wetness. Yang picked his up yesterday.

  16. I’m 37, and I don’t know if it’s that I truly lost interest in GameDay, or if it’s just that life changes. When going to a UGA game, I’m tailgating somewhere that may or (most likely) may not have television. And when I’m at home, I’ve got two little girls now that I didn’t have 7 years ago, and they occupy my Saturday mornings. At most I usually flip on GameDay about 11:50, and just watch the predictions. But if I didn’t have kids, errands, etc………I would probably still watch it.

    For the most part, people who have time to sit down and watch it don’t have young kids in the house, so you’re either talking about the college-ish age crowd, or the 40 and up crowd, maybe 45 and up. And honestly, between the two, it’s pretty easy to understand why they’ve chosen to focus on the younger crowd, because many of your 45+ crowd, even if they don’t have small kids in the house and technically do have the time to watch it, probably have other stuff going on that they would rather get done before football starts so they don’t have to fool with it on Sunday. So I don’t have too much of an issue with ESPN making the decisions to cater it more to the younger crowd. I’ll just tune in at 11:50 like I have been, then enjoy some football!!!

  17. sniffer

    I miss “Leonard’s Loser”.

  18. HVL Dawg

    Smoking hot female DJ would be a good idea for any show. In fact they should add some strippers to the Dr. Pepper halftime report.

    For Gameday, they should just stay in the studio for a good football discussion and go live to location for the last 30 minutes.

    The kids are alright, but I can’t take all the shouting by the talking (shouting) heads. How can anybody think it is fun to watch Lee Corso shout for three hours?

  19. Nate Dawg

    Guys & Gals, just boycott Herbstreit for his negative comments toward UGA as I’m planning to do & see what new things unfold for you on Sat mornings before the games start. I, for one, and really excited about the possibilities!

  20. HamDawg11

    For me, Corso and Dez need to go. I can handle Herbie in small doses cause I don’t sit on the edge of my seat and wait for his homerism to rear its ugly head. Talking heads rarely annoy me ’cause I’m really just not that into what position they’re taking. But, Corso is an absolute buffoon! He can barely put together a rational thought without stubling over himself. Not sure if he had a stroke or what, but he doesn’t need to be on tv. Kinda like Al Sharpton having his own tv show…..laffable. Howard is just too dramatic, like my mother-out-law. Leave the over the top drama to the ladies, please!

    I say, if they’re gonna keep Corso, then just bring him out for the last segment when he puts on the head. 5 minutes max!

    • Dog in Fla

      “I can handle Herbie in small doses”

      I thought small doses of Herbie’s could not be cured

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Yikes….. a dose is the cure. FIFU
        I thought Herbie could not be cured with small doses.
        YOU gotta get outta the boat DIF….. unless your not gonna go all the way!
        Navy guys. Call me when you need me.😉

    • He did have a stroke, and many still like the guy..

      • Cojones

        Maybe that’s because us old farts know how much guts it takes to come back to semi-normal condotions from a stroke. His face and speech were fucked up pretty bad.

        Thumbs up to Lee for not only returning to society, but making a good living again talking and expressing himself with tools that were thought to be irreparable. Just the thought of how much therapy he has endured while not succumbing to depression gives me admiration for his great mental strength and his endurance. He deserves to be able to clown in peace.

        Think I’ll fire one up to condition my brain to ministrokes in anticipation of the big one; later staring at the big cockle-doodle-doing rooster until I put drooling fear into his heart. Then I’m going to smoke him, not on the grill, but by stuffing his dressed carcas with ganga and smoking him from inside out. That’ll just about be all the therapy I need. Started drooling just thinking about it.