Trading up

Would I enjoy this?  Yeah, I think I might.

Former Georgia Tech B-back Travis Custis, who transferred to Hutchinson (Kansas) Community College after being declared academically ineligible, has crossed the Yellow Jackets off the list of potential landing spots following his junior-college stay.

… Georgia, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Wisconsin, Vanderbilt, North Carolina and Miami have made scholarship offers, he said. Georgia, which made an offer in Custis’ recruitment out of Lovejoy High close to signing day well after he had committed to Tech, intrigues him. He said the Bulldogs were among his top five choices in high school.

The possibility of facing his former teammates while playing for the Bulldogs, he said, “would be crazy.”

The possibility is already making the Stingtalk denizens a little crazy.

Between Custis and Brendan Douglas, you’d almost think Richt was deliberately trying to keep Tech from having a decent B-back on the roster.  Not that I have a problem with that.


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  1. sectionzalum

    the schadenfruede calls to mind the quote of noted philosepher Eric Cartman (at the 18 minute mark:

  2. Glad they haven’t put up that block yet…

  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Movin’ on up,
    to the East side . . .

  4. Dawgfan Will


  5. CannonDawg

    Traditionally there has been very little movement of players between the two schools. Tyrone Sorrells left GA for Tech in the 80s, as did John Dewberry. It was Dewberry who, after beating us 35-18 in Sanford Stadium in 1984, returned to Athens that night and got arrested on a DUI. Thirty years after Dewberry’s good day/bad night, football players are still getting arrested in Athens. But it’s ours, not theirs.

  6. Bright Idea

    We should avoid a player who flunked out of Tech I don’t care how good he is.

    • gastr1

      Yet, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin, and Miami are ok with him. Those are not academic slouches.

    • I would not have been able to pass calculus, which is why I never applied to VA Tech, being a VA resident. It was required…math can be a stickler. I took a computer modeling and a functions class to meet my requirements at UGA. For a right brained, random thinker, I made the right college choice…and I was no academic slouch. Engineering school is a different animal. Cut the kid some slack.

    • Russ

      I agree. No need to feed the one area where Tech feels superior.

  7. georgiajeepn

    After reading some of those stingtalk nerds comments it reminds me of an Auburn-Yankee Tech game back when Pepper Rodgers was the coach. The nerds in mass were going to attack the Auburn cheerleaders on the field. I kid you not. The Auburn players who were warming up saw what was happening and about 3 of them ran off at least 100 jerks who had jumped the fence and were serious about hurting the female cheerleaders. I never saw nerds run so fast! lol.

    • sectionzalum

      good lord – what year was that?

      • georgiajeepn

        I went back and looked some history up and it had to be 1979. The last year for Pepper at Tech. The only reason I went to the game was James Brooks who played locally at Warner Robins High School played at Auburn. It was like I had gone to another world. The Tech guys were running around campus like a bunch of little girls out wilding. lol. They traveled in packs of Big Bang Theory gangs! Auburn won 38-14.

  8. Stingtalk is just priceless. You would think that someone would have to make up those personalities. They are so focused on us that it affects the rest of their football program. Tech could have a good program if their alumni didn’t want to consider themselves superior to UGA. That obsession has them sliding toward Sun Belt-type of irrelevance in football.

    • georgiajeepn

      It really would serve well both Tech and UGA to simply stop playing the game. It does nothing for Georgia. It hurts Tech. Why does Tech want to suffer every other year with Georgia fans packing out their precious BDS@HGF as the one stingtalk guy called it?

      • Yes, by all means, give up an in-state rivalry game against a power conference team in which Georgia has won 12 of the last 13 meetings.

        Honestly, I don’t get this kind of thinking. And never will.

        • ScoutDawg

          +1 bazillion.

        • georgiajeepn

          Well excuuuussee me! lol. I really did not think about the we are dominating them part so please Georgia do not drop Tech to maybe play Clemson every year instead just cause I said so on here. The win over them did keep us from being 7-6 last year so that part was good.

          • Macallanlover

            That seems to be the official auto-response here whenever that idea is broached. By that same logic, we have never lost to GSU and could probably get all home games with them for those who like just getting Ws. The UGA/GT rivalry should be looked at differently since GT left the SEC, imo.

            It doesn’t have to be dropped like the Texas/TAMU game was, it could be played every few years like the Clemson rivalry is. No one, outside a few old timers who live in-state, views that as a big game, or significant rivalry, any longer. We don’t get much buzz surrounding that game, or a decent TV time slot any longer on “rivalry weekend”. And it comes at a bad time of the schedule with the SECCG coming the next week. There is plenty of reasons to have conversations about this subject, and the record over the most recent stretch of games isn’t a strong point for us, again, imo.

            • By that same logic, we have never lost to GSU and could probably get all home games with them…

              Gosh, Mac, you’re right! Other than that Georgia’s been playing Georgia Tech for a century and Tech’s a member of a power conference, it’s exactly the same.

              • georgiajeepn

                I am only going to say one more thing about it. After all I am only a 61 year old guy who has been worshipping Georgia football for 6 decades. Georgia will never get a fair shake when it comes to the 4 slots allowed in the playoffs unless we are undefeated. Whether we play a lower rep power conference team or not. All it took was one night of ranting and raving by Jerk Herbstreit to cost us a shot at the NC when we ended up playing Hawaii. Athens hosted ESPN College Game Day against LSU and what do they do? They have a LSU guest picker along with Bubba Watson. Imagine Game Day at Alabama and they bring in a LSU co picker. Would never happen. If a poll was taken I am fairly certain the vast majority of Bulldog fans would favor dropping Tech from our schedule for the simple reason that their program does not deserve to play Georgia. Even mentioning Tech as a power conference team gives Wake Forrest the same importance. Neither amounts to a hill of beans when difficulty of schedule is considered for the playoffs unless in our case we lost to one of them.

                • Russ

                  All you have to do is read the articles about poor OOC in the SEC where Georgia is held up as the exception due to playing a power conference opponent every year where most likely there don’t. Honestly, tech is like the gift that keeps on giving. We preserve 100+ years of history (which is why I like CFB anyway), we get an almost guaranteed with nz and we get credit for a tougher schedule.

                  • Russ

                    Geez autocorrect sucks!

                    What I meant to say is most others in the SEC don’t play a tough OOC opponent home & home, while the tech game gives us that credit.

              • Macallanlover

                Of course Senator, someone with a different opinion than you should be ridiculed, even if incorrectly. But the numbers are trending my way, every year fewer people remember when anyone, outside of a couple hundred thousand in the state of Georgia, gave a damn about this game. Yeah, it is right up there with the other classics at year end: Iron Bowl, FSU/FU, Clemson/SC, OU/OSU, USC/UCLA, Ohio/Michigan, ND/Stanford. Well… least we are held in similar esteem to the Egg Bowl.

                Some of us don’t hold Tech at quite the lofty level you apparently do, stop living in the past with this. We don’t need them, they need us. And if we have to keep someone on the schedule because they are an easy W, we don’t deserve to be playing for championships.

                • Sorry if your panties are in a wad, Mac. I just find it ludicrous to suggest that playing Georgia Tech is just like playing Georgia Southern.

                  The issue isn’t that Georgia’s been on the greatest run in the series’ history. It’s that there is a true series history, one that shouldn’t be tossed aside out of a sense of misplaced ego. (I notice you didn’t include Texas/Texas A&M in your list.)

                  As for holding the game at a lofty level, I won’t be as arrogant as you are in equating your feelings with the fan base’s in general. But I will note that when I was at the game last year, BDS was at least one-third red and black and everyone so garbed seemed to be having an awfully good time.

                  • Macallanlover

                    “arrogant” and “ludicrous” are the exact two words I would use for your response, not mine. I have always understood the right to differences of opinions, and on this one issue , for several years, have been far more understanding of your sides. I realize there are many who enjoy, I also know time is on my side. You are the emotional one on this issue., GT just isn’t that big of a deal for me, and hasn’t been since the 80s for me. The game is significant one week a year. There are 9 games this season higher than that to me this year alone.

                    Texas and TAMU have only had two years since the conference split so they pulled the plug on the game much too soon, and…it was still a competitive rivalry in all respects, including recruiting. I feel they should have played it annually for a decade, or two, and then gone to every four years or so…..if it lost it’s luster. There was still national interest in their game, it was a loss

  9. The other Doug

    This is my favorite:

    ” If he is done with Tech, then trust that really shows his true character….glad he didn’t ever set foot on BDS@HGF,,,,”what goes around, comes around”.

    Each sentence is pure Tech fan.

  10. Beakerdawg

    Ask Jim Donnan if losing to Tech is no big deal…

  11. Isn’t it amazing how US universities are quite ready to hire ” academically ineligible” sportsmen, but, to my knowledge, no one turned on Einstein for not being a good-enough sport? I think a little less one-way-road, cul-de-sac thinking would befit the academic community. After all, self-reflection is what is meant to be on the syllabus.