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Look out, reserve fund.

Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

The indoor practice facility so many Georgia fans have fretted about apparently will soon be on its way.

Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity confirmed on Tuesday that he’ll ask the UGA Athletic Association board of directors to approve a multi-million dollar project during its regularly-scheduled fall meeting in September. If approved, construction would begin “as soon as possible.”

Wonder what changed his mind.  Shame is out of the question.  My money’s on he simply got tired of hearing Richt complain about it.  Way to go, Coach.

Oh, I shouldn’t say shame is completely out of the question.  I suspect we’re about to get an earful on that front.

In the past, McGarity has required that the UGA development office raise at least half the funds for a project through donations before it moves forward with construction. McGarity indicated those efforts are already underway.

“There will be a fundraising piece to this,” he said.



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Gettin’ after it

Georgia ran the Oklahoma drill today in practice – and better yet, let the media watch.  Check out what Emerson posted, especially what Gurley did the third time around:


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Behind their backs

My favorite bit in Athlon is what I refer to as the “talking shit about other programs” section, which is where the magazine gets coaches at SEC programs to snipe at each other’s.  Admittedly, it isn’t nearly as much of a fun read as it was when Tuberville was still at Auburn, but there are still usually a few nuggets worth seeing unearthed.

The interesting part from this year’s piece is how wide open those anonymous sources see the West being.  For several reasons, I don’t see Ole Miss having a real shot at winning the division, but there seems to be a real sense there that the big boys may be sliding a little in 2014.

Also, the general consensus is that Georgia is talented.  Lot of good that did last year.


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And then there was one…

I don’t know if you’re a glass half-empty, or half-full kind of person, so you can take this statement from Pruitt however you like.

“Right now the big thing is we’ve got to figure out who the right guys to coach are,” Pruitt said Tuesday at midday, a few hours before Georgia holds its first full pads practice of August. “That’s what we’re trying to figure out. We’re starting to narrow it down a little bit. We have not fixed the depth chart. I feel like right now I’ve got one guy that’s playing the way it’s supposed to be played in the secondary and we’ve got to find a lot more than that.”

The guy?  That would be Damian Swann.

At least there’s somebody.


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2014 Fabris Invitational news

Okay, I just set up this year’s CFB pick ’em pool.

If you were a participant last year, an invite should be winging its way to your e-mail box as you read this.  If you didn’t play last year, but want to join in the fun this season, click here.

As I mentioned yesterday, the format is unchanged.  Each week, we’ll pick ten winners against the spread, with a tiebreaker.



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Musical palate cleanser, the best I ever had edition

Hey, what do you know… Bill Hancock’s talking.

How much would you pay to watch the first College Football Playoff championship game?

Try $650 for club seats in AT&T Stadium. Try what is believed to be the highest-priced face-value ticket in the sport’s history.

While CFP championship game ticket pricing has been out there for a while it’s not widely known. And there are qualifiers.

The $650 price for the CFP championship game on Jan. 12 is only for the stadium’s 15,000 high-end club seats. The general seating in the 80,000-seat stadium is $450. Student seating and standing room is $200. The participating schools will each receive approximately 20,000 seats for the game. Last year’s final BCS championship game tickets topped off at $385.

“The price is a bargain for the most important, most talked-about, most in-demand college game of the season,” CFP executive director Bill Hancock said in an email, “arguably the most compelling game ever.”

Who’d want to argue with the über flack?  Not the little guy who can’t wait to swing that kind of jack.

Instead, let’s hear an obvious pick from The Who.


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