And then there was one…

I don’t know if you’re a glass half-empty, or half-full kind of person, so you can take this statement from Pruitt however you like.

“Right now the big thing is we’ve got to figure out who the right guys to coach are,” Pruitt said Tuesday at midday, a few hours before Georgia holds its first full pads practice of August. “That’s what we’re trying to figure out. We’re starting to narrow it down a little bit. We have not fixed the depth chart. I feel like right now I’ve got one guy that’s playing the way it’s supposed to be played in the secondary and we’ve got to find a lot more than that.”

The guy?  That would be Damian Swann.

At least there’s somebody.


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  1. AusDawg85

    Let’s hope this is “Evil Pruitt” talking and not just pure honesty the way the OBC can be. Would be nice to think he’s baiting opposing teams to throw on his depleted secondary because he’s got the right blitz packages and ball-hawking skill set he needs to create some real chaos on D.

    (If that ain’t looking at the world through Dawg colored glasses…)

    • law dawg

      I think he is being totally honest — but he also seems to be a coach that will always demand more from his players, even if they are playing well. Obviously he hasn’t coached a real down of football yet UGA, but he strikes me as the parent who asked why you didn’t get an A+ when you brought home an A (and by no means am I saying our secondary would bring home an A…I’d settle for a C at this point). I wouldn’t say he’s baiting other teams as much as his own players — he wants them to stay hungry. I think with CTG, players became entrenched at positions and the other guys probably lost some heart to try and climb the depth chart. Pruitt seems to be attacking that mindset head on.

  2. This may come as a surprise to most, but I tend to be a glass half empty guy. The fact that this team has 1 DB potential DB is not a shock. If Pruitt said he has 4 or 5 studs in the secondary, now that would be shocking. It will take a year or 2 to rebuild/restock the secondary. Hopefully Pruitt is the guy for the job.

    • RocketDawg

      You a “glass half empty guy”? Say it ain’t so, I would have never guessed!!

      • uglydawg

        For Skeptic, half empty is a royal flush….it’s as good as it gets. I’d say he’s more of a seventyfivepercentempty kind of guy. That psyche has it’s’s hard to dissapoint a pessimist.

  3. I like Pruitt’s no nonsense comments…

  4. Cojones

    I thought that Davis would be that guy from Pruitts description of who is smart, skilled and motivated plus his endorsement of Davis. If it’s Swann, then we have two players selected by Pruitt and the other players.

  5. Spike

    Swann? Say it ain’t so..

  6. Lets pray our D line plays so much winning football that it spills over onto our secondary.

  7. Rebar

    This is your sugarless Kool-Aid

    • Its bitter…like some ingredients left it to go to other soft drinks.

    • Cojones

      Hey, Equal (Aspartame) makes for a nice sugarless Kool-Aid. And it doesn’t make you thirstier or fat as sugar does. So, you can have your Kool-Aid and drink more of it too when all players are given Equal consideration.

      Whoa! Where did the bricks come from? It was just a little punny. Oh,no!- here they come again!

      • Just Chuck (The Other One)

        If you have a problem with PKU, Aspartame gives you brain damage.

        • Aspartame is a neurotoxin and isn’t good for anyone. Try stevia…it’s a plant based sweetner tnat is more profitable than cocaine for South Amercan growers. Kill 2 birds with one stone.

          • Correct. Just be careful to get the real stuff, and not bad combinations like Truvia, which is an unhealthy product.

            • Cojones

              Incorrect Ivey. Plant sugars are still sugars and processed pretty much the same way through the body. Equal is not a sugar and is made of naturally occurring amino acids that are processed like all protein amino acids that you take into your body. It is the only sugar substitute that is not synthetic.

              Enjoy the AAs in your hamburger and just think, for three more AAs, you can get a sweet drink with that.

              • Don’t want to get into a debate my friend, but you’ve got it all wrong with aspartame. It’s dangerous stuff, known to be neurotoxic and cause tumors most anywhere in the body. That’s a broad generalization, but true.

                For some good information, google Dr’s. Betty Martini or Russell Blaylock – aspartame. I only mention this in hopes you’ll get off the aspartame. I do this for a living, and will just say this and then shut up: If you are having health issues, and I have no idea whether you do or not, and consume it in any significant amount, there’s a good chance aspartame is a contributor, if not a cause, of whatever’s going on.

                That’s how dangerous the stuff is.

                • Cojones

                  How’s this? I was at that company, read every bit of research and developement, was on the taste panel for aspartame and was at it’s inauguration into the market. That’s why I’m quite familiar with the product and it’s history. If you want to read and believe untruthful crap, that’s up to you. I thought you just didn’t know anything about it. Now you’ve convinced me. Try They will aquaint you with all the false rumors and verify half-truths that have been stretched for years.

                  • I’ve seen it all already. And I’ve seen the science, both good and bad, have been dealing with it for years. I have no iron in the fire, one way or the other. Only what’s best for my patients.

                    I appreciate you worked for the company. But I’ve seen the hard evidence, and know the difference between good science, bad science, junk science, and internet talk and propaganda. I interact with knowledgeable doctors and PhD’s all over the country every week on topics like this, and aspartame isn’t even debated anymore. There’s been a consensus in the community on the harmful effects of aspartame for at least 5 years now.

                    And not just to pick on aspartame. Sucralose and other artificial sweeteners are not good either, to one degree or another.

                    But hey, it’s OK. We can agree on many things when it comes to Georgia and SEC football.

                    • Mayor

                      Is there any sweetener that you think is OK, Ivy? No joke. For real.

                    • Mayor: Is there any sweetener that you think is OK, Ivy? No joke. For real.

                      Yes. RAW Honey (pure, raw, unheated, and preferably local) is the best, and Stevia (pure, unprocessed, organic, with no harmful additives – like Sweet Leaf brand). After that, but only in moderation, Maple Syrup (preferably Grade B), Coconut Sugar, and Molasses are good choices, in that order, but don’t have the health benefits of Honey (and pure, organic Stevia).

                      Some sugar alcohols, like Xylitol and Erythritol (with no harmful additives) are tolerated well by many people, but I don’t recommend them except for very moderate use. I sometimes mix granulated Xylitol & Stevia to make whipped cream, for example, for better taste.

                      From there, it’s a matter of the dog with the least fleas, and it’s best to stay away from all of them. Raw, organic sugar is better than white processed, etc., and it goes on like that, all the way down the line to products like Corn Syrup and High Fructose Corn Syrup, which should be avoided at all cost. A little sugar now and then isn’t going to hurt you – an occasional desert, etc. (a lady friend makes me a homemade pound cake every Christmas).

                      But sugar is addictive, and most people can’t eat that way, just as they can’t smoke just 2 cigarettes a day. Also, I’ve found that most people, once the addiction is broken (2-3 weeks, and I’ve done it many times) and they’ve been off sugar for a while, don’t even want it, even as a rare treat.

                      The addiction isn’t that hard to break. After that pound cake, which I eat in about 2-3 days, I have to break the addiction again, which I do by having the aforementioned whipped cream around to stick my finger in any time I get a craving.

                      For healthy people, along with Raw Honey, organic fruit is the best way to experience something sweet. It’s amazing how good fruit taste when you’re not addicted to regular sugar. In moderation, of course.

                      Artificial sweeteners haven’t been proven to be as bad as some charge, like Cojones said, but with food in the U.S. you have to assume guilty until proven innocent, and the money for that is on the side producing and selling the food. There’s more science on aspartame, but I believe, based on clinical evidence, they are all dangerous, especially in significant quantities.

                      I like a little sweetener in my coffee (Stevia) and occasionally use a packet of Sweet&Low (saccharin – dog with the least fleas) when caught without it in a restaurant or elsewhere. Again, a little every now and then isn’t going to hurt.

                      Appreciate the straight question – hope that helps.

          • Cojones

            Carly, Equal is composed of 3 amino acids, the building blocks of protein. All 3 AAs are found in nature and are among the 21 AAs essential to make every protein you eat. If it was any way assoc with a finding of neurotoxicity we would have seen the headlines and it would be withdrawn by the company in concert with the FDA. This product has been on the market for about 35 years

            Good luck with not ever eating amino acids. Them starches oughtta pork you right up.

            Some of you should read other than internet junk put out by stockholders of competitive sugar-substitute companies.

            • If it was any way assoc with a finding of neurotoxicity we would have seen the headlines and it would be withdrawn by the company in concert with the FDA.

              I wish it were true. It SHOULD be true. But it isn’t. It just isn’t.

              • Cojones

                If you believe that so deeply, you should sue for removal from the market. The pharmaceutical co that discovered and marketed this product would be glad to educate everyone with you paying for it.

                I’ve written you nothing but truth. Please verify for your own edification.

                • I’ve never had the thought that you were not acting in good faith, I knew you were. I believe you’ve written the truth as you know it, the way it was presented to you.

                  Thanks, but my position on aspartame has been thoroughly researched over a period of years, and I’m completely comfortable with it. I’ve also seen clinical results firsthand, from patients with symptoms of serious disease who consumed more than just a little aspartame, who were then weened off of it, and whose symptoms then disappeared. Then, with some treatment and sound nutrition, they were restored to health.

                  With the science now available, my firsthand experience with it, along with similar-to-identical experiences of other health practitioners all over the country, I have to go with the consensus of the health community.

                  But again, I appreciate your position, and you forthrightness.

                  • Mayor

                    My brother-in-law had terrible migraine headaches. He drank about 10 Diet Cokes a day. His doctor ordered him off Diet Coke and any other product that contained aspartame. The headaches disappeared and he hasn’t had a problem since–more than 15 years.

        • Cojones

          PKU is Phenyketonuria and is tested for at birth. Because phenylalanine is one of the 3 amino acids hooked together (it cannot be processed correctly by PKU sufferers), the warning was printed on the first label on the market and continues to be there. Everyone knows who can’t use it from the gitgo. Other rumors about Equal are from silly antiscience people who haven’t ever gone to Snopes to dispell misinformation.

          Equal is the most tested food substance on the market. As the normal 4-yr study was completing, a lab in N. Chicago that did the animal testing for all pharmaceutical companies in that area , was inspected by the FDA. A rabbit in the studies was sacrificed and according to protocols, the name was not to be reused. It appeared later for another rabbit at the facility, the FDA caught it as well as a number of other infractions (normal happening on all FDA inspections, no matter the company). Chicago papers turned the inspection results into a media Frankenstein feast (i.e., the same-named rabbit was headlined as a “resurrection”) such that the FDA required all drugs/foodstuffs being tested to be withdrawn and testing begun again. Equal was one of them ,so, it’s been thoroughly tested twice for a total of 8yrs. Competitors made much hay of the “withdrawal from testing” as if something was wrong with the product. It was not, but the words were lifted like a sword by the scientific ignorant and continue with misrepresentation to this day.

  8. Stopper

    pruitt’s the issue. the smell he smells ain’t other players, it’s HIS COACHING, half the damn defense has bolted on him. He likes to scream and see who will take to his screaming technique.

    he seems to have toned it down after half his defense bailed on this off-season

    His secondary looked like shit on g-day.

    • Russ

      Congrats, I see you want to be first on the “Pruitt Sucks” train. Duly noted.

      • Stopper

        first? hell I;’m in the back of the line, half the defense left this off-season, pruitt sucks.

        • rob10274

          3 natty’s in a row, his players must not have gotten your memo, I’d hate him too if I was an FSU fan

          • Stopper


            No he ain’t won no damn 3 titles in a row.

            He was a damn safety coach at Alabama. Didn’t even run the defense there.

            Saban & Smart get the credit for Bama’s championships, not pruitt.

            • rob10274

              “No he ain’t won no damn 3 titles in a row”

              Please explain to me how he didn’t win 3 Championships in a row

              • Stopper

                well, for one, the pass defense was top 20 before he even coached for Bama, was top 11 after he left. It’s got be credited to Saban & Smart.

                and, pruitt wasn’t the head coach, OR the defensive lead asst at Bama so he doesn’t deserve the credit for a Natty.

                also, FSU won that game with offense, winston won the Heisman, the defense didn’t do shit. as mentioned before, FSU got their asses torched for 250+ rushing and over 31 points. When they really needed a stop at the end, pruitt laid a turd.

          • Stopper

            lemme cork this rumor…

            Bama was a top 20 pass defense WITHOUT pruitt, and a top 20 pass defense WITH pruitt.

            He made absolutely NO DAM DIFFERENCE.

            In fact, our pass defense at Ga was top 20 in 2011 & 2012 too, but I don’ see nobody tryin’s to crown Lakotas King?

      • Stopper

        your head been up your ass all summer? hell, everybody that left pretty much said pruitt’s berate marine bootcamp style doesn’t work. where you been/?

        betcha jj green don’t appreciate this bs.

    • half the damn defense has bolted on him

      That’s a funny way of describing players who got the boot for drug use, felony assault and theft/classroom misbehavior. Of course, maybe they did it on purpose to be dismissed.😉

      • Stopper

        you sayin chief screaming ass’s style had NOTHING TO DO with AYNONE LEAVING?

        • I’m saying that you’re exaggerating.

          Nice use of caps, though.

          • Stopper

            Now you REALLY got me pissed.

            Shit man, this dude ain’t got nuff confidence to coach a damn 5 star so he lowers his talent level to a damn walk on, calls that guy his “best” player, which is bullshit, and then runs off the 5 stars “coaching them hard”.


            Bullying is bullshit.

            • If you bothered to read my post, Pruitt is referring to Swann, who isn’t a “damn walk on”, as his best.

              You’ve made your point. Repeatedly. Take a hint and move on to another topic.

              • Stopper

                come on now senator, that ain’t right.

                pruitt didn’t name the db he was referring too. the only one he’s ever called out by name is the damn walk on.

                • Per Emerson,

                  “I feel like right now I’ve got one guy who’s playing the way it’s supposed to be played in the secondary. And we’ve gotta find a lot more than that,” Pruitt said.

                  That player is senior cornerback Damian Swann, the coach said.

                  Last warning: you’re boring the shit out of me with this. Move on, man.

                  • Stopper

                    the article you referred to was written by a guy named weizer, i read it, couldn’t find anything to back up what you said,

                    if pruitt said something positive about anyone bsides a damn walk on, i’d have to see the damn video to believe it, he’s got be the most negative coach i’ve ever seen with regards to experienced guys.

                    • Tdawg89

                      i watched the interview. I heard and saw Damian Swann come out of Pruitt’s mouth.

                    • Jack

                      Please post the video link and the time stop where the comment occurred so we can prove how wonderful the new coach is.

              • gatorhater27

                I was excited to see 51 comments on this thread and was looking forward to some good insights in those comments. I am disappoint.

                But, not to just bitch about the troll, I’m glad to hear this about Swann. I think he’ll play well in the new system, have a good season, and solidify himself as a solid 2nd-3rd round pick. As for the rest of the secondary, I hope they are picking things up quickly; August 30th will be here before you know it (then again, it seems sooooooo far away at this point.)

                I think our starting 5 will be Swann and Fenteng at CB, Green at the Star, Moore and Sanders at the safety positions. I think Davis will see his way onto the field, as will Mauger, Parrish, and Terry. We should see more subbing in the secondary this season (well, any subbing is more than the “no subbing” policy held by Grantham.)

                • Mayor

                  Swann is actually a good player. His problem last season was he didn’t know where to be or who to cover–and that’s coaching.

            • Moe Pritchett

              it doesn’t seem like you are having fun. it sounds like you are looking for a “carefree” environment, where things can be more conducive to a “jovial atmosphere” and people can “embrace your personality”


  9. Russ

    Good for Swann. Seems like a good kid and I’d love for him to have a big year.

  10. Stopper

    if you run off all the talent because you don’t know how to coach 5 stars, you get left with walk ons that get their asses beat like they did on gday.

    need some talent back there. don’t have much. even with the new guys.

    might be coachable, but won’t be talented enough to handle Clemson, South Carolina, or Auburn.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Have you bought “” yet?

      • Stopper

        you bought his damn coach of the year trophy yet homer?

        • Dawgfan Will

          You should get together with SilverLining. He can teach you how to stop worrying and love JJ Green.

          • Stopper

            listen up egghead, Chief screaming ass (aka pruitt) got his ass handed to him vs Auburn, 31 points, and hell they ran the ball for 250 yards,

            goons like you easily impressed.

            wake up gullible travels.

            • SMDH

              Thanks for clarifying that Chief screaming ass is aka pruitt. Got a little confusing there with all the aliases.

            • rob10274

              I’d be pleased with 31 pts at this point, means we win by a touchdown or more

            • Dawgfan Will

              You got nickname game. I’ll give you that.

              And no, I’m not impressed yet. It’s called waiting until some actual football is played before deciding whether the guy was the right hire. Carry on, though, by all means.

      • Stopper

        who’d you think pruitt’s damn secondary defended better on gday?
        a) hutson mason torched his screaming ass for 245 yards.
        b) back up bauta torched his screaming ass for another 240 yards passing.,

        never seen anything like it on a gday, worse looking secondary in last 4 decades.

    • D.N. Nation

      Hey, Coach Grantham, Louisville isn’t paying you handsomely to troll UGA football blogs.

  11. Stopper

    come to think of it, fsu torched his screaming ass too in the Bowl game.

  12. Stopper

    if screaming your ass off made you a great coach, then florida would be national champs every year with muschamp.

  13. Stopper

    pruitt said bobby knight is his ideal coaching style.

  14. Gravidy

    Whenever I read these “bad cop” comments from Pruitt, I recall a comment he made to a group of fans a few months ago. I don’t recall the setting, but that doesn’t matter. When asked if this year’s secondary was going to be good, he rather boldly said something like ‘I’ve never coached one that wasn’t.’

    I’m having trouble reconciling that comment with all of the doom and gloom I’ve heard from him otherwise. He freely chose to say that when he could have uttered some coach-speak. So, for what it’s worth, I’m going to hold him to his bold prediction.

  15. Mike Cooley

    If they were so fragile that they went running away like scared little girls because a coach yelled at them then we lost absolutely nothing. No amount of talent is sufficient if you are that weak. If what Stopper says is true then their utter lack of mental toughness probably has so etching to do with their inability to cover anybody at all last year. Just curious Stopper, do you the players in Tuscaloosa are being given animal crackers and pineapple juice and treated to lots of caring and sharing from Saban and company? I would hazard a guess that they get yelled at too. Nobody’s head is in their ass except for yours.

    • Mayor

      +1. The guys who left UGA were whiners, troublemakers and not team players. We are waaaaay better off without them.

  16. Rebar

    Hey stopper, is that you Trigga?

    • CannonDawg

      No, that’s not Trigga. Stopper’s got way too much sophisticated command of the language. And his football acumen is off the charts. I actually think he may be the Navy SEAL who got bin Laden. It’s the passion, man.

    • Moe Pritchett

      couldn’t be. I think he CLEP’d english 1101

  17. Stopper

    trigga and shaq ain’t done yet bro, feel me?

  18. Stopper

    hey chief screaming ass

    maybe the one who needs to adjust is YOU?

  19. Mike Cooley

    Lol @ Stopper. These posts are idiotic but they’re dang sure funny.

  20. Who let the dogs put? And by dog I mean moran….🙂

  21. Dawg19

    I see Thomas Brown changed his name again.

  22. Goat Balls

    So the guy that was the defensive coordinator for free shoes U when they won the national championship sucks? Because he yells? He doesn’t know how to coach 5 star players? Why should they be treated differently? This whole line of logic is a waste of time.

    I didn’t get to watch FSU play last year so I don’t know. I certainly hope CMR wouldn’t hire the man if he didn’t know what he was doing. I am very concerned that Pruitt says that Swann is his best player. Big disclaimer: I sincerely hope that Swan has huge success and goes on to be the best DB in history but his play to date has been just this side of disastrous.


    • El Mador

      Huh? No. Coach Pruitt hasn’t achieved anything yet. I don’t believe he won asst coach of the year at Alabama or Florida State, right? These are things I’ve thought about:
      a) if Pruitt’s so good, why did his secondary look like Georgia State on GDay? I mean 500 yards passing when you’re supposed to be a secondary specialist?
      b) if Pruitt’s so good, why did Saban let him go, he fought for Smart and kept him, Pruitt, not so much, Saban let him go?
      c) If Pruitt’s so good, why did FSU let him go? Again, starting to see a pattern?
      d) If Pruitt’s so good, why did Auburn score 30+ on him and run up 450+ total yards, while Ole Miss and Arky held Auburn to less than 400 total yards?
      e) If Pruitt’s so good, why has everyone been writing about our attrition in the secondary, it seems top players don’t respect him?
      f) If Pruitt’s so good, why did Alabama do just as good on defense before and after Pruitt was on staff?

      So no, it wasn’t because he screamed, it was these points and more.

      • IndyDawg

        Senator, if this guy is playing sock puppet games, I trust you’ll cut him off per your SOP. After reading much of his bile, I have a theory this is the same troll who worked a similar schtick about Murray last year. NERDS!

        • Jack

          Senator, like IndyDawg, I also cannot debate, and simply resort to trying to get posters more intelligent than I kicked off.

      • Jack

        I like how you left out that Coach P was awarded National Recruiter of the Year.

        Even if you’re correct, I heard on some articles that Alabama only kept Coach P for his recruiting skills and put him over an area like DB which Nick Saban coached closely, you can’t deny Coach P’s recruiting skills.

  23. El Mador

    Coach Pruitt should check out the Positive Coaching Alliance. It’s founded by a Stanford professor, and teaches coaches how to be more positive, focus on effort, and learning. Criticism is limited to just 1 criticism for 5 praises. It has reduced program fallout by 80%! We need to do something new and different to try and hang on to the few defensive backs left.

    • El Mador

      One other thing, Phil Jackson, is involved with the Positive Coaching Alliance. That’s saying something.

  24. Pruitt said walk-on Aaron Davis who played cornerback in the spring and safety this preseason is a “football player” …

    That’s probably the best compliment a coach can give.

    FWIW, yesterday I penciled Davis in as a starting Safety and “captain” of the secondary. Doesn’t mean it will happen, but to me it makes the most sense, and he’s the guy that I hope wins that job.

    The reason? He’s obviously a player. He has better speed and can cover more ground than any safety we’ve had in years. Most importantly, he’s a smart guy. And at that spot, brains are invaluable.

    For so long now, starting under Martinez, our ‘captain’ safeties have been dumbasses. And it has about driven me crazy. I’ve waited so long to get back to the prototypical Georgia safety. And you can’t do that without smarts.

    If it’s not Davis, I hope it’ll be somebody else that has those characteristics. Solidify that position, along with a well-trained backup, and things can begin to fall in place rather quickly for the secondary. It is the key position.

  25. I Wanna Red Cup

    I am bullish on Davis too, Ivey. He has good size and I thought he showed some good presence on G Day, regardless of what Stopper and his various sock puppets say. Still cautiously optimistic about our D and D backs in particular. I think our points per game will drop at least 5 points per game just by being fundamentally sound and knowing what to do. Good angles and tackling will go a long way. As will getting off the field on 3 rd and Grantham…er long. Ramik and Herrera will have less tackles because we will get off the field sooner. If the ST can make modest improvement, we can have a good year. Carry on mates, and thank you Senator for all you do.

    • Jack

      I agree Red Cup, we need some nice gentlemen on the team, perhaps our new defensive Head Coach can recruit a bunch of walk-ons with no experience who are as Coach says –right guys to coach–, like that walk on Davis. I haven’t heard an offensive player comment on Davis’s All American skill set, but Coach P has gone on and one about this phenom, of a walk on, perhaps he’ll win All American or lead the NCAA in interceptions? I can’t wait until Coach P proves all you wrong. Wait to go Red Cup.

  26. Bulldog Joe

    In the backfield, we start from the same tough spot we did last year.

    However, faster-paced practice and simpler scheme means more reps and less down time for analysis.

    We’ll make some mistakes early. If we don’t get discouraged by it, we’ll have a very competitive unit by October.

  27. Mike Cooley

    Jack, ElMador, and Stopper, are all Latin for dumbass.