Look out, reserve fund.

Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

The indoor practice facility so many Georgia fans have fretted about apparently will soon be on its way.

Georgia Athletic Director Greg McGarity confirmed on Tuesday that he’ll ask the UGA Athletic Association board of directors to approve a multi-million dollar project during its regularly-scheduled fall meeting in September. If approved, construction would begin “as soon as possible.”

Wonder what changed his mind.  Shame is out of the question.  My money’s on he simply got tired of hearing Richt complain about it.  Way to go, Coach.

Oh, I shouldn’t say shame is completely out of the question.  I suspect we’re about to get an earful on that front.

In the past, McGarity has required that the UGA development office raise at least half the funds for a project through donations before it moves forward with construction. McGarity indicated those efforts are already underway.

“There will be a fundraising piece to this,” he said.



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  1. WF Dawg

    Well, I’ll be. Maybe this was the straw that broke the camel’s back: “Recruits in town last month for “Dawg Night,” UGA’s elite prospect camp, competed in a downpour and Georgia’s last two Pro Days have been conducted in near-freezing temperatures.”


    • americusdawg

      I was going to post something similar to WF Dawg. As far as I know, Vandy, UF and UGA are currently the only SEC programs without an IPF. I’ve heard that USCe’s indoor facility is smaller and has shorter fields. Anyone else know more about each teams IPFs, etc? Just curious …


  2. I just hope the people who have been complaining about this and its effect on recruiting don’t have a problem writing a check to support the campaign.


    • Reipar

      Why do we need to write a check? We have already written all the checks that paid for this amazing reserve fund.


      • I’m going off the assumption it’s going to be like the baseball stadium improvements where the athletic board required 50% to come from fundraising. My point is that those who want the facility should be willing to support it with their funds for the campaign. It’s going to be additional beyond what people give to the Hartman Fund for scholarships.


        • AthensHomerDawg

          I appreciate the passion and your loyalty. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the 2.7 million over 5 years added to Mike Adams retirement. Where did that come from?


          • Not the Athletic Association, I can assure you. One thing I count as a blessng is that the University funds are separate from the athletic budgets.


            • That’s sort of the case. In the last fee years, the AA has transferred some of it’s “income” to the university for other uses (like the library expansion).


            • Bulldog Joe

              “the University funds are separate from the athletic budgets.”

              …except of course for the AA’s multi-million dollar “investments” in the UGA Foundation.

              Competing for engineering and medical research dollars and building up the university endowment is the objective here. Most of the new SEC revenue is shared, so winning on the field is not a priority at UGA.

              Understand this and the AA’s frugal ways regarding the IPF, Foley Field, Stegeman Coliseum, and the decision not to participate in the SEC arms race makes sense.


  3. Will (the other one)

    I’d wager a Jack & Coke if the fundraising side puts up even 25% of the funds for it, he’ll take credit and say it was his plan all along.
    But that’s still better than no Indoor Practice Facility at all, or sitting on the money…or running things like they did in Knoxville. It’s sort of like the Falcons new stadium: it’s not great that some public funds are going towards it, but it’s a damned better deal than the competition.


    • There won’t be any public funds meaning funds appropriated by the General Assembly to UGA. The athletic association can’t receive funds for facilities or programs from state funds. It’s a very different situation than the Falcons’ new stadium.


  4. AthensHomerDawg

    If it can’t be located close to practice fields this is a waste of time.


  5. I Wanna Red Cup

    They are about to get a big check from the SEC network and the playoff. What do they need our money for?


  6. frowertr

    Uhh, so what the hell is UGA supposed to do with this??


  7. Bourbon Dawgwalker

    I think this has been in the plans since Michael Adams retired. He was never going to allow it under his watch and his successor probably asked Greg not to set things in motion for a few months so as not to rub it in his face when it got built.


  8. Dank Jankins

    I read that they do not want to move Specs to afford the space however I think not having it within the FB complex would be a huge mistake. Having one off site of the FB facilities really diminishes the usefulness due to the logistic nightmares such as having to bus players/coaches/support staff and moving equipment back & forth.
    For those of you in the know would it not be feasible to extend the baby IPF to a full size model by using the area right outside. It would take up one practice field but then use the Specs track area as the replacement outdoor field. I would think that they would not really have to do much maybe tear down the grand stands, leave the track for football running/training and use the grass area in the middle as a smaller field. Build a nicer track elsewhere on campus.