Musical palate cleanser, the best I ever had edition

Hey, what do you know… Bill Hancock’s talking.

How much would you pay to watch the first College Football Playoff championship game?

Try $650 for club seats in AT&T Stadium. Try what is believed to be the highest-priced face-value ticket in the sport’s history.

While CFP championship game ticket pricing has been out there for a while it’s not widely known. And there are qualifiers.

The $650 price for the CFP championship game on Jan. 12 is only for the stadium’s 15,000 high-end club seats. The general seating in the 80,000-seat stadium is $450. Student seating and standing room is $200. The participating schools will each receive approximately 20,000 seats for the game. Last year’s final BCS championship game tickets topped off at $385.

“The price is a bargain for the most important, most talked-about, most in-demand college game of the season,” CFP executive director Bill Hancock said in an email, “arguably the most compelling game ever.”

Who’d want to argue with the über flack?  Not the little guy who can’t wait to swing that kind of jack.

Instead, let’s hear an obvious pick from The Who.



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15 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, the best I ever had edition

  1. KornDawg

    “Bargain. You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”


  2. Dog in Fla

    “Instead, let’s hear an obvious pick from The Who.”

    Not only that, it’s so perfect that even Baghdad Bill’s publicist couldn’t have written better lyrics about bargain basement cover charges for the most compelling game ever in the history of the world as we presently know it.


  3. Secondary Market Mark-Down


  4. DB

    Need two for that price:


  5. Gravidy

    Hey, I don’t mind them charging what the market will bear, but I do harbor a special hatred for liars.


  6. I hope I get a shot to buy two.


  7. fetch

    Bill is a “squeezebox” that wants us to get on the “magic bus” and buy the “bargain”, but “I can see for miles”, so this “happy jack” “won’t be fooled again”.


  8. DawgPhan

    So what you are saying is that Auburn players will be able to afford tickets should they make it back this year.


  9. Macallanlover

    I doubt those upper end tickets will be available through the two school. I predict they will be gobbled up by ticket brokers and all re-sold easily at prices from $1000, and up. Masters, Super Bowl, and boxing championship tickets are all sold above that amount every year. Between corporate entertainment clients, celebrities, and high income folks this is a spit in the ocean for a big league, high profile event.


  10. AusDawg85

    No effing way am I paying anywhere near that much to see it live vs. on my home TV.

    Unless the Dawgs are in it, then $2500 for standing room only would be worth it!


  11. Beer Money

    This will be interesting to see who flinches first. Ticket prices are already at a tipping point and I think these may sell below face unless the “right” teams play in it. For example, if UGA gets in there, it is going to go bonkers because of the starvation for even a glimpse at a national title. If it’s Alabama and say Oregon or Ohio State, I just don’t see their fans paying “anything” to get in the door since they have all been recently. The BCS title game was never selling for over $1,000 get-ins except in ’11 when brokers shorted the market to the point that they literally needed every available ticket to cover shorts. That happens maybe once a decade at an event like this.


  12. Russ

    What a kick in the balls. This is ridiculous.