I could have done without reading this.

Not what I wanted to see this morning:

On Monday QB Hutson Mason sat out throwing drills during the open media period. It appeared there could have been any number of reasons why (throwing competition for the backup QBs), but as it turns out Mason had a slightly sore arm.  Mark Richt is going to get this team to the starting gates in full form if he can. That’s the reason Mason sat out some throwing drills yesterday.

Is Mason’s arm said to be a serious problem? The last two starting quarterbacks at Georgia have dealt with this same issue during their tenure at Georgia, so at this time it is not thought to be serious. What you don’t want is for something that is not serious on the fourth day of practice to become serious on the 14th day of practice.

Or the first day of the regular season.

Mason isn’t Georgia’s best player.  But he may be Georgia’s most indispensible one.


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  1. sectionzalum

    didn’t the Ginger Assassin have to sit out of some practices leading up to the Ok State game for fear of a dead arm?

  2. Slaw Dawg

    Yeeikes… okay, logging off now…

  3. Rival

    Looks like I picked the wrong day to stop sniffing glue.

  4. Gravidy

    “Mason isn’t Georgia’s best player. But he may be Georgia’s most indispensible one.”

    You said a mouthful, Senator. I couldn’t agree more.

    • j4k372

      Yup. If Mason goes down, I think Bauta will get in there and we will try to play smashmouth. I hope that is the contingency plan anyway. From what I have seen, Ramsay has a great arm but not much accuracy yet.

      Nevertheless, the dropoff will be pretty steep between Mason and the next guy.

  5. Moe Pritchett

    shooter would say it was because Pruitt screamed at him.

    • Moe Pritchett

      shooter…I meant stopper. I really hope he has been stopped too…that cat is really annoying.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        I appreciate our host’s latitude but it began to grind on me as well. Stoppers whole intent was to keep his trolling rolling.

  6. uglydawg

    I don’t disagree that Mason is Georgia’s most indispinsible player, I think he’s more dispinsible than AM was. That’s a moot point, but with this backfield, an atheletic (running) back-up quaterback could cause some headaches for defenses, esp if the “change” came during the game and the defense had prepared for Mason. I love to see some rotation (just “some”, not a lot) on that order.

    • Cojones

      I infer Park from that and agree fully on the scheming. The writers are keeping away from mentioning him like he has Ebola and I don’t get it. He’s the best RB QB that we have and his camp-school stats were raving, having selected him in the top of all campers when he went to Cal. Consideration of backup has been on Bauta and Ramsey. Park’s nearest competitor went to Bama, but come to think of it, haven’t heard much about him since Coker crowded two others out of the sports pages.

      Park is as different an animal donning a UGA QB uni that we have seen in a while. Are the writers too unfamiliar to comment or is something keeping the spirit dampened about Park? Don’t give me the “…completed one-out-of-six in practice” as a reason to render him invisible because that’s not an indicator. Anyone know what gives?

      • Dawgoholic

        Park would have to come a long way. He looked like a very good HS QB at G-Day. Bauta and Ramsey looked like college QBs, though not elite college QBs. As I told someone after G-day, Park may end up being the best Qb on the roster in the long run and he may end up being the worst. He’s got a long way to go before he reaches his potential as a college Qb – whatever that is.

        • Cojones

          Appreciate the reply, but I’m not good enough at this game to fully understand the criterion necessary to separate what a good college QB looks like. Thought Park had been judged in that arena at the Top10 Cal and Bama camps before he committed to us. He was judged better than the 5* who went to Bama.

          • Lrgk9

            Issue with Ramsey and Park is what goes on between their ears at ‘SEC Speed Baby’!

            • Cojones

              Gotcha. New info. LeMay disease. Thank goodness it wasn’t Ebola.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                Speaking of Ebola… http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/american-infected-ebola-en-route-u-s-article-1.1891972
                Liberia was a layover on the way to the Ivory Coast. It was a long trek across the tarmac to check in early am. Our first stop out of New York. I’ve been all over the orient. My old roommate and HS bud builds golf courses there. Its most of his business. This was my first trip to Africa and I was not impressed. I finished my contract and was glad to be gone. In fact I was lucky to get out of there. Some of my neighbors friends wanted me to accompany their church group to build a well somewhere in Liberia. I thanked them for the opp but declined. Machinery isn’t serviced, breaks down and then they are back to toting water on their heads…. like they have for centuries. Me I’m not tempting fate.

        • Cojones

          Think Aaron and Zack. I remember a 1st Spring Practice Game where Zack ate Aaron’s lunch and all kinds of criticisms came out that were unfounded in the long run. Overall, Aaron won and was rightly installed as QB, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t a “college QB” from the start. Same with Zach.

          • Dawgoholic

            Just saying that he did not look to be at the same level as the other guys at G-Day. Looked like the other guys were much more comfortable than him. Not too different from other QBs that have come in and joined the team the spring of their senior year of HS. Stafford is the only exception.

            If Park is the real deal, I expect him to be a much bigger factor in the competition for the 15 job after he’s had some time to get comfortable with the speed of the college game.

  7. Go Dawgs!

    Remember when we found out a week or so before Game One that Joe Cox had developed a degenerative condition and wouldn’t have the same arm strength from his early career?

    Yeah, me neither.

  8. Time for one of our backups to step up. We can’t afford this amount of separation between our 1 and 2. You are scaring the children Senator!

    • Dog in Fla

      The children need to man up, keep a poker face and carry on.
      That’s what Kenny and Ray would want

      • Quote Of The Day
      “Like Kenny Rogers said, you’ve got to know when to hold them and when to fold them,” [Ray] Drew said. “I believe I’ve been dealt a good hand, as well as everyone else. We’ve been put in a great position with a great coaching staff this year, and I believe if we play our poker face right we’ll be all good.” — AB-H, 8/5/14

  9. AusDawg85

    Gurley, Marshal, Sony, Chubb, Douglas, Turman. Rinse. Repeat. And with our new 3rd & long threat, who needs Mason to throw?

    • AthensHomerDawg

      But what about balance?

      • uglydawg

        With Georgia’s recieving corps…the passing threat will be there..When the defense starts neglecting the deep ball we’ll have them right where we want them.

    • Cojones

      Turman be down and not recovered fully. I like Gurley followed by Chubb rotating with Marshal followed by Douglas. Save Sony as our “Jericho” weapon. All of their running games will be enhanced and prolonged with the legitimate threat of the WRs pulling LBs out of the danger zone and letting our runners show out. That’s why we need Mason to drill everyone’s eyes out of their sockets.

      We have so many “Sic’ems” and ways for Bobo to use them on O that we will forget about the “Sick’ems” on D.

  10. 69Dawg

    I remember Aaron saying that he started to do rotator cuff rehab exercises after his redshirt year. Josh Murray had had the surgery and Aaron decided it would help him avoid getting another sore arm. Maybe our crack training staff could look into that.

    • Cojones

      All summer Hutson was picking up new passing techniques from Bobo’s Dad who was a great QB/Head coach at Thomasville (Look what he did for Bobo) This certainly could have caused greater use of certain muscles and that our staff is quite familiar with this happening.

      Rest that arm, son. You know all the plays in the playbook so take it easy to ensure you will use them.

  11. W Cobb Dawg

    You left out Quayvon Hicks.