“As long as it’s more than four wins, I’ll be happy.”

Damn, Florida fans.  What’s happened to you?  All that smug arrogance, reduced to this?

“Last year, it is what it is,” Gainesville native Steve Woulard said. “But watching Duke in the ACC championship game and watching that offense transfer to the talent that the Gators have, we have high hopes that that offense along with the Gator talent will produce more wins than last year.”

Living vicariously through Duke?  That ain’t right.



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27 responses to ““As long as it’s more than four wins, I’ll be happy.”

  1. Spike

    Boy, they really got their jorts in a wad. Snicker.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Living vicariously through Duke?

    Can’t say I blame them. Worked out pretty well the last time that happened.

    That said, here’s to a happy 5-7 season for UF.


  3. uglydawg

    Really? … “watching Duke in the ACC championship game” sounds so Georgia Techish. Gator fans are getting stiffies over what Duke did last year? How the mighty have fallen.


  4. JCDAWG83

    Hope I’m wrong, but I think UF is much improved this year. Also, Muschamp knows he pretty much HAS to beat Georgia to keep his job. Losing four in a row to a rival will get a coach fired at schools not located in Georgia. Unless injuries pile up, I look for UF to bring their best when they go to Jacksonville. UF has talent and if the new offense comes together at all, they will be very tough this season.


  5. Here’s to FU going 0-12!


  6. Slaw Dawg

    All together now: “Just breaks my f’g heart.”

    If Muschamp is gone by season’s end, maybe Pete Fiutak’s prediction will become partially true–but the SEC school the Kiffer will wind up at will be in Gainesville, not Tuscaloosa. Now there’s a helluva fun thought.


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Yeah, the Gayters are pinning all their hopes on an offensive coordinator who is in his first year in a system that changes offensive coordinators often.

    At least in Athens, oh…wait a minute…uh…..


  8. Gravidy

    Oh my goodness, that is tasty.


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    “…we have high hopes that that offense along with the Gator talent will produce more wins than last year.”

    The gator talent should do great in Weis’s offense. Err, I mean Peace’s offense. Check that, I mean Roper’s offense.


  10. D.N. Nation

    “But watching Duke in the ACC championship game”

    Duke got their asses kicked in the ACC championship game. I mean, great for that program that they made it, but.


  11. jeromefromdecatur

    (Insert Munson Voice Below)

    I’m old enough to remember Florida’s football program looking like burned over dumpster.

    I’m old enough to remember Christmas Eve, 1990.

    I’m old enough to remember Florida fans pointing north to Durham and the Blue Devils shared ACC title and the glory of an offensive-minded coach getting the most out of the very merely adequate Randy Cuthbert, Clarkston Hines.

    I’m old enough to remember neither fearing or trembling the coaching staff changes at Florida. A Gator is a Gator is a Gator.

    And then came Spurrier.

    We mock the Blue Devil to UF connection at our own potential peril.


    • I hear what you’re saying, but I’d argue that Spurrier was attractive to UF because of who he was rather than where he came from.


      • jeromefromdecatur

        Very true. The man (Spurrier) and the moment (wide open SEC and UF’s resources) aligned perfectly.

        The Alabama-Tennessee-LSU-Missouri will tell us a whole lot about Driskel and the state of UF.

        Until then, my inner-Munson and Post-Traumatic-Goff-Donnan Syndrome gets set to full-blast. Always happens once the calender turns to August.


  12. Reservoir Dawg

    I ain’t sayin’ FU fans are stupid, but damn, those people are dumbasses. They make Disney Dawgs look like hard-nosed realists.
    (Full Disclosure: I have fathered two rabid Dawg fans with an FU grad. We merely tolerate her presence on Saturdays between Labor Day and mid-January.)


  13. Russ

    Man, I really enjoy this. Is that so wrong?