Mark Richt Talks 2014 Fall Camp

Interesting that he came out talking about improved conditioning.

No true backup to Mason has emerged yet.  (Me nervous.)

“Quayvon has become a legitimate tight end.”

Richt seems comfortable with the offensive line depth, while still not having a handle on who his five starters will be there.

Somebody asked about Jay Rome and the pick ax.  LOL.


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  1. SirWilliamthe8th

    Richt always talks about improved conditioning in the offseason. Whatever.

    Richt says no backup Qb has emerged when he’s worried about transfers, so I wouldn’t read much into that.

    At GDay, Bauta was miles ahead of the other backups. But I don’t blame Richt for not coming out with a depth chart at Qb,
    Ramsey could transfer, Bauta could get hurt, then you only have Park.

    • You must have seen a lot more from Bauta than I did. None of the backups looked ready to face an SEC defense.

      • I think it’s too early for that battle to be settled. Concern? Yeah, but not as much as Spring, IMO.

      • SirWilliamthe8th

        Bauta looked awesome. He threw a lot better than I expected, had a big arm, connected on some deep balls.

        I think he finished with about as many yards as Hutson for the Spring game @230-240 yards each.

        It was very impressive.

        Ramsey went 1 of 7 passes for a completion. He couldn’t hit anything. Park went 2 of 5 passes.

        Like I said, Bauta was miles ahead.

        • AthensHomerDawg

          Faton Bauta was 16 of 28 for 233 yards. One pass to LeMay for 41 yards. 40 yards running and one of those runs was for 20 yards. The longest run of the day.
          Mason was 17 of 26 for 188.

          And then there is this:
          In fact, Richt knows all too well not to base anything off of just one good spring game.

          “It reminds me back when I played quarterback back in my day,” Richt said.“I had this great game, spring game, but I probably wasn’t having all that great of a spring. So I’m thinking, ‘Well shoot, I played good in the spring game so I’m going to be the man.’ Well it turns out Jim Kelly was the man and I think I can finally admit that coach [Howard] Schnellenberger was right but it was hard for me and my mom to believe that was the truth.”

          • Dawgoholic

            Bauta did look better than Ramsey, but Ramsey was not 1 for 7. He did better than that.

            Ramsey’s talent was obvious though. Bauta looked really good late in the game – a little shaky early though.

            My unlearned estimation would be that Bauta’s ceiling as a college QB would be first team All-SEC. Ramsey’s ceiling would be top 5 NFL draft pick.

            • My unlearned estimation is that Park is a 50/50 shot to start ahead of both of them next season.

            • BourbonSt

              You would not say that if you’ve been to the Spring game. Bauta played pretty much as well as Hutson did, their numbers looked pretty much even. According to Georgia 247, Ramsey was 1 for 7 for less than 50 yards, Bauta hit for 230, and Mason ended up at 242. I agree, Bauta is the clear leader to anyone who saw the game over these other potential starters. Might even be better than Mason. Sure, Coach Richt’s not gonna come right out and say that now, but Ramsey would need to show dramatic improvement to knock Bauta out. Bauta has been compared to Tim Tebow in his running abilities, and then seeing how well he threw it, impressive kid.

              • I was at G-Day. Bauta wasn’t as impressive as you let on. Relying on G-Day stats is a fool’s errand.

                Besides, if he’s that good, how come he can’t even put Ramsey away, let alone seriously challenge Mason in fall camp?

                Barring injuries, I doubt Bauta ever starts a game at Georgia.

                • BourbonSt

                  Faton outplayed Hutson on that day. The facts are there.

                  • Well, then, facts notwithstanding, he seems to have regressed.

                    • BourbonSt

                      We havn’t seen Bauta play since then so I wouldn’t say that, all we know is the last time he went head to head with Hutson publicly, he won the match-up.

                    • Richt and Bobo are saying nobody has emerged in the #2 slot behind Mason. Given that they’ll make the decision, I doubt what you see will make much difference.

                    • BourbonSt

                      That’s CoachSpeak for what you say when you don’t want your #3 or #4 Qb to transfer. Coach Richt’s learned that naming the depth chart early could invite transfers. Surely you see that? Again, look at the numbers form that game, not a contest for #2, Faton looked spectacular. When you consider he also averaged 5 yards a carry, and did it with the back up receivers and o-line, all while going Live and taking hits, even more impressive.

                    • When has Richt ever had a problem naming a backup quarterback?

                    • BourbonSt

                      He’s doing it right now, you wrote the article here about it, right? Basically, anytime he thinks naming them could result in a transfer, he’ll put off naming them until later, makes sense, he doesn’t want them to transfer out once they know they’re #3 or #4 on the depth chart, so better to make them think they’re #2.

                  • D.N. Nation

                    There should be a law that Georgia fans receive an electric shock whenever they make big, bold QB depth chart statements based on friggin G-Day. How many years in a row have we been hearing this stuff?

                • Ron

                  So, relying on your subjective analysis is more productive than actual stats?

                  • What “actual stats” are you referring to?

                  • BourbonSt

                    Faton scored more td’s in that game than Hutson, and had 12 less yards passing while going “Live”, what other numbers do you need? Nothing subjective about that.

                    • And Ronnie Powell should have started at tailback for four years based on G-Day stats. In 2003, Greene and Shockley each went about 4 for 17 passing. Were those “real stats”?

                    • .Dash

                      Come on man. Why is it so hard to understand that G-Day stats are basically meaningless in the grand scheme of things?

                  • BourbonSt

                    Buck Belue said some big stuff about Bauta in that game, on his armstrength, accuracy, and said Bobo should really consider at the very least, putting in special packages for Bauta. I’d love to see Bauta get rotated in and get some experience before he takes over next year.

              • AthensHomerDawg

                I think the number 188 for Mason was the first half. I did find your ref of 242 more than once. I’m sure your right.
                As for Ramsey… he can throw the deep ball.
                In the first half with the Black Team, he went 1 for 6 for 32 yards. He didn’t find much more success with the first teamers when he switched to the Red Team, as he went just 1 for 7 for 46 yards and an interception that immediately followed Bauta’s interception.

          • ScoutDawg

            Helluva quote right there.

      • uglydawg

        “Ramsey could transfer, Vauta could get hurt”….so? You could make the same case about most programs….you could say that about any position.

      • garageflowers

        I have to say between the UK and the Spring game, I was pleasantly surprised by Bauta. His arm strength looked good, and he didn’t make any huge mistakes. This is Mason’s team, but I hope Bauta gets some snaps when we’re, hopefully, way in front. From what I’ve seen, I’ll be surprised if Bauta doesn’t at least play a significant role next season.

        • garageflowers

          When I saw this thread and “93 comments”, I should have known better. I’m neither a backup quarter back lover, nor a troll/troll supporter. I do believe if something ( hopefully nothing, UGA paid their dues last season ) happens to Mason, Bauta might not be so bad. And since I love hard workers, I look forward to him getting his chance.

        • We’ll know soon, that’s for sure.

      • TNlogdawg

        Let’ s not forget that Mett “beat out” Murray in their spring game and we all know of that ended up!
        Springs games are basically one of several scrimmages, just so happens it’s the only one fans and the press get to see.
        Ramsey has the better arm of all three back-ups. He is the only High School, Wing-QB’s Richt has ever signed. Give Ramsey one more year to learn the play book, get coached up by Bobo and he will lock down the starting job with three years to play three. This kid can really spin the ball!

    • Roostersrule

      South Carolina has a back-up as good as Dylan Thompson. Matter-of-fact Spurrier had to make move a 4* QB to TE to make room for his third string QB making plays. We are also going to have to RS our Freshman this year. He’s making all kind of noise. Oh my it is going to be tough on you jawja boi-ees in the Willy B this year.

  2. Jack Klompus

    Thanks for posting. Richt seems like a different guy. Just a general observation, but seems a little more reserved and no nonsense. Sucks we don’t have a QB ready to go, but I guess nobody really does, except Alabama who really doesn’t need a QB.

    • SirWilliamthe8th

      Jack, check out the GDay 2014 highlight video, I’d feel very comfortable with Bauta in there.
      There was virtually no difference in Hutson and Bauta from a production standpoint. And on top of that
      Bauta runs the ball extremely well. He’s ready to go if called on. I’ve seen him with my own eyes this year run the offense.

      • Jack Klompus

        I haven’t seen the video. Similar though though- Bauta would probably be the better of the two options because of his legs and maturity. Seems as though he might have a better handle on the offense as well. I was thinking he would be a better minimize mistakes QB versus Ramsey who seems to have the tools, but might be more mistake prone…interesting take that there is a drop off in production from Mason to Bauta.

      • Puffdawg

        If there is not alreeady one, we should come up with a Lexicon entry for basing opinions of our players on GDay performances.

        I appreciate your enthusiamsm though SirWilliam. I’m excited to see what Faton and Brice can do when given the chance. I’m putting my money on Ramsey but I’d love Batua to prove me wrong. My guess is they’ll both get some opportunities.

        • SirWilliamthe8th

          thanks, it’s not enthusiasm though, it’s observation.

          About GDay, since I’ve been going (started in 09), when it comes to Qb,
          it’s been a good solid indicator of that Qb’s upcoming season.

          • AthensHomerDawg

            Goodness… Do you watch film too? We are getting quite a panel of experts in here at GTP. I feel like I am getting left behind. 😉

        • BMan

          G-day Hero? G-Star? DGGDD (Damn Good G-Day Dawg)?

          • BMan

            Those suggestions were for Puff’s proposed lexicon addition.

            • SirWilliamthe8th

              I’ve learned when it comes to Qb to judge for myself what I see with my own eyes instead of Richt’s statements about practices the public never are allowed to see.

              • uglydawg

                No offense to royalty, but I’m inclined to trust CMR’s opinion over yours.

                • BourbonSt

                  Funny post, Coach Richt thought Joe Cox would be fine with all the weapons around him in 2009. Surely you jest! And Coach Richt thought Joe Terishinski Jr would be terrific—hmm, didn’t work out. We ain’t had a Qb win the Sec since 2005, so Coach Richt’s usually clueless there.

                  • Now our Coach is clueless….give me a break.

                    • BourbonSt

                      How many Sec Championships have the Qb’s Coach Richt picked won since 2005? Been 8 years, smell the coffee brewing?

                  • And Coach Richt thought Joe Terishinski Jr would be terrific—

                    That’s total bullshit. JTIII was nothing more than a place card holder until Stafford was ready to see the field.

                    You don’t call the offense the way Richt did in the ’05 Florida game if you think JTIII was terrific.

                    • BourbonSt

                      Why the Hell did he start Joe if he thought Stafford gave him a better chance to win? Can’t have it both ways. It’s been 8 years, 0 Sec Championships, lots of excuses, but I don’t trust Coach Richt’s judgment when it comes to Qb anymore until he wins another Championship.

                    • Because Staff was a true freshman and Richt didn’t want to throw him to the lions straight out of the gate. That’s hardly the same thing as believing JTIII was “terrific”.

                    • BourbonSt

                      If he didn’t believe he was terrific, and started him, still doesn’t fix it, because Coach Richt should have had a better Qb ready if he were a better judge of championship talent at Qb. You’ve got to admit, 0 championships in 8 years means Coach Richt’s picking championship Qb’s leaves something to be desired?

                    • He had the #1 recruit in the country in the wings and in fact inserted him into the lineup as the starter during the season.

                      Thanks for the brilliant analysis. Hindsight is always easy. That’s why Richt makes $3+ million a year and you’re wanking off on a blog message thread.

                    • BourbonSt

                      He got the job based off what he did in the ACC, then he kept the job after have a good year in 2012.

                      I tend to agree with the others, 1 top 15 finish in the last 5 years sucks.

                      You love it, we disagree.

                    • JTIII was nothing more than a place card holder until Stafford was ready to see the field.

                      Joe T. was a DGD, but never an SEC QB, and of course Richt knew that. That was a family thing – political.

                  • AthensHomerDawg

                    Let’s see since 1963 the only teams to win it outright are Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, LSU, Auburn, and Alabama. uT hasn’t won it since 1998. No wonder the Hillbillies are gnashing that tooth.
                    Over the last five years it’s been Alabama, Auburn, LSU. That’s a little tainted since Auburn pays its players and Alabama runs a semi-pro program.

          • ScoutDawg

            That right there is the new lexicon term.DGGDD.

  3. Jack Klompus

    thought though, not though though

  4. DawgPhan

    So there is truth to the rumor that everyone loves a backup QB..

    • uglydawg

      Only when your losing..then he’s the most popular man on campus. I do think Bauta is the logical backup with this running game, but most of this thread is a guy grinding his axe.

      • gatorhater27

        I like that he’s mixing things up by using two screen names. Oh, wait. No, I don’t. I hate seeing this blog get trolled with nonsense like this.

      • NoAxeToGrind

        It ain’t me. I don’t post under other names because I do not give a damn whether anyone likes what I post or not.

  5. BourbonSt

    Going by the Spring game, one could argue Faton is not only better than Ramsey and Park, but might be better than Hutson Mason. I’m just looking at the numbers. I think Faton had more td’s and that’s what it’s all about. Faton runs tough too, and was also “Live”, so you’d have to give him the edge, Mason wasn’t “Live” so some of his balls wouldn’t have been completed in a “live” situation.

    • D.N. Nation

      Sick of these friggin sock puppets.

    • Going by the Spring game, one could argue Faton is not only better than Ramsey and Park, but might be better than Hutson Mason. I’m just looking at the numbers.

      You are either an idiot, a troll, or Thomas Brown.

      • uglydawg

        or all three

        • Dawgaholic

          Based on g-day, he may be right; but based on g-day Todd Gurley’s not very good either – I mean he hardly even played. Hutson threw for 300+ in his first two games with half the skill guys injured – plus led a 20 point comeback on the road against a rival.

          • Based on g-day, he may be right;

            That was the premise he chose and it’s all wrong, so it was downhill from there. Even if the premise was good, Bauta didn’t outperform Mason. Far from it.

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    Well we seem to have a lot of qb’s on the bus right now. I am just curious as to how we keep them all interested and riding on the bus. Once Donnan had a bunch of qbs and then there was just Quicey”throw it over their heads and point at yourself” Carter and walk on Corey Phillips. I admired Phillips grit. And he showed out at that Kentucky game. I really hated to see Nate Hybl go.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Agree. It would have been great to see Hybl playing for the dawgs.

    • Once Donnan had a bunch of qbs and then there was just Quincey…

      Dumbest thing Donnan ever did. Totally mishandled everything. Cost him his job.

      • uglydawg

        “Dumbest thing Donnan ever did.”…It was dumb, but I don’t think it rises to the level of dumbest…He’s done a lot of really dumb stuff.

        • LOL. Guess you’re right. To me, the dumbest thing about all that was Donnan putting his trust, and his career, in the hands of a street thug. Suppose the time at Oklahoma didn’t serve him well in that regard.

  7. Ron

    All we have are our opinions right now. Unfortunately, my opinion on Mason’s arm is not good. Bobo clearly games plans around the weakness and it’s going to hurt us at some point. Mason will obviously start the season but he will most likely be gone before Auburn. Then again, our last national championship team was led by Buck Belue so maybe the position is not that important…..said last year’s Heisman trophy winner Jameis Winston.

    • BourbonSt


      We usually go by results on the field, instead of listening to CoachSpeak, it’s clear Bauta is way ahead of the Ramsey or Park. I have doubts if Hutson should be declared the starter, based on Coach Richt’s 0 Championships in the last 8 years. I’d like to basically, let the season dictate who starts, by letting the most gifted Qb emerge based on real hits and real competition. Coach Richt needs another approach to making his decision, deciding in camp without real bullets is stupid and has results in going 0-8 in last 8 season in Championships, and finishing in the top 15 once.

    • If it’s arm strength you want, then Ramsey’s your guy. The ball just exploded out of his hand at G-Day. Unfortunately, it didn’t always go where it was intended.

  8. The same people who said Mettenberger and Mason were better than Murray appear to be the same people who are saying Bauta is better than Mason off 1 spring game when he’s going against the 2nd team defense. There’s a reason people say the most popular player on the team is the 2nd team QB …

    • americusdawg

      I agree … this entire thread is eerily similar to the trolling done after the 2013 G-Day game, 2012 G-Day game, etc.

  9. CCDavisBRLA

    There’s a reason people keep pulling for another quarterback besides the one Mark Richt wants.

    a) you go 0 & 8 since 2005 in trying to win the conference
    b) you finish in the top 25 twice in last 5 years
    c) you finish in the top 15 once in the last 5 years
    d) the Qb acocunts for 85% of wins & losses (according to ESPN Qbr research)
    e) Mark Richt has lost the ability to select Championship calibre Qb
    f) Mettenberger leaves, goers to LSU and leads the nation in 3rd down conversions at LSU and wins a conference Championship at Butler
    f) Marshall leaves and wins the conference at Auburn

    The talent was there for championship Qb’s, Richt just couldn’t see it

    • Mark Richt has lost the ability to select Championship calibre Qb

      Then what’s the point of arguing for another QB on the roster?

      • CCDavisBRLA

        The point? win championships, not career passing stats

        • But you just said Richt can’t pick championship caliber QBs. So what difference does it make whom he selects from his roster?

          • CCDavisBRLA

            They’re on the roster (Mettenberger & Marshall both left and conference championships) but Richt picks the wrong guy for starter 100% of time since 2005 that doesn’t win a championship.

            • Mett didn’t win a championship at LSU.

              By the way, neither of them “left”. They were both kicked off the team.

              But let’s cut to the chase here: which QB is currently on the Georgia roster who meets your “championship caliber” standard?

              • CCDavisBRLA

                Mett & Marshall both won conference championships after they left Georgia.

                They could have been suspended, but Richt decided they weren’t championship calibre Qb’s, he was proven wrong, as he has every time since 2005.

                Who meets my standard? Well, they have to be someone who Richt is overlooking, but has publicly performed superior to his #1 I’m going with..

                Faton Bauta.

                I feel he could add a run dimension like DJ added in 2005, and you must run well, usually av 200+ per game, to win the conference.

                Bauta outperformed Mason in the Spring game like Mettenberger did Murray.

                But since 2005, it’s been a 100% lock that Richt’s first choice for starter (Hutson in this case) will not win the conference.

                • ScoutDawg

                  Damn, this dick must be right. No way in hell our sorry running backs are going to get yards like that. I mean we have these No Names like, Gurley, Marshall, Douglas, Turman, Chubbs, and Michel. What, oh what will we ever do with a QB who can throw but can’t run?

                • Who meets my standard? Well, they have to be someone who Richt is overlooking, but has publicly performed superior to his #1 I’m going with..

                  Faton Bauta.

                  Thanks for that. That’s my new gold standard for GTP trolling.

  10. AthensHomerDawg

    Hmmmmmm….. Hijo? Is that you?

  11. I Wanna Red Cup

    Isn’t it clear to anyone with a brain that G Day is a controlled scrimmage that fans get to watch and nothing else. There are several scrimmages that take place every spring, and G Day is the only one open to the public, televised, and on display for every one of our opponents. It is no more important than the other scrimmages, and probably less important to the coaching staff. No coach is going to decide his starter based on one controlled scrimmage open to the public. It is the total body of work. My god the trolls are getting unbearable. To seriously argue that HM is not our best QB option is laughable.

  12. Goat Balls

    Stop it with the negative waves.

    Anybody else notice CMR saying that the defense beats “us” sometimes.

    • True, Balls. But I’m still thinking about Isaiah W. handling DeLoach as if he were a true freshman the other day, not the other way around.

      Not that it worries me much. We’re gonna be fine on the DL as long as we have everybody.

  13. Goat Balls

    Yeah, everybody’s pretty excited about Isaiah. After years of subpar special teams, it’s understandable. And Isaiah had that classic picture in the Macon paper.

    But CMR had Freudian slip there when he said that about the defense. Defense is an afterthought. Classic state of Florida mindset.

    As the Duke of Wellington said “we are, we have always been, and I hope that we shall always be hated by the French.” Translate that to CMR and defense.

  14. Troll pestilence under the bridge at GTP today. Season draweth nigh.

  15. Debby Balcer

    So is this troll a sock puppet too?

  16. MC

    Ya’ll thinkin ScoutDawg, Debby, Scout are all sock puppets with an agenda? Those who talk about sock puppets, are one.

  17. Goat Balls

    Seems to me that if the Dawgs backup QB’s were so good, why did Bobo go out and sign maybe the best QB in the country?

    I haven’t seen the backups play so I don’t know, but it sure seems to me that if the coaches liked what they saw they would’ve spent that scholarship on another DB or DL.

  18. W Cobb Dawg

    Reporter question: “So coach, what’s the story behind the pick axe?”

    CMR reply: “Coach T misunderstood my instructions. Since the John Taylor incident, I told him I wanted our players to develop better relations with their Hos.”