Quayvon Hicks is all in with Mike Bobo’s latest wrinkle.

I’d say I’m in the “wait ’til I see it” camp, but there’s no denying that Bobo has been consistent about adding new things to Georgia’s offense over the past few seasons, so let’s see what the H-back can bring.

When Hicks talks about his role, he sounds a bit like Bobo, analyzing the direction of the game and its offenses.

“Everybody is straying away from that power-I, I-formation scheme,” Hicks said. “When it works in the SEC, you’ve gotta have the foundation of running the ball, especially in our backfield. But I would say just the traditional football of running it, pounding it, (the trend) is straying away from that.

“So it would speed up our game (to use Hicks at H-back). And to basically play how they play in the NFL, out West, that football where you may be in that I-formation, maybe you’ll be in that spread offense. But you’re constantly going, and you’re going, you’ve gotta wear down the defense. So I think what Bobo is doing is he’s opening up a lot of doors, not only for me but for our players.”

Between what Pruitt’s up to bringing the secondary back to competence and Bobo’s tinkering, the opener sure looks ever more intriguing.


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19 responses to “Quayvon Hicks is all in with Mike Bobo’s latest wrinkle.

  1. DeputyDawg

    Watching some NFL preseason last night, I noticed the I-formation represented quite often (maybe b/c it’s preseason and who cares). But the fullback hardly ever stayed in one spot. All I could think about was Bobo with a notepad. Seriously the Ravens’ fullback (H-Back) must have lined up in 4 different spots- all somewhat resembling the i.

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      • Macallanlover

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  3. I believe Hicks is going to surprise a lot of people. He’s going to help us, in both the passing and running game. He (H position) also gives us a lot of flexibility and complexity, more of the unexpected, more to prepare for.

    It’s not much, but he looks really good in the film clips we’ve seen. And I was already impressed with his pass-catching ability from the Spring.